Bradley Cooper To Star In Disney Baseball Film

The only baseball film we’ve been hearing about in the last couple of months has been Brad Pitt’s Moneyball. That one has had a bumpy ride so far. We still don’t even know if it will come to fruition. In the meantime, out of left field, comes this news. Hey, at least somebody has the a guts to make baseball movie now days. How I miss the Major League movie days…

JoBlo reports:

Described as SCENT OF A WOMAN meets baseball, the film would star Cooper as a player who gets injured and is sent to the minors while he’s recovering. Near his new farm team, there’s a senior citizen’s home and he meets an old major leaguer who helps him get his groove back.

The film is based on a pitch by Allan Loeb (WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS), who will also work on the script.

I’m not so sure about the plot. I have no doubt that Cooper will nail it; yes he’s that good. But I’m on the fence about the story. I would definitely watch this one regardless, because I love baseball.

What do you guys think? Disney + Baseball + Cooper? You like that formula?

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