Ghost Rider 2 could be without Nic Cage

Looks like Ghost Rider is running out of time. The rights Sony holds over the franchise expire soon and Cage is busy as hell trying to remind us how good an actor he is. Fortunately for us, that includes NOT doing Ghost Rider just yet.

Chud says:

November 14 is the date when the Ghost Rider rights will revert from Sony to Marvel… unless the Japanese corporate giant has a movie in production by that date. And Sony is so serious about meeting that date they’re thinking of going ahead with Ghost Rider 2 even if Nic Cage isn’t available.

Ok, so unless Sony wants to dish some serious coin to Cage to get him to sidetrack National Treasure 3, Sony has to make the movie without him. They have to be “in production” on that date or Marvel gets their toys back.

And with all the franchise rebooting going around, this would be a perfect opportunity to restart Ghost Rider without Cage.

This is also a great chance to forget about Eva Mendez’s lousy acting (but you are free to remember her slinky dress, swaying hips and attitude strut swagger – hot) and the weak script that totally wasted the classic horseback Ghost Rider to an anticlimactic “this is as far as I go” last ride.

But they will likely just sequel it in a desperate attempt to keep the rights, and get someone else to play Cage.

Maybe they will just let it go. But not likely.

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22 thoughts on “Ghost Rider 2 could be without Nic Cage

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  2. Ghost rider without cage won’t look good, and either Marvel or sony both knows, it is good to have Nic on the role. Lets see what Nic says or schedule him on his busy timing.

  3. lord of war totally sucked and was laughable, Cage’s Blaze wasn’t bad, just the entire project around him was pure shit.

    even Peter Fonda sucked in that.
    Sam Elliot was cool but seemed to be channeling his Blade character

    1. Sam Elliot couldn’t be channeling his Blade character because Kris Kristofferson was in Blade right? Its easy to confuse them though, or did you mean his character was similar to that of the Blade character?

      I don’t know man, I just didn’t care for Cage as Johnny Blaze. It just felt wrong to me.

  4. I’d rather have Marvel reboot Ghost Rider entirely, with Johnny Depp cast as Johnny Blaze. I read from years ago that Johnny Depp wanted to play this comic book character. This would be the perfect for him.

  5. I Really hope the rights go back to Marvel. I think Marvel would be able to make a better movie than the first one and I’d love to see Marvel have the opportunity to connect yet another character with the rest of their movie universe.

  6. This could quite possibly have been one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Please, my god, don’t make another one. Why on earth is this even under consideration? With all the good scripts and books that get buried by studios every year, why do they get so wrapped up by letting their rights expire on crappy products? No one could make a good Ghost Rider movie because its an f-ing stupid character and an f-ing stupid premise.

  7. Nick Cage just wasn’t right for the part. He fitted much better into his role in Lord of War and he had a pretty convincing part in Kick Ass. It was believable however looking long enough into Cage’s dead eyes tortures your soul *literally*.

  8. I would be happy without cage, no offense but I thought he was borderline to old for the first one. Thats what it felt to me anyhow.

    The entire movie was flawed from script to actors. I wasnt happy with it at all.

  9. I view GR as a guilty pleasure. What really took me out was the over acting cardboard known as Wes Bentley. Some of the dialog WAS grating.

    I would have loved to see Cage back. But maybe this has an advantage without rebooting, restarting etc. Let’s say instead of the Blaze character they bring in Dan Ketch. Then, perhaps there would be room for either Cage to have a small role or have him return for part III if there is one.

    But regardless of who directs or rewrites…no Cage, no Ketch, no Ghost Rider movie—unless the rights go back to Marvel and Disney does cartwheels.

  10. I think it should go back to Marvel. They’ll treat it with more seriousness and things wont be rushed. The villains were awful and so was Eva Mendes. I expected so much more from that movie. It would be smart of Cage to stick with National Treasure 3. He’ll make more money on that one, as Rodney said, and he fits that role much better.

  11. No problem w/ Cage just the hack Director and bad story and even worse Villans. I thought that demon was going to whip-out his camcorder and film a plastic bag drifting in the wind!

      1. I guess they report the problems and not the good news. But I’m sure he hasn’t been able to replace all his forclosed property yet. I meant make time to do both. He isn’t necessarily making more for national treasure. The first national treasure cost 100 million and they gave him 20.I don’t think they would give him much more than 20 mil. Ghost rider cost 110 million. Who knows what they gave him.

  12. I’m glad. I hope Cage continues to make more great films. I’m not looking forward to that wizard movie he’s doing. But Kick-Ass and Bad Lieutenent were great. I hope to see him in more great films like those as well as Bringing Out the Dead, Lord of War, and Leaving Las Vegas. Fingers crossed…

    1. I never thought Cage was the problem in Ghost Rider, it was the story. The entire movie felt like it was trying to be a video game for some reason; none of the villains were memorable and every scene in between just felt like temporary derailments from the inevitable final confrontation.

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