Marlon Wayans starts Filming Richard Pryor Biopic this Fall

Looks like Marlon Wayans will be gluing on the velcro ‘stache to portray a comic legend in the dramatic biopic of his turbulent career. Filming is set to begin this fall.

There are other more talented dramatic actors, right? What makes him perfect for this? Let’s let Marlon make his case.

“Look, I want to be able to make the stupidest movies ever, because they make people laugh and they make money,” Wayans recently said with a smirk. “But that’s not all I want to do. And I think I’ve proven to some people — the ones paying attention — that I can do more. Everybody else, well, they can wait and see and make up their mind.”

I figure that Marlon Wayans is the most likely to be able to break out of his own stereotype, so this statement has a fresh feeling of honest truth to it.

He isn’t waving his arms saying “I can do this” hoping we believe him. He is just laying it out there. Especially opening with a statement saying he enjoys making stupid movies too.

Frankly if I could coast through Hollywood banking paycheque after paycheque playing an idiot, I would do it. But honestly, if he wants to break out, he will have to prove it. And that he got this gig suggests that at least SOMEONE in charge thinks he has what it takes.

Eddie Murphy was supposed to get this gig, but for one reason or another he was decidedly not right for the job. He does a great Pryor imitation, but someone decided that Wayans was a better fit.

I didn’t think Will Smith could do drama after the silliness of the Fresh Prince, but he hits that nail hard too.

I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

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