M Night Shyamalan stands up to Ballsy Reporter

While its pretty much accepted that the longer M Night Shyamalan’s career goes on, the lower the quality of his films have become. Of course personal taste will vary, but for the most part he isn’t as bankable as he used to be. (Unbreakable is still my fav of his)

I was quite looking forward to seeing how he did with The Last Airbender, as it would be his first film that wasn’t of his own material. He decided to take on the project because his kids were big fans of the show, but honestly where was this guy going to go next. His “twists” were the bread and butter of his films, and without them people lost faith and with them they just predicted a twist and it distracts from the film.

So in Mexico City when he was at a press conference to publicize The Last Airbender a reporter makes some blunt comments about his career and motives to which he calmly opens up a can of shutthefuckup.

While I don’t entirely disagree with the reporter’s comments, I do have to agree FULLY with Shamhammer’s retort.

Of course he thinks he is doing a good job. And yes, if he did think as negatively as the picture the reporter painted of him he would be a prime candidate for depression or suicide.

I have to believe that ANY director is going to have pride in his own works. I don’t think that Shyamalan did anything wrong at all here. He took offense to the statement and addressed it accordingly.

Some people think he is being too pompous about it and I disagree. He makes some valid points about the broad appeal his films must be getting as they are making the studios money, and that some of his films are better recieved in different parts of the world illustrating the subjectivity of opinion. And he caps it off with resentment that he just took The Last Airbender to try and win back his audience.

Perhaps Shyamalan’s best work is behind him, and his real strengths are not with adaptations. But to make an accusation that he isn’t trying is making it personal, and I applaud him for standing up against this reporter like this.

He could have gone Christian Bale on her, but he kept it cool but still scathing.

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12 thoughts on “M Night Shyamalan stands up to Ballsy Reporter

  1. I think the problem with many people, is that they see him as a “director” separate from his “writing” thus ended up comparing him to Spielberg etc. Mr. Shyamalan is a story teller, I don’t think of him as a director, but more as a writer. And I like his movies, you just need to figure out the “theme” that is hidden in there and what he is trying to “teach” to the audience. I think the TWISTS gets the people, but his movies are WAY deeper than that.

  2. Just my “unsophisticated” opinion. He peeked with his fist movie. Unbreakable was good.
    The Village was a little dull but okay. Finally got around to watching Signs. So every thing happens for a reason. F off.
    Couldn’t finish Lady in the Water so can’t really comment. (or is that Comment enough?)
    Happening was bad. “Let’s outrun the wind!” Humans bad. Nature good. Now it’s the trees time to strike back.
    Finally, I saw The Last Air Bender, or what I like to call “Career Ender”. I do believe this was his attempt to go “commercial” and it was bad. From the moment the lead character opened his mouth, I was saying to myself “You’re kidding me, right?” There are kid actors that can act. Look at Sixth Sense. I’m fine with “kids movies”. I thought The Scorcer’s Apprentice was entertaining.
    This guy needs to make a good movie again.

    1. Pretty much agree with everything Loki said. I think the the reporter was asking a very fair question. His long winded and defensive answer proves he knows what she is talking about. He could have answered short and sweet, “I don’t necessarily agree with your premise so I am not sure how to respond. I like all my movies and strive to put my heart in each of them.” End of story. Instead he sort of babbles defensively. I am in the camp that his early movies were more interesting and some of the later ones really are let downs.

  3. or maybe he’s in fucking denial, the reporter should be applauded for telling him something that even his closest friends dont tell him, he sucks.

  4. I just think he peaked too early. After he made the Sixth Sense some people touted him as the next Spielberg. Although Unbreakable was a strong follow up I just don’t think any of his film after that will ever match up to the Sixth Sense.

  5. I think 6th sense(and/or unbreakable) is the problem. There are plenty of directors that repeatedly make shit movies but no one cares, and they are able to stay under the radar. That’s probably because they don’t have any “great” films to there name. Once you make a “great” film once(or twice) people expect you to keep doing it. Make shit over and over and no one expects anything.

