Redband Machete Trailer Online

A new Redband Machete Trailer is online with plenty of gore, violence, boobies and fuck words.

“Its not safe for you to be here”
– “I am not looking for safe”
“No, I mean its not safe for ME for you to be here!”

Just awesome.


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12 thoughts on “Redband Machete Trailer Online

  1. I know this is off topic and a little on the “wtf, Ty”…

    But I’m kind of surprised that Lindsay Lohan wasn’t in the trailer nor credited. I suppose that could be because they want it to be a surprise or because of her negative media lately.

    Idk, just found it somewhat surprising.

  2. AWESOME! Just so bad ass. By far one of the best trailers ever made and so much better then the older ones. Although I respect how they were trying to pull off the whole Grind House art style with he older trailers, plus that was still very early on for this project.

    It’s insane, brutal action films like this that I feel Rodriguez was bore to do and this could turn out to be his best one yet. And then of coarse there’s that amazing cast. It’s going to be so damn cool to see these actors in a film together, it’s all like a really crazy-cool dream.

    This movie is going to rule, can’t wait!

    1. Man, it has been a very long time since I posted to TMB. Heck I left after I found out Rodney had sold it. Seems to be back.
      This trailer is what brought me back to TMB and posting. This trailer is full of BADASS. Hawt Naked Chicks, Motorcycle Mounted Mini-Gun (oversized?) heads hacked off and best of all – gut ropes out the window!
      Thanks for bringing me back to TMB, Machete.

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