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You know I said I wouldn’t do it. I wrestled with this decision for a long time. Seriously, it’s not peer pressure or anything it’s just that I’m doing this for your sake and not mine. I’m posting more footage from X-Men: First Class. I know, we’ve already seen everything but the opening and end credits but somehow this featurette takes that footage and re-introduces it and manages to include some unseen scenes.

Source: Geek Tyrant

If you didn’t think you saw the entire movie yet then you have now. Only person missing in the clips is more footage of Kevin Bacon in his role as Sebastian Shaw. I liked the footage in this clip and the implied action from the film, but I really am feeling overwhelmed with the idea that I may have seen more than I should have without purchasing a ticket.

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5 thoughts on “New First Class featurette

  1. The movie was GREAT! There were a couple of surprises, which I won’t spoil, that had the audience, including myself, tickled pink. The action is top notch, and the pacing is perfect. I enjoyed the development of Xavier’s and Erik’s characters, and how their personal histories are revealed. If there’s a Director’s Cut, I hope that it better develops Xavier’s and Erik’s friendship so that by the end of the movie we better understand some of the choices that both characters make. As it is, the movie works, and works well. While the ending feels just a little bit rushed, it doesn’t detract from the experience one bit.

    As expected, the weakest link was January Jones as Emma Frost. Her acting here was simply too immature to carry the role. Her performance here was just a stilted as it was in her recent movie with Liam Neeson, “Unknown”. There’s this amazing scene (one that’s shown in her character’s trailer, so this isn’t a spoiler), where she delivers what could have been a powerful line after diamond-izing her hand and cutting a viewing hole in plate glass. Instead of coming across as confident and insightful, she comes across as a weak, little girl who’s acting tough. I’m ready to say that Jones isn’t believable as an actress yet.

  2. The movie looks great! That said, I’m quite underwhelmed by Frost. I don’t know how old Frost is supposed to be here, but it’s off-putting to see a young girl dress like an old vixen. And it makes no sense to me to have Frost flaunting the cleavage given that it’s the 1960’s.

  3. I don’t know how but every time I see a new clip or featurette for this movie I get more excited…This week better fly by or I am going to explode.

  4. In a way I’m glad that they aren’t showing much of Bacon as Shaw. While it’s possible there still might be another clip coming w/ Shaw and Frost, I kind of hope they still hold back until the films release.

    But y’know, if they were going to be this secretive, they could have used another character and we’d never know until the last moment. Don’t laugh. I had this odd thought of Dazzler being a cameo for some reason. Don’t ask me why.

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