  6. i love what he did here…im not the biggest fan of his (hes had two great movies, two good movies and three shitty movies, in that order) but he did a great job of defending the things that he has done and illustrating that not everyone thinks that his films are terrible.

  7. The Last Airbender ——- $117,270,641
    The Happening ———- $64,506,874
    Lady in the Water ——– $42,285,169
    The Village ————- $114,197,520
    Signs —————– $227,966,634
    Unbreakable ———— $95,011,339
    The Sixth Sense ——— $293,506,292

    clearly his movies started making less money once people started finding out that is idea of entertainment does not sit well with critics. You might like the films but they are universally panned as crap. The Last Airbender made over a $100 mill because it was riding on the success of the animated series. You can make lots of money on a good franchise but in reality going with the sham hammer can be a big gamble….and without a franchise piece studio’s might not gamble with him….whats stupid is he says he would kill himself. To not take notice of what the masses say is just a lie. I agree that his movies have made lots of money but that does not mean there good. PS THE LAST AIRBENDER WAS CRAP STRAIGHT UP…I am glad he sticks up for his flick but why doesnt he be real and admit some of his flix are crap. A real artist knows how hollywood works and Shamhammer is not some special renegade that goes against the norm and the female reporter nailed her question .

  8. I don’t think the reporter did anything wrong here either. In fact I applaud her for having the balls to say that to his face. Her view is the view of many. Maybe not that he only did Air Bender because But there are only 3 movies I enjoyed from him. Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. I was looking forward to Air Bender but after hearing how bad it is. I decided to wait until it hits DVD.

    That being said. He did a great job in responding to here question. Ofcourse he thinks highly of his work. It’s not like hes thinking to himself “Wow this film is really going to suck” while hes making it. What’s important to him is if he’s happy with it. But what really matters is how well perceived it is once it’s released. Because if you keep making flops. Then studios are going to stop backing you up. And sooner or later you’re going to be making commercials.

    1. Just wanted to add I do hope he gets the chance to make his other 2 parts to Air Bender. Maybe he can learn from his mistakes and make them great. I know the special effects look amazing. Plus it would be a shame to cut the story off at the first installment.

      1. not if he is just gonna make another crap film. Sure he can take notice of his mistakes but like he said himself he thinks the movie was good so can he learn from what he thinks is just the “fans” opinions. If he does then that means he was wrong and that he does things for what mainstream wants instead of his artistic creativity. To me its a catch 22. Either way loyalist will claim every movie he makes is good.

  9. I totally agree with you Rod. I personally, liked all of his movies. My favorite one is Unbreakable. But I also enjoyed The Sixth Sense, The Village, Signs, and Lady in The Water. Some are better than others.
    I’ve yet to see The Happening or The Last Airbender – but thanks to this post, I’m def getting on it. I’ll watch them this weekend.

    The point that his films are appreciated differently in other countries around the world is both important and true. It just seems that opinion in the US, has him getting worse with each film he makes.

    I love the fact that he takes care of the rights, so his movies won’t be exploited.

    I like him as a director/writer. He is really talented. Some of his films are going to be good. Some are going to be bad. But in this business, as long as he is making money for the studio – just like he stated “He’ll continue to make movies as long as they let him”. I personally believe that the media/critics have been too hard on him. I’d take him as a director any day; you’ve got to remember that for each 10 great directors that come along, there’s probably 500 horrible directors.

    I wanted to share this info about him with you guys: This is what his films have grossed so far…

    The Last Airbender ——- $117,270,641
    The Happening ———- $64,506,874
    Lady in the Water ——– $42,285,169
    The Village ————- $114,197,520
    Signs —————– $227,966,634
    Unbreakable ———— $95,011,339
    The Sixth Sense ——— $293,506,292

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