TMB’s Poll – June Movie Releases

May has come and gone. It gave us some great action films, as well as a comedy (Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, Prince of Persia, Shrek Forever After). It also gave the girls a couple of fun movies to enjoy (Sex and the City, Letters to Juliet). It also gave us MacGruber (ouch!).

Here at TMB we want to know what you guys are thinking. What movies are you most looking forward to seeing?
You can vote for just one, or for as many movies as you want to (It’s ok to be pumped up for more than only 1 lol). In my opinion, June will be sweeter. It’s got by far a better shaped line-up for us movie lovers.

Let’s roll…

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31 thoughts on “TMB’s Poll – June Movie Releases

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    Read the commenting rules, or get your comments removed.

  2. Inception will kick Eclipse’s ass. You better watch out before calling Eclipse the best at box-office this SUMMER.

    1. Eclipse will do well. I dont doubt that for a second. Probably better than the first two if I dare suggest.

      But it wont be the biggest movie of the summer.

      And I dont think Inception will be either.

      1. I’m betting on the A-Team and Knight & Day, both doing fairly good…
        The big moneymakers of June? I would put my money on Toy Story 3…and Eclipse

        How I love thy Twilight…(in sarcastic vampire tone) lol….still money is money ;)

      2. What do you think will be the biggest movie? Iron man 2 will probably be somewhere between 300 and 350.

        Sherk four doesn’t even look like it will make it to 300. Findinging nemo was the only pixar movie to make more than 300 million.

        I think twilight could do 350. What other competition is there?

        1. I’m not entirely sure i am reading this right but it sounds like you are saying that Shrek is a pixar movie. you are aware it is dreamworks right?

          1. That was ment to be two different statments. The second was about toy story 3.

            But biggest opening weekend for pixar so nevermind

  3. Personally, I’m not excited by any movies coming out in June. The only film I am REALLy excited about to see this summer is Nolan’s “Inception.” Other than that, it looks to be a lackluster Summer.

  4. Oh my, HaHa didn’t expect to see twilight at 8%.
    My most anticipated for June are Knight and Day, and The Karate Kid, also toy story 3.

  5. I’m definitely going to make it to a theater for Toy Story 3. The kids & I have been waiting on that one for a while. If they bug me enough, I’m willing to also see remake of The Karate Kid, but I won’t openly suggest it. I’ll probably see the rest on DVD.

  6. I dont know, compared to 2008, this summer seems to be pretty awesome. Instead of Dark Knight there is Inception, and instead of the original Iron Man we had a sequal. And given that there are plenty of other solid movies coming out, it won’t take much to top The Incredible Hulk.

    1. Damn I forgot Inception. But at the same time I am not really looking forward to that movie. I will see it and I’m sure it will probably be awesome. But that’s because its Christopher Nolan. I am not very excited about anything I seen.

      Iron man 2 came and went and it wasn’t as good as the first one.

      What was special about 2008 was that every week there seem to be a movie to look forward to. Not just a handful sprinkled out throught the summer. I think 2008 was the summer of Wall-e, Step Brothers, Pinapple Express, Tropic Thunder and a bunch of other movies that I don’t remember right now. I liked all those movies but more important I was looking forwad to them. I wasn’t looking forward to nearly as many movies this summer.

      1. Wanted, Handcock, speed Racer, Indian Jones.

        Even if some of those movies didnt turn out to well, I was still looking forwad to them.

        I remeber goign to the movies every week that summer. Now its like i see something today and then I’ll go next month.

  7. Not really interested in many of those movies.
    Except for Toy Story 3 & PROBABLY Karete Kid.
    But i still have to check out Prince of Persia.

  8. This summer sucks almost as bad as last summer.(Yes there are a few exceptions, Toy Story I am sure, Up, Hangover.)

    We need another summer like 2008. Dark Knight, the original Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and a few good comedies.

  9. I’m surprised Splice isn’t getting vootes; I been hearing lots of good buzz on the film. Perhaps it could get swallowed up by bigger pix.

    The A Team trailers make me interested; Jonah Hex’s trailers make me cringe.
    I’m looking forward to Knight & Day.

    I have no interest in Toy Story 3, but it’s Pixar. It doesn’t surprise me it gets the vote by spades. But I just never warmed up to the franchise.

    Missing from the poll: Marmaduke and Killers.

    1. I watched Splice last night and it has got to be the most bizzare movie i have ever seen. Two words: Creature Rape

    1. Me too, none of the above. Maybe there’ll be something in July that will get off my fat Rs and into the cinema

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