The Avengers is not filmed in 3D

Well, Thor was released in 3D and today marks the release of Warner Bros’ Green Lantern which is also 3D, so most comic movies will be 3D moving forward, right? wrong. According to actor Mark Ruffalo, this Avengers movie has none of the 3D camera tech that being utilized by other movies.

Source: /Film

The actor, who is a prolific Twitter user (he will retweet the HELL out of you) has made a few statements recently about shooting the film.

The one with which we’re most concerned was “Avengers is not being shot in 3D.” To another tweet, he responded, “I know I got big shoes to fill with Banner. All I can say is I am giving it my all. I really want to score with this Banner.” And, just in case you were concerned that the shoot wasn’t going well, there was, “The Avengers shoot is going TITS.”

The shoot is going TITS? What the hell does that mean? International Friends: I know some of you work in Hollywood. Is this a technical term? an acronym? or is Mark Ruffalo just a vulgar SOB that may need to re-think some of his tweets?

The film isn’t being filmed in 3D. Boo hoo. It’s entirely possible to post convert it to 3D and might be something that they’ll explore as they get further along in production. I don’t really think it makes a difference to me as it’s having little effect on my radar. Meh.

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