Watch the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer

I’ve refrained from this for long enough and today I’d like us all to take a look at the trailer for the upcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes film that stars James Franco.

Via: The Flick Cast

That’s not what I expected. That’s not what I expected at all and I like it. After previous attempts and ideas for re-introducing this franchise to the masses didn’t pan out I thought this franchise should’ve been left alone and I’m very happy to eat my words. The best part to me? They apes didn’t speak. That leaves a lot to the imagination in a very good way and helps instill a cool creepy feeling. Oh yea, this is on the ‘radar’ and just eclipsed a few others.

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23 thoughts on “Watch the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer

  1. Hold the phone!! Andy Serkis has slipped into the dotted (Motion capture) spandex again to play Ceasar. Wait…..Ceasar, not the same Ceasar character from the other original Apes movies!!!???. Where the hell are they going with this??

    1. Don’t get me wrong I do realise he’s not playing the original Ceasar character, but I’m curious about what story they’re trying to tell here!!?? Are they messing with the already established mythos or what???

  2. Usually when we see an “invasion” type of films (from aliens to ants) u wanna see human survive or win. This time its somehow feel “LET THE APE CONQUER”!!!!!

  3. I’m on board. The apes may not speak at all in this one. The ability to create, solve puzzles and what not may be their shining attribute in this tale, language may come later, then culture and civilization. When Taylor (Wahlberg) arrived in the future, the ape civilization was tribal at best. When he left, trying to get back to his time he once again found he had only traveled forward in time and the apes had advanced to our contemporary level of technology.

    1. I totally Hated Wahlberg in Burtons version to me that was a major miscast, Tim Roth’s stellar performance made that film for me.

      I’d like to remove that story twist from the apes history book.

      Tough sell.
      The Original was just SOOOOOOOOOO good.

      1. Absolutly agree, Roth and the makeup effects are what made the Burton version “watchable”. I was in line to see this movie on day one and what a dissapointment that was.

      2. You are so right! the original was good. I still remember watching it as a kid and totally believeing Taylor was on a different planet. The reveal at the end shocked the hell out of me. It blew my mind but it totally made me think about our destructive nature. Movies are still trying to top that ending and no one has to date in my opinion. That’s the sign of a true classic.

        No planet of the Apes movie will ever be as good as the original. I knew going in that Burton’s movie would be a pale imitation so I enjoyed it for what it was. The one think about all of Burton’s movies that I don’t like, is that they all feel cramped, seems as though he does everything on a sound stage(Apes really looked closed in). Synder does the same thing and his movies lose that epic feeling because of it.

    2. Is this a sequal to Tim Burton’s Planet of the apes??? I thought it was a prequal to the original Heston movies.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the idea behind Burton’s movie was (SPOILERS): Taylor was seperated from his mother ship and went through a worm-hole into the future. Then the mother ship containing experimental apes, fell through that same worm-hole and was thrown into the past. Thus Taylor experiences the future results of the science vessel mother ship crashing on the planet in the past. Then the intellect enhanced apes evolved to enslave the decendants (Spelling???)! Forget about the shitty ending!!

      I don’t remember any reference to humans experimenting on apes in a lab on earth!!!

      1. Nah, its not (I hope) I just thought that Burtons just pretty much was a letdown.

        Hopefully this is a Prequel to the C. Heston one. or actually the story that tells us the true origin (time between Heston arriving in the future)
        Problem is after re-watching…We get Franco now. ( I know he’s the flavor of the year but Vasta! already)

        I want this to be good…that’s all

    3. Marky Mark didn’t actually play Taylor in the remake (which is an upside for the character really)!! He played another generic astronaut/scientist character I believe.

  4. “Uprising” had a better sound to it than “Rise” but thats just me.

    Definitly NOT as envisioned but that’s O.K.
    It does have a “Project X” feel to the trailer (like deleted scenes on a special edition DVD) till the end chaos scenes.

    Dont know what to think about Franco in this just yet.
    Effects on the Chimps/Apes are stellar, lets just hope we dont get an hour and half of build-up then 30 minutes of Ape Shit Action.

    Been waiting for this one, Hope were not let down

    1. I definitely agree that it as a Project-X feel to it.

      As far as the title goes, I would have shortened it to “Rise of the Apes.” Having the two “of the”s in there is too wordy.

  5. Looks interesting!!! Like a look at what happened many years before Taylor arrived, how the apes took over and why. Its another Prequal, but a very welcome one in my opinion. It would be cool to get a trilogy, each set many years apart. Seeing how the apes overthrow the human population, take over and shape their society. Then in the last movie Taylor arrives, leading on to the original movies. Is this the plan, I hope so!!!!

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