Donner says X4, X5, and Deadpool in active development

Lauren Donner’s name should be synonymous with comic book movies as she’s the wife of acclaimed ‘Superman’ director Richard Donner and has been the name associated with producing all of the X-Men films, including ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and the upcoming ‘X-Men: First Class’. It’s been mentioned that she’s not yet finished with producing these X-Men films, and was recently re-iterating her intent to produce the further adventures of X-Men with more sequels.

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We took the treatment to Fox and they love it… And X4 leads into X5…

And later she has this to say about Deadpool and how they will address his development in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.

It’s a total reboot… We’re either going to pretend that didn’t happen – or mock it, which he could
It’s insane, it’s definitely comedy,
But it’s an R script, it’s really irreverent and violent. Right away, we’re out of the X-Men world

I think it’s great that they’re planning things further than just 1 film with the X-men movies, because I just don’t believe that some of the characters have been handled well thus far. I had a hard time accepting that they seemingly killed off 3 of the principle characters in X3, and just how far they deviated from the stories in the comics. The good thing is that they still have a lot of opportunity to continue the franchise, and redeem themselves with fans like me who weren’t satisfied with the direction of X3.

As far as Deadpool is concerned I think they’re on the right track of “rebooting” while acknowledging his appearance in the Wolverine movie because it would be right in line with the tone and characteristics of the comic. Deadpool breaking the 4th wall and trashing his appearance in the Wolverine film would be a hilarious gag for fans of his comic and to distance his movie from the Wolverine movie.

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13 thoughts on “Donner says X4, X5, and Deadpool in active development

  1. I like that she uses “insane” when speaking about the DEADPOOL script. It HAS to be and he has to break the fourth wall IMO. Kick-Ass proved to the studios that Funny/Light AND Violent are a great combination and with Kick-Ass 2 not going to happen for a while FOX could really do something great here

    I could see it begin with Deadpoool watching some kind of security camera recording of the final fight in Wolverine Origin and saying: “What the hell is that? I was never there and who the hell is that guy suppose he is? ME??? Not nearly handsome enough” Then having is “second personality” answer something about him being ugly as shit. He could then turn to the screen and says: “I’ll tell YOU what happened” then we go into some kind of crazy Deadpool origin story.

  2. completly agree with above 2 post, no ones dead in the xmen universe…

    I guess as the actors all said having actors in there 30s-40s+ and demanding so much money made the fact making xmen films very difficult and to get so many into the film at the sametime even more difficult.

    It really is screaming reboot, but from what ive heard of 1st class its sorta a reboot yet keeps it intact for the other films.

    I wouldnt mind seeing X4 and X5 but yeah we need cyclops/jean and wolverine back, perhaps a story with time-traveling bishop….

  3. Apocalypse wouldn’t work he is too cartoonie. The growing trend is staying somewhat in the realm of reality. Hollywood is a copy cat industry and I wouldn’t see them going this way.

    I could see the government subjigating mutants and that is where the sentinals come into play.

    Also I could see Nathaniel Essex who does genetic work on mutants causing problems and kidnapping them and he could be the catalyst to bringing a version of cyclops back due to his obsession with him he could clone him.

  4. I think there is a lot of things they could do with a new set of films and make the fans happy as well. A trilogy of films but with one over-arching story to tie them together as not to oversaturate a single film with too many characters and plot holes due to time restraints.

    I dont think you can have an X-Men film without Professor X, Cyclops, or Jean Grey. Re-introducing them can be a selling point of the story and a great set-up for the villians: Mister Sinister and Apocalypse. Sinister’s connection is to Cyclops and Jean since in the comics he went through attempts at cloning them. Professor X is a bit tricky here but the coda at the end of X3 left the window open for his return. SPOILERS AHEAD……….

