Lost Boys 3: The Thirst Trailer Online

Oh the soundtrack in this trailer really takes me back, and that is likely exactly what they want to do with this third chapter in the Lost Boys films.

Check out the trailer for The Lost Boys: The Thirst.

Now I can never take Corey Feldman seriously, but this looks awesome for that reason alone. I won’t look on this as a hardcore Vampire Flick, but it is a suitable followup to the 80s classic. I will just forget about Lost Boys 2 as it looks like the deleted scene that suggests Jamison Newlander’s character was turned to a Vampire. However it is possible he is infected in this and Feldman’s Frog has to reluctantly ask him for help to kill vamps despite being a vampire himself. Sadly that same scene implied we would see Corey Haim as a vamped Sam, but he did not film this before his untimely death.

I was a little put off at the whole “the new drug is Vampire Blood” however it appears the drug is intended to change people into vampires, and not just become a new designer drug like they do in True Blood (so love that show).

I can’t wait for this no matter how bad it might end up being!

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6 thoughts on “Lost Boys 3: The Thirst Trailer Online

  1. I’m one of the very few who actually enjoyed LB2, and I’m really looking forward to LB3 as IMO, it looks even better, especially with BOTH Frog brothers back this time. And since the scene where Jamison Newlander was a vampire was an ALTERNATE ending and therefor not cannon in the movie, that has no impact on this at all. Though throughout the movie they DO heavily hint that he’s either dead or has been turned, so I’m interested to see how they explain that away in this one.

    But yes, very excited for this, I am. Even if I’m the only one, lol

  2. Cry little sister, Man that’s has so much impact for the lost boys- Love that song.

    Unsure though on the film, looks like it will decent, not great or anything.

  3. They still stole the blood idea from True Blood. Everything looks very cheesy and they even put a Matrix style “running on the wall” HA!. Although I must admit that the song is making my brain go in flashback mode. So “Lets Rock and Roll!!!!”

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