Thailand Confirmed For The Hangover 2

The Hangover is the highest grossing “R” rated comedy movie in history. It grossed $467 million worldwide ($277 domestically). For some time now, we’ve all known that they are in deed making the sequel to this hit. Last time we heard information on the sequel, was that they we’re going to set up the guys in Thailand. Then it was said it was going to be Mexico. Today, we finally get news on where are the guys going to get crazy.

ComingSoon reports:

The Hangover sequel is headed to Thailand, a source has just confirmed. Production will move there this fall with a script that sees the characters from the 2009 hit comedy traveling to Asia.

Sounds good. As long as they didn’t go back to Las Vegas, I’m ok with any other place they chose. Mexico sounded good, but Thailand sounds a little bit more open for comedy bits. I mean, they can play with the exotic location, and with the whole different culture elements. I wonder what the story will be about? How or why are the guys going to end up in Thailand? I guess we’ll have to wait for more info later on.

What do you guys think? Thailand ok? What would you like the plot to be about?

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13 thoughts on “Thailand Confirmed For The Hangover 2

  1. Hands down it has to be in Pattaya, Thailand! In fact, that was the first thought I had when I saw the first one. Google “Walking Street”. It makes Amsterdam look like the Vatican. You have Go-Gos, Ladyboys, and thousands of ways to get in trouble. In fact, if they need a tour guide, they should give me a call :).

  2. i have lived in bangkok my whole life! believe me! this will be sick! like stupidly sick! foreigners in thailand have as much fun as they want! its a country sized play ground! just wait and see!!!

  3. Who doesn’t see the Asian gangster making an appearance? Maybe this time they’ll need his help to find their buddy or maybe be the negotiator between them and another rival Asian mob.

  4. I am looking foward to The Hangover 2, I am very interested in how they will aproach thailand. I think that The Hangover deserves all the praise its getting and i myself think it is one of the funniest movies i have personally seen in a long time. And not only that it has sky rocketed Bradley Cooper= A-TEAM , Ed Helms, and of course Zach Galifinakis, i trust that Todd phillips will stay true to what The Hangover is, and that is just an awesome time. It will be great.

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