Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats No!!

I will admit a deep weakness to nostalgic things of my youth being adapted to the big screen. I wasn’t too pumped about GI Joe as I thought I would be, but I still get excited to hear these things get announced.

But the long awaited Thundercats film looks like it won’t be getting made. At all.

Collider says:

I don’t know why this cartoon means so much to me (maybe it’s the cool logo), but I’ve always thought the story of humanoid cats fleeing their exploding world was ripe with potential. Also, Mumm-Ra was awesome. But even though I’d love to see it, I’ve spoken to a few reliable sources and they tell me the movie is no longer happening at Warner Bros. I wish I wasn’t reporting that news.

I was kinda looking forward to Thundercats as well. But I am kinda happy that it wont be getting a live action treatment. I think that would just look silly.

The Thundercats are made of the cool, but it is not something that would translate well into reality. Some of that cool comes from its unreality. But a CGI animated might have been interesting to see. But maybe with this version getting shelved we will see someone else step up.

Maybe enlisting James Cameron’s Avatar Technology and MoCap to make an animated CG feature that looks “real”

Yeah, I would love to see THAT Thundercats film.

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13 thoughts on “Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats No!!

  1. You mean Avatar wasn’t Thundercats with a different story? WTF!!!

    seriously, Anyone remember He-man?

    This would have to cost mega-bucks to pull off right.
    it would probally be better with some dude making an Avatar w/ Thundercats audio you tube video…

  2. Well, that sucks. Cheesy Snarf and flat dialog aside, the ThunderCats cartoon was awesome. I can see it being one hell of an amazing movie as well.

    Maybe they just can’t find anyone yet with the right mind set to make it into a good movie. Well, here’s hoping that it’ll still happen some day.

  3. I don’t know how to feel about this news. One one hand, maybe the project was canceled due to budget concerns, the problems with finding a director, or the script sitting on the shelf and collecting dust. Maybe the options ran out. There could be a ton of factors in why WB gave up on Thundercats. I think it is silly to point the finger at WB and call them a bunch of nitwits. Projects of different genres get turned around every other day for different reasons.

    On that flip side…

    Paramount has had good success with the likes of Transformers and GI Joe. These films may may be simpleton in character put they are pumped with visual FX and insane, rapid action, be it for the better or for the worse. They make money, they (for better or for worse) sell toys and other related merchandise.

    Why can’t WB follow the same pattern with this property?

    While I’m not big on the Thundercats toon, I agree that a Thundercats LA flick would be a sight to see.

    Someone will make the film, someday.

  4. Bullshit.

    WB isnt doing it, yeah that means shit.

    Someone else will pick up the movie, its not completely dead, all this means is that WB doesnt want to do this movie

    I agree with Matty. I would love to see them do this movie like they did Avatar (its not a live action movie)

    WB is fucking stupid.
    They always have been.
    Everyone knows that what makes money now is movies based on known 80s shows.
    I give this 5 weeks to get picked up by someone…

    I say Lionsgate, I called it.

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