The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It Trailer Online

I think that the recent generation of spoof movies have totally missed the point. Back in the day with films like Top Secret, Airplane, Hot Shots, Naked Gun and anything by Mel Brooks delivered quality clever spoofing that would mock the original with a tongue in cheek.

But then the spoof genre just became sex and fart jokes and didn’t even bother to try and be funny.

The Judd Apatow films are getting spoofed, poorly. The direct to DVD title is “The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It”. Not even the title is clever. Its not even made by the guys who did Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans.

Spoof movies already start with a poor expectation by me. I will give any of them a chance as I used to love the spoof genre, but if you can’t be clever about poking fun, then you are just wasting my time. Then its direct to DVD. Not always a curse, but the studio who let them make the movie didn’t think it ranked for theatrical release, so I am already double hesitant now.

The trailer just sunk it for me.


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35 thoughts on “The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It Trailer Online

  1. This movie looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Can’t wait to go see this when it comes out!!! All the spoof movies that come out are funny as ****!

  2. Cid, you make a well written point. I miss those “classic spoofs” you mentioned. One thought: Perhaps the “new”, not-so-hot spoofs are a new form. I agree, bring back the old style spoofs, but are young people these days, who are bombarded with youtube and reality shows, in need of the new pop-culture-reference-heavy form of spoof?

    Here is an Interesting studio experiment: Remake “Airplane” with young stars, and a few modern airport references, and see how it performs against the new spoof form. If the “Airplane” remake did well, it would start a trend.

    Until I see the old style return, I will probably see this and other spoofs. I need the silliness in my otherwise fenced-in life.

  3. The major problem with the new generation of spoof films is that they spoof particular films. They purposely “poke fun” at famous scenes from box office hit films whether they are films of the genre that they say they are spoofing or not. They take the jokes that worked and were funny from these movies and claim that they push the joke further when really all they are doing is making the joke go somewhere that it was never intended to go to and thereby killing the joke. Then they’ll throw in a few attacks at whatever is in the tabloids currently, fill the film with (As Kevin Smith calls them) dick and fart jokes, and call it a spoof. (I have no problem with dick and fart jokes, by the way, but putting them in a spoof does not a spoof make.)

    What these filmmakers seem to have not learned from classic spoofs like Airplane, Hot Shots, Naked Gun, Wrongfully Accused, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and pretty much everything Mel Brooks has done is that you don’t spoof particular films…you spoof the genre as a whole. You come up with the most cliched plot for that particular genre and you make all the main characters believe what they are doing. All of the actors have to play their parts as if they were real people. In other words…play it straight. Then you put these characters in the most ridiculous situations. For example: Airplane – serious “soap opera” style characters, we learn way too much back story about each of them, a hero who has a “dark” past, a rough and tough ex-pilot who has to guide them down – all singing a folk song on a plane. Or an old lady, usually played by an ex celebrity, talking jive. These are all cliches of, not just Airport, but ALL disaster films with a bizarre, off the wall moment to set it just off of normal.

    When the actors play these cliched and predictable characters straight, that’s when the funny comes in. Throw in some crazy over the top stuff in the background that none of the main characters ever seem to see happening, mix in a few scenarios that don’t fit in that genre (ie: modern day film studio in Blazing Saddles or musical number in Robin Hood Men in Tights), break the fourth wall (ie: damn near every scene Charlie Sheen has in Hot Shots) and fill the credits with a few humorous credits…..and there you have it. That is what a true “spoof film”, as they are now called, should be.

    Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Superhero Movie, Dance Flick…these are just bad comedies. Airplane, Naked Gun, Hot Shots, Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, Top Secret, Young Frankenstein, Not Another Teen Movie, Silent Movie, Wrongfully Accused….these are classic spoofs that follow the classic and tried and true formula of good spoofs. Some better than others, true, but they follow it regardless.

    Unfortunately, The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It looks like it will fit in the first group. Maybe one day the spoof will come back. But until then, it is an endangered art form.

  4. I want to see “40 year old virgin who knocked up sarah marshall and felt super bad about it.” How can you not want to see it. What else is out there?

  5. So they’re rehashing scenes from actual comedies.

    This is hardly spoofing.

    Movies like this should be placed in the pop-culture-cluster-fuck genre.

  6. “A comedy of Superbad proportions” No fucking kidding, Judd Apatow is a comedic genius and even the worst piece of shit he’s been involved looks better than this, the Wayans are probabaly looking at this shit and thinking “Glad we never made anything as bad as this.”

      1. Making a failed spoof movie is a fail.

        Just because you don’t like the genre doesn’t mean they cant make a good one.

        There are lots of spoofs out there that I like, but the recent trend is not my cup of tea.

  7. Why are you saying “it’s not even made by the guys who did Epic Movie or Meet the Spartans” as if that is a bad thing? Those movies were horrible. Not that you”re wrong about this film look bad, it’s just I don’t think those other movies should ever be used as any kind of standard of quality.

  8. Ive been saying this for years:

    ALL we have to do is ignore this!!!!

    If every single movie blog in the planet acts like these movies dont exist maybe it will help stop this!

    Even Rotten Tomatoes should ignore them, even the actual critics should just pretend that they dont excist.

    Everytime a “first peak” “poster” or “teaser trailer” comes out for the newest Spoof Movie comes out…. every single movie blog should just ignore it and move on to real news.

    It would be such a better planet, and t would be SO FUCKING FUNNY to have all movie blogs just ignore spoofs.

    I think its a majestic and godlike fucking idea.

    This is like the best idea ive ever had…

    …this week.

  9. Airplane,Top Secret and Naked Gun are the best

    funny enough that Scary Movie 3 or 4 was directed by the guys from AirPlane (Zucker bros?)and not even they saved that one.

    this is just horrible

  10. I agree with you. I think the spoof movies have gotten worse since Scary Movie 3. The jokes they try to pull arn’t even funny. Being completely honest I’ll go as far to so that a lot of these movies are just bad and a drastic waste of time to even sit down and watch.

  11. These spoof movies really aren’t my thing, so needless to say hope someone else enjoys it for what it is.

    I’ll take a pass on it.

  12. Although the parts with the “To Catch a Predator” and “Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World” was kind of funny

  13. Yeah, it looks stupid – like all of the other spoof movies in recent years. I’ll watch it for free when it’s on VOD.

    1. I agree with Rocket why even watch it period. It’s stupid and so are the people who make all this movies. They have no thoughts of their own so they steal others. Kind of pathetic really.

      1. And yet your email address is “twilightobsessed” and if you read Charlaine Harris’ Stackhouse Mysteries (which are adapted loosely to make True Blood on HBO), its pretty undeniable that most of Twilight was ripped off from those books. Oops.

        I agree that these movies are mostly lame, but the art of spoofing is not a “ripoff” its a tribute or homage. If done right they are an artform all their own. These latest films of this genre just dont try very hard and they dont do spoofing very well at all.

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