McG is game for some Ouija

Latino Review is reporting that McG has been chosen to take on the movie adaptation for the game of Ouija.

After pitches by several directors, Universal Pictures has accepted McG to followup “Battleship” as the next Hasbro property on to the big screen. McG and Universal are now in negotiations.

The production will begin by the summer and will be released on November 12 next year. The script is written by the “Tron: Legacy” writing team of Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

I’ve never played Ouija mainly because the game kinda gives me the creeps and really doesn’t fit as an appropriate party game in my circle of friends.  I also have reservations whenever I hear the news that McG is attached to anything. I enjoyed the original Charlies Angels, which was his directorial debut, but have yet to see anything that resonated with me from the guy since. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for more news that may change my opinion about things but I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical.

This isn’t the first adaptation of this game to a movie if you count the Filipino or Spanish movies that were based on the game, which were both horror movies, and I believe this will be McG’s first attempt at scaring an audience making me curious to find out more details.

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One thought on “McG is game for some Ouija

  1. The last Terminator was a noble effort, and waaaaaaaay better that was the insulting “Shitfest” that was part 3.

    never really cared for Angels 1 and part 2 was ridiculous and the effects were lame. But it did have that scene with the Nascar outfits and Drew licking the steering wheel or somethin’. SOOOOOOOOO thats a plus.

    still cant pin Mc muffin down yet.

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