Creating an Oscar Award Winning Movie

Sometimes brutal honest is the best policy. Sometimes you hear it and you still don’t care.

This video illustrates exactly how movies are crafted to be a success. You call it a cliche, but they call it ka-ching! And you will still eat it up!

Very clever little video, and very well done. I would give this an Oscar if they produced a whole movie that used this open illustration of cliches instead of dialogue. So good.

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17 thoughts on “Creating an Oscar Award Winning Movie

    1. That music is from Dragon The Bruce Lee Story. It’s a great soundtrack, one of my favorites. The funny thing is, they were clever to use it for this because it’s ALSO overused in movie trailers. Trailers for movies that obviously don’t use that soundtrack. So in a way, using that music for the trailer is also cliche. Another nice touch.

  1. “From a famous and/or foreign director.”

    “Actor desperately trying for and Academy award.”

    I love it, laughed my freakin ass off! thanks so much for posting this Rodney. And your right, this would make a GREAT and very clever film. It’s reminds me of all those awful spoof films, except this one would be well worth seeing.

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