Hilarious Clips From Insane Bollywood Robot Flick

I know the list of Bollywood films about mass murdering robots you gotta see this year is pretty long, but save some space for Enthrian. No, I am serious, this s:@£ is unbelievably entertaining. it features some amazingly inventive over the top scenes and I’m now DYING to see it.
Honestly, I’m lost for words. Its like, take that scene from Matrix Reloaded with all the Smiths, and multiply it by insane.
See for yourself.

Supposedly this was the most expensive Indian film ever, and highest grossing film too.
As far as I know, it released in America and Canada too, any of you guys actually see it??

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17 thoughts on “Hilarious Clips From Insane Bollywood Robot Flick

  1. The other name for this movie is ‘Edhiran’ — it was also released in Hindi under the title ‘Robot’. While I haven’t seen it, I am particularly intrigued by it, more so because of the soundtrack, provided by A. R. Rahman, who also provided the soundtrack and score to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

    The success of this film was predicated on a couple of factors. First, it stars arguably the biggest icon in South Indian cinema today, opposite a popular actress who was former Miss World.

    It also draws from the classic, 1970s-style Indian cinema ‘beat-em-up’ staple. So it’s most self-aware, and completely intending to be what it is — a campy sci-fi flick with a strong current of a love story.

    Bollywood, the Hindi film industry, does have a few sci-fi flicks to its credit. Love Story 2050 and Drona were major attempts that failed because they lacked good scripts. The best I have seen is Krrish, which is a superhero film with more subtle sci-fi elements blended it.

    Glad to see you post about Indian cinema. Keep ’em going! ;) Cheers!

  2. this is why I love Rajnikanth’s (the robot in this clip) movies. they defy all matters of physics and logic but it works… for him and his fans.

    he always play a noble man with noble intentions doing noble (and most of the times – IMPOSSIBLE) things. so being a robot is a tad different than his previous roles.

    but then again, in his other movies, he is like this incredible robot. trust me, go watch any one of his movies and you’ll see why!

    I’ll be hunting for Enthiran’s DVD soon. thank you for sharing!

    btw, I’m from Malaysia and a huge Rajnikanth fan.

  3. TIP OF THE ICEBERG guys, TIP OF THE ICEBERG lol. this is just one of the many super-cheesy spectacles that the South Indian industry chucks out at the world!!

    1. It goes under different names for different language versions as far as I can see.
      And as for anyone else reading the article, I’m not belittling it in any way, I am seriously impressed with it, its some really badass imaginative stuff I havent seen before, and I’m happy Indian cinema is coming along so well!

  4. While I was waiting for the video to load I read through the comments and I was ready for some grade A cheesiness. However, I think it’s GREAT! Despite the level of CGI technology I had to say that it was extremely inventive and imaginative and unlike a lot of what Hollywood is churning out I was entertained! It looked like Terminator, The Matrix & THE MASK! all got together to have a huge action packed baby. I think I’ll have to locate this one and watch the entire thing.

  5. Hey, I have to agree i am surprised so see you posted this because I am originally from south India (This is where the movie originally come from not Bollywood)…anyways

    I know this is funny and crazy ect….But trust me I this is almost the first sci-fi(robotic) in Indian film history and its like How it was when Terminator first came out 1980’s….”thats how it is NOW in India”…thats all the technology they have!!
    I thought it was a good attempt to get started.

  6. For the most expensive bollywood movie ever, that cgi sucked, some scenes looked like bad animatics for transformers or something, there was even one section that was on par with the n64. that being said, I’m showing this video to everyone i know, people must know of the giant robot cobra of doom.

  7. wow. i will pay money to get those precious 10 minutes of my life back.

    why did they get some fat tard to play the “smith” role? wouldn;t you get someone who looks like he would rape people rather than eat people?

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