Emily Blunt drops Captain America for Catwoman?

Soon after Emily Blunt was courted for the role of a love interest for Captain America, she has declined the role.

But why? It seems she is close to signing on to another role, and the rumour wheel has her lined up to be in Batman 3 as Catwoman!

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Soon after the announcement came news from L.A. Times that Emily Blunt has turned down the female love interest part of Peggy Carter, an “American agent serving with the French Resistance with standard military training and is handy with a gun.”

She had been circling the part alongside Keira Knightley (who unsurprisingly has also passed) and ‘She’s Out of My League’s’ 28 year old Brit Alice Eve.

So why has Blunt turned down the role?

Well Batman on Film are running with THE RUMOUR (and they don’t run rumours for the sake of it) they have heard from a “industry source” (who’s pretty damned tuned into the Hollywood grapevine) that say she has caught Christopher Nolan’s eye.

And it seems that role Nolan has set for her is Selena Kyle, the infamous Catwoman.

I would really love to see how Nolan makes Catwoman “real” as he has so far steered Batman away from the supernatural, and Catwoman’s gifts are supernatural. He may just play her off as a gifted catburglar and instead of giving a supernatural agility or rumoured nine lives, she may just get the reputation for escaping.

Would you like to see Emily Blunt as the seductive Catwoman? Yeah, me too!

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33 thoughts on “Emily Blunt drops Captain America for Catwoman?

  1. I think Catwoman is the most essential character in batman universe. First of all, she plays both sides of the fence. She is not a straight out villian. She never was in comics. Batman returns was garbage. They had to ruin catwoman.
    They can have Riddler as main with Black Mask or Hush as extra villian. Catwoman doesn’t have to be a enemy of Batman, she is only a cat burglar. He go after her for that but she end up helping him out.
    If Selina Kyle is done right like from the comics as a sexy, strong will cat thief then she will work perfectly. No supernatural crap form Batman Returns.

  2. Kate Brckinsale as Catwoman? For God´s sake NOOOOOOO
    She is a weak actress and already worked with Christian Bale in 2 movies!
    And Emily would fit much more as Talia Al Ghul than Selina/Catwoman.
    I hope Catwoman won´t be in B3. And I don´t believe that Nolan will include her. Not really!
    Bring Talia Al Ghul. Enough of Catwoman,please!

  3. I’m not believing that Nolan’s Batman 3 is happening until I see at least a set photo from the production company. Until then, I’m going to take up an attitude similar to what John Campea had when he said that there was no Indiana Jones 4.

  4. What i dont get is why they didn’t get scarlett johansson to play the black widow to keep up the continuity for the movies based in the marvel universe for the upcoming avengers movie

  5. She was almost Black Widow, she turned down Cap.
    Somebody is seeing something.

    Selina Kyle/Catwoman? Yeah, she will be fine in the part. However—-
    I’m ruling OUT Catwoman. See, I think Talia al Ghul might be more in flavor.

  6. I’m up for Emily Blunt as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, she is strangely beautiful, strong, confident, abit aloof, also i always somekind see her to have this layer of enigmatic. That all the traits for Catwoman. Beside Catwoman is still grounded to reality, as in recent story. I rarely see a hint of her having supernatural things, maybe in the past… but not in recent times.
    Also her chemistry/attraction with Batman is one of strong point in Hush. So i’m sold on this one. (if it true)

  7. Well if Nolan likes her for the role then I am sold. I dont think Catwoman has to be a stone cold fox as far as beauty goes, Emily is attractive but not overly attractive if that makes sense?

    As long as she can pull off that overly confident swagger that I imagine Selina Kyle to have, then I be supremely happy.

      1. They’ll probably go with Selina Kyle because thats where it started. If you check IMDB Doug Jones, who played Abe Sapien in Hellboy, is rumored to play the Riddler. A lot of things are still up in the air so we’ll just have to see where it goes.

  8. Nolan can definitely make the Catwoman angle work by allowing her to play head games with Batman. By doing so this will take the battle to a different level for Batman. It will evolve into sexual tension and doubt, which is something Catwoman always caused. I see no problem with Emily Blunt in the role especially since she’s so damn hot. However, I think going with Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin would be a better storyline. Hoffman is an amazing actor who has what it takes to play a sophiscated bad guy like the Penguin.

    1. I’m pretty sure there’ll be two characters here again, like in The Dark Knight.

      I don’t see the third installment of the Nolan’s Batman with just Catwoman as the focus. Besides, it’ll alienate a whole truckload of audience who’ll immediately groan about Catwoman being resurrected. Beat me up for that, but it’s true (I told a few friends about this “development” and they nearly clawed at me, no pun intended).

      I can’t be certain, but in an interview before Batman Begins released, Nolan specifically stated he wasn’t interested in either Catwoman or Batgirl/Batwoman and wouldn’t bother with those characters. I wonder if he’s suddenly changed his mind or this is nothing but rumor.

      And yeah, I totally agree, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin…..either that or somebody other than Depp (he’s getting repetitive) for the Riddler……and Harley Quinn……

  9. That would be a very interesting fit! It could work well? I do not think if made as the Dark Knight that Catwoman could hold up as the main villian. I would love to see a reboot of Bane with Catwoman as an interest, then expand her character into the next film, if there is to be one.

  10. I know there were supernatural aspects to Catwoman in Burton’s Batman Returns, but I honestly don’t recall that aspect in the comics. Mostly, I read and collected ones from the 70’s and 80’s, mostly. Did they drop that part during those years and pick it up later?

    1. Please, please go rent The Devil Wears Prada…..she’s the most gorgeous girl on Planet Earth.

      She’s also my future wife, so I’d appreciate it if you appreciated her.

  11. In a lot of the DC canon, Catwoman has no supernatural powers, just feline grace and agility due to physical conditioning and training, which is a big part of the reason she was so attractive to Bats.

    1. Loads of people didn’t see Ledger as the Joker.

      And if you really think that that decision didn’t pan out right, you’re pretty much the only one on Earth.

      1. I have to disagree with you on that. When I heard Nolan casted Ledger as the Joker I instantly knew he was going to pull it off. If you saw Brokeback Mountain that was a clear cut example of his skill. He was actor that yearned to break away from the typical Hollywood roles. His goal was to choose roles that defined him as an actor as well as ones he could to define, such as The Joker. It’s just a shame that he died so young because he was on the cusp of true stardom.

  12. Wouldn’t they finish alot of pre production, such as script before even thinking about casting, I mean I remember when they all said Phillip Seymore hoffman and johnny dep was going to be in batman 3 and the industry was like yeah well there is no script as of yet and casting would come after that…….. So I’m pretty sure that no casting has even been considered till after script….. and there has been no rumor of script yet.

    1. I certainly hope so. That’s what makes the whole Batman vs Catwoman thing so interesting. It’s what I loved so much about Batman Returns.

      But I guess I have trouble envisioning Emily Blunt as Catwoman.

      1. Well, Rachel’s dead now, so he obviously needs somebody else to bone. Catwoman seems like a perfect replacement.

        And hey, Emily Blunt is HOT…..

        I agree with Rodney, though, I wonder if (and how) he’ll adapt the supernatural element into the story.

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