Warner Brothers working on a Hawkman Movie?

DC Entertainment/Warner Brothers has been mining its second teir heroes in hopes of finding their next character to franchise into feature films, and while I would have liked to have seen The Flash first (with Niel Patrick Harris of course) it seems the feelers are out on Hawkman!

Fused Film offers up:

After multiple appearances on Smallville, Hawkman, seems to have warmed up DC Entertainment Execs for his own film, which would pair him up with the Green Lantern as another character outside the “Big 3″ (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) to get a feature film adaptation. It seems that Warner Bros is moving forward on development of a Hawkman movie, with the project being out to writers right now.

Still a bit early to say “it’s happening” but with treatments being brought forward there is potential that a script may land on the desk with a smile and fit nicely in the updated more realistic DC Superhero Films.

Of course, they wouldn’t even have considered this if it wasn’t for the success of Batman Begins and the subsequent creation of Warner Brothers’ DC Entertainment studio.

Now any superhero sounds stupid when you say their powers out loud with a sarcastic snark, but if handled well any character has the potential to be a great movie.

I did find this funny timing considering this video that’s been making the rounds recently.

So if they do a serious Hawkman… who do you get to play the Thangorian Winged Warrior?

I’d like to see someone like Matthew Fox or Brian Austen Green.

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11 thoughts on “Warner Brothers working on a Hawkman Movie?

  1. I quite enjoyed Hawkman on Smallville. Maybe WB should consider a tv spinoff, instead? With Smallville coming off the air, the CW suddenly has a ‘superhero slot’ vacant…

  2. With the right script, director and cast, I think “Hawkman” can very well be a comic book movie franchise, much like in the same vein as Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”, which I think is a magnificent comic book movie (I’ve seen it 3 times). Ironically, both Hawkman and Thor use a hammer as a weapon, although Hawkman’s using a rounded one with spikes on it. I think “Hawkman” can be a franchise, if handled properly.

    1. it called mace… well, indeed there are plenty of similarity between Hawkman & Thor, they’re from different realms, or planets, depends on what version you read. They wield a mystique weapon. They both have wings or cape. They can fly. They have a love interest from their own realms & on earth.
      Either way, it kinda fun to start playing speculation on who will be who :)

  3. As to who could play Hawkman, I don’t want to speculate. All I know is if WB were to ask me (pipe dream) to come up with a general approach to the material I’d say

    Scratch “Hawkman” and put in “Hawkworld” (pre-crisis)
    That’s right set the entire movie on Thanagar
    Then we can get in Paran Katar and his son Karter Hol, and Karter’s wife Shayera. We can get to Earth in a possible sequel.

    Otherwise, (excuse the pun) this isn’t going to fly.
    Doesn’t matter who you cast.

  4. I do believe Hawkman supposed to be imposing, he is always portrayed as a big beefcake type of characters, even scary at times (as in Kingdom Come), he is as big or bigger than Superman (physically, not on strength), not to mention he’s gonna be shirtless most of the time, yet seems convincing & not CGI looking ridiculous (Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider, i’m looking at you). Both of the actors you’ve mentioned above clearly don’t looks the part, physically or anything else, especially BAG. It doesn’t mean Matthew Fox is a bad actor (i only seen him on handful of silver screen btw).
    I’m not definitely going to bring the wrestlers or athletes into the fray, those moves will make Ghost Rider seems like TDK by comparison (On that though alone, Dwayne Johnson seems not far stretched). I can think an actor or two that can fit the character just right. Like… Hemsworth brothers. Or if you want more exotic type, Warlord Khal Dr… sorry, i mean Jason Momoa can get into the mix.

    1. Brian Austin Green is not a massive guy, but he is pretty well built physically. He has significant meat.

      And depending on the artist, Hawkman ranges from ridiculous large to very fit… it would be easy to cast a guy with cut muscles to go topless in the outfit. Most comic book characters are impossibly drawn – just sayin.

      Look at Christian Bale. Batman is drawn like he is 300lbs of bodybuilder in most of his comics, but Bale is just a very fit guy. Brandon Routh is not heavyweight massive like most Superman drawings, but be made a great Superman. Same can be done with Hawkman.

      Its more about presence and attitude. I mentioned BAG because he has that gruff warrior attitude that Hawkman is known for.

      I will take an actor that can ACT the part and give me the presence than worrying about the size of his biceps.

      1. i never see BAG on anything (since his 90210 days) beside being Megan Fox arm candy, so i can’t judge his acting ability on silver screen, and that one the reason i’m questioning your pick on this. But if you hv option on a better actor that can most definitely pull the part. Why not choose the obvious? That also the reason why i put Hemsworth brothers into the consideration, since Chris Hemsworth did notably well with Thor (a hero that no more different than Hawkman), also his brother actually had been test for the part. Also Jason Momoa did an admirable job as an equally imposing warlord in Game of Throne & soon to be Conan.

    2. Brian Austin Green was bad-ass on the Sarah Conner Chronicles. I became a fan of the character he portrayed on that show as well as many of my friends. I wouldnt totally discount the guy just because he was on a douche show (90210) as a teenager or young adult. Is there better suited guys for the Hawkman role? Maybe, but I wouldnt be against BAG.

      The studio always has the final word anyhow, all we can do is speculate and complain.

  5. IDK about a Hawkman movie. Everytime I see Hawkman, or even think of the character, the first image that comes to mind is the bombastic leader of those winged warriors in the 1980’s movie Flash Gordon. That said, I’m very enthusiastic about superhero movies done well. I think the movie could do well if it stays away from being too comical and too lighthearted (e.g., the Fantastic Four movies).

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