    With Professor X dead at the hands of Jean Grey during X3 and then his apparent mind shift into the comatose body eluded to earlier in the film perhaps Prof. X is no longer a mutant since his powers are genetic and this new body is 100% human. He is no longer a part of the cause he fought so hard for, he is an outsider even more so than before. This is where Apocalypse comes into play. Apocalypse is known for praying on the weak willed to further his goals. This idea may not sit well with a lot of fans, but why not make Professor X a horseman of Apocalypse along with Jean and Cyclops. Sinister is often associated with Apocalypse and it would be an interesting plot device to reintroduce the characters into this established universe. Of course for the 4th horseman you still have Angel from X3 who can become Archangel, his most famous incarnation in comics.

    If you bring back these characters it can create some great story points for the “still living” characters. Cyclops and Jean vs. Wolveriene. Professor X vs. Magneto. These relationships were at the core of the first set of films and can be looked at again. Imagine Magneto coming to join the X-Men to combat to bigger threat than any can handle. SPOILER AHEAD……

    Magneto seemed to gain some of his power back at the end of X3 maybe saying that the cure wasn’t a permanent fix or in this case end to the Master of Magnetisim. This can open the door for the return of Mystique and Rogue into the picture so to speak. There are all kinds of dramatic avenues to go down once that happens; Mystique and Nightcrawler, Rogue, Ice Man, and Shadowcat.

    There just needs to be proper motivation for the villians to bring the story full circle. There are some great opportunities out there for a Lord of the Rings-esq trilogy of movies for the X-Men to bring the franchise back to where it should be.

    Sorry for the long post, but that’s what the boards are for……so we can RANT!

  5. Give me a Days Of Futures Past and solve a chunk of problems…but in all fairness Anthony, they don’t have to “stick” to the comics stories. The first film didn’t use any pre-existing story, and the second changed a few things from one of the comins stories. Likewise, Last Stand made some alterations and it was far from terrible. It did tick many off, because of the way Cyclops was handled.

    Wolverine had its problems, but the problems with it was that four characters cannot be in threat of danger (they go on tto fight another day) and the handling of Deadpool. I totally like the idea that the character in a film can ‘mock’ the events of XO Wolverine. If Ryan Renolds were still involved there could be a Blade joke in there (I don’t know about a Black Widow or Green Lantern one though) but I don’t know about the comedy thing…

    1. I like the mocking idea. makes me chuckle every time.

      I hope they start the movie with Deadpool sitting on a couch, with a beer and a bag of chips, while criticizing a bootleg screener of that Wolverine movie while talking to the audience…

      1. LMAO, sorry Anthony I pretty much stolen your idea (on my post below) without reading your post first. Looks like we are on the same page on this one.

  6. nathan fillion should play deadpool …. sike sike just messing, (not totally) I think Jason Scott Lee or Ashton Kutcher could play the Merc with a mouth.

  7. Deadpool could work with a “Kick Ass” fun feel to it. but would be in jepordy of feeling “done already”. And Please: Ditch Ryan Renolds for the part already. continuity or not, Dude shouldn’t go near another Comic Book Property IMO.

    Just Sayin’

  8. Bring em’ on! The only good thing from X-3 IMO was that we finally got more action and fights besides the drama. I for one appreciated this even though most of the stuff came off a little hokey (“I’m Jaggernaut bitch”?) But after the supposed “Holy Grail” of X films (part2) a little relief from the heavy handed mellow-drama was the right change. Too bad we got a Hack to direct it.

    Loved the Professor X being killed off scene (that shit suprised everyone!)BUT remember the easter egg at the end.

    All Cyclops did in part 2 and 3 was cry like a bitch (bad writing)so good riddance!

    Hoping for a great X4! More Sentinels!!! More f’n Colossus please!!!

  9. We never saw Scott’s body. Jean has died and come back before. Prof X I believe has a twin who he transferred bodies with. If not a twin someone else’s body.

    BTW, That picture is great. The actor is a pupput and the director is toiling to pull all the strings, in order to please the producer. But maybe im looking too much into it.

    1. I think it was in the script that Jean “killed” Cyclops. I’m pretty sure he’s dead but who knows what they’ll decide to do…

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Jean.

      I remember that Prof X thing at the end of the credits. Another one of those where we gotta wait and see what they decide to do with the character.

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