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Peter Jackson is sharing again and this time it’s a look at some of the “behind the scenes” work that goes into making these fantastical movies. Let’s watch as some of the crew exude Tolkien Love.

Via: Screen Rant

They had me sold within 5 seconds and sent my radar into a frenzy at the theme music. It’s good to see P.J. seem like his Jolly ol self again as he seems right at home on the set of Hobbiton. I hope that they decide to share more details and videos like this as I find every bit of it just as interesting and entertaining as the movies themselves, but it leaves me to wonder what they’ll be able to salvage for DVD extras.

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7 thoughts on “Watch The Hobbit set visit

  1. This was amazing! For the first time since The Hobbit was announced, I actually believe this movie is getting made. I can’t wait to see more of these behind-the-scense videos leading up to its completion.

  2. Did anyone else get misty eyed watching that? Nice to get these little tidbits or behind the scenes info so we dont have to wait months and months between snippets of info and then one day get a trailer. Ian Mckellan is looking mantastic as always. Nice to see PJ lookin healthy and happy.

  3. This brings back so many great memories. The locations, the music. Very glad Peter Jackson is back directing. I love Del toro but I don’t know if his style would have fit the images Jackson created in his films.

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