Viggo or Daniel-Day for General Zod?

The Superman reboot casting gets more news. This role is a mild surprise- a few weeks ago, we found out Ursa will be in the film. Rule of thumb is, you can;t have sunshine without the Sun- so yes, it seems that General Zod is in town after all. WB is asking Daniel-Day Lewis while another “person of intrest” is Viggo Mortensen,Screenrant gives us the rumor mill of the weekend:

ust a few days ago word got out that Viggo Mortensen is the front runner to star in Warner Bros.’ reboot, Superman: Man of Steel, as the villainous General Zod, despite director Zack Snyder’s previous claims. To be fair to Snyder though, that may well have been the case last November.

The West Hollywood Resnorter mentioned that it heard Warner Bros. is considering Lewis for “an unspecified role in this film.” Given Lewis’ pedigree as an actor – and assuming this RUMOR has any truth to it – the part of Zod seems like the obvious choice

And it is tricky, given that both acttors have signed on to ther films and a window might be tough to work out…unless Zod is more of a cameo, saved for the next flick. But I don’t think fans would like that too much. WB/DC just might have made a case for Zod and Zod had to be worked in. Or maybe this is all ado about nothing.

Should Supey kneel before Zod? And would you like Lewis or Mortensen? (I pick Mortensen myself If it were me)

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9 thoughts on “Viggo or Daniel-Day for General Zod?

  1. Both of them are great actors… but how could anyone not think Daniel Day Lewis would be the top choice? The guy rocks. That would bring so much freaking excitement to that movie, and he’d be so good in it, that I’d *finally* be interested in it if it were to happen.

  2. Daniel Day Lewis is far more effective at playing the evil part, but viggo is a very talented actor. The ideal would of course be lewis, but viggo is a great choice as well.

  3. I think Day-Lewis would be ideal for Zod. That is one majorly pissed off character and I can see elements of Plainview and Bil The Butcher making it’s way into that character and rightfully so. Terrance Stamp should still make a cameo though. One of my favorite british actors, he’s so good in Superman 2 and The Hit.

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