Red Band Trailer: Olivia Munn in The Babymakers

Idunno about you guys but I’ve actually been feeling a bit inundated with the amount of movie trailers that we’ve been bombarded with over the past week or so. Either way I’ll just handle it the same way I usually handle a hangover and keep drinking watch another trailer. As such I came across a trailer for a movie I didnt see coming and I found it pretty funny and wanted to share with you guys.

Idunno, I thought it was pretty funny and my inner geek cannot turn away the site of Olivia Munn. I can’t predict if it’ll be one of those possible “break out” comedies but the trailer did do enough to capture my interest enough for me to look out for this movie as it gets closer to release. I’m still kinda on the fence and really wanted to know your thoughts on this. Does this seem funny to you or is it a dud?

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3 thoughts on “Red Band Trailer: Olivia Munn in The Babymakers

  1. Idk about it. It gave me that “I just saw the whole movie.” Usually when I get that feeling I end up disappointed when I see the movie. So I’ve instantly got my guard up now.

  2. Not many comedy trailers make me laugh, but this one had me cracking up. I also really like the director Jay Chandrasekhar. So I think this will be a comedy movie on my list to see.

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