Patty Jenkins will NOT direct Thor 2

In today’s list of ‘very surprising news’ comes word that recently hired director Patty Jenkins has parted ways with Marvel films and will no longer direct Thor 2. Wait… WHAT!?

Source: Dark Horizons

After Kenneth Branagh confirmed he won’t be returning to helm the sequel, Jenkins was hired for the gig – making her the first female director of a Marvel Studios movie.

Officially her departure is said to be due to “creative differences”. Jenkins adds “I have had a great time working at Marvel. We parted on very good terms, and I look forward to working with them again.”

As late as Monday afternoon Jenkins was actively working on the movie so her leaving is sudden. The hunt is now on for a new filmmaker and the vacancy is expected to be filled quickly.

Dammit, again! I got pretty interested in the idea of Jenkins directing the sequel after all of the promotion Marvel put into hiring her for the sequel and now some kind of creative difference has forced her to walk away from the project. I’m very shocked and very curious as to who they will court next to sit in the Asgardians’ directors chair. With Branagh not interested and Jenkins walking out, who else do you think should direct this thing? I vote for anybody who directs HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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