First Alice In Wonderland Trailer

It’s no secret that I am NOT a Tim Burton fan. However, with that being said I do oddly think he’s the perfect guy to direct an Alice In Wonderland movie. The pictures and images we’ve seen from the film so far have all been really interesting, and now there’s finally a trailer available.

Trailer makes it look like the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is the main character. Anyway, I dig the very different visual style. This could be horrible… but I gotta say so far I think it may turn out really great. Who knew? Take a look:

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51 thoughts on “First Alice In Wonderland Trailer

  1. Ok every one i can go on all day about why i hate Tim Burton but i don’t have the time to wast so im going to make the list of why i hate Tim Burton short and to the point

    1) BATMAN: Tim at one time made the comment “Any one who knows me knows i don’t read comic books” i can see that Tim look at the BATMAN movie

    2) SleepyHallow: Ok a classic tail that every one grew up on gets turned into a true Burton crap job. No pumpkin head whats up with that and come on Johny your a ok actor but that movie sucked

    3) Charlie and the Chocolate factory: A nother classic from my child hood raped by the gothic hore show we know as Tim Burton. That Wonka scared the crap out of me did not make me want to eat any candy thats for sure agan what are you doing Johny come on.

    Now Tim has a story that every one has read its a fairy tail handed down from generation after generation and he will kill it. Some people call Tim a artist some call him a nut. I think that most Tim Burton fans spend to much time at HotTopic and not any time in the movie house in order to see what a good film should look like. His art is fallowed by the weak minded people like Gothic kids. I wish Tim would stop killing classic fairy tails and make some movies with more then 4 colors in it.

  2. The fact of the matter is that, although he is a little wacky and his style is beyond unique, Tim Burton takes risks. And most of the time, those risks pay off. Johnny Depp is perfect for the Burton-esque genre, eloquently slurring his words and utilizing pure wit to surpass all expectations, or at least my expectations. I commend both of them for their collaboration, especially in Sweeney Todd. This movie is, without a doubt, going to receive mixed reviews. Personally, I pray it does well.

  3. Depp sounds and moves incredibly…i love the accent he has created

    he doesnt show till the end of the trailer so how is he the main character?? his name is a very big draw, so thats why its mentioned like that

  4. you guys do realize that tim burton didnt direct Nightmare before christmas right?
    He wrote the original version of it which was a poem…someone else wrote teh adaptation to the big screen and someone else directed it.

  5. How does the trailer make the Mad Hatter seem like the main character? He doesn’t appear on screen until 2/3 of the way into the trailer. Anyone who knows the story of Alice In Wonderland knows he’s not the main character. Common sense says you promote a big name star with a prominent role in your film. This film will be brilliant. Burton is a great director, who knows his strengths and makes films that play to them. This is a perfect fit for him.

  6. OK!!! all of you people need to calm down. I know that is looks like the movies main character is the Mad Hatter. They are only showing him alot in this trailer becuase they are using him to rasie the publicity for this movie, and after all ITS JOHNNY FRIGGEN DEPP. Of course the movies main character in Alice. Depp has had alot of practice playing mad roles. Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Sweeny Tood, etc. I myself am a major Tim Burton fan. I just read the original story of Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carrol and i am pretty confident that Burton is going to be good to it. What other director can bring to life such magic?

    1. LOL! You are so right. Me and my girlfriend have been talking about this lately. Most Disney’s the parents are either dead or one of them is and it’s oddly usually the mom.

      The mom even died at the beginning of Nemo. Bell had no mom in Beauty and the Beast, Aladin had no parents in Aladin and Jasmine had no mom. Cinderella to had no mom, except for an evil one and no dad. Simba in The Lion King had both, but mom harly had any lines and dad got killed. The list goes on and on…

    2. To Kaneda979
      Too bad Disney didn’t make the story of Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carrol wrote it in the 1800’s and Disney made it into a movie in 1951.

    3. That’s true, most of Disney movie’s they didn’t “originally” write, Disney just did their own takes on the stories instead.

      But still the main characters either had no parents or just one, like they just gravitate towards stories where the main character’s parents are dead or one of them is and it’s usually the mom. Or Disney writes their version of the story that way.

      Oh, another one, Ariel in The Little Mermaid too only had a dad…

  7. i read somewhere that helena bohem carter’s head is supersized 3x to make her look trippy. SWEEET

    and of course the mad hatter is the main character its a depp/burton movie.

    if burton was to direct a film version of the bible and depp was cast as james or mathew they would be the main charcter and jesus would be a secondary charcter.

    but i do love burton and i cant wait to see the movie

    1. Yea well I think that’s fuckin bullshit. He BETTER not be the fuckin main character or I will look poorly on him AND Burton. Its fuckin called ALICE in Wonderland!! WUT THE FUCK! STOP SUCKING JOHNNY DEPP’S DICK! I think this looks awesome but if Burton makes Depp the main character I’m gonna be really fuckin annoyed and pissed off.

      And his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory SUCKED. I kept falling asleep and I never fall asleep during a movie. I fell asleep thought it was just me being tired so I watched it again, fell asleep, again fell asleep. Still haven’t been able to watch it all the way through.

      The original was 800 times better.

    2. well from what ive hear the summary is pretty much the red queen has taken over wonderland and the mad hatter is leading a revolt and expects alice to help him.

  8. Is it alice in wonderland, or the mad hatter? who’s movie is this? Looks like a burton movie, okay, sounds like a burton movie, okay…


  9. It’ll look good, there’ll be some great sequences, production design, auto-pilot Danny Elfman score and no semblence of a plot or a three act structure. I’m not complaining mind you.

    My only concern is that Alice will do nothing apart from wandering around Wonderland wide eyed. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was superb for the first half because it focused on the character of Charlie. Then as soon as Depp showed up, poor Charlie took a complete back seat and just wandered around the factory in the background. The same thing could happen here.

    1. “auto-pilot Danny Elfman score”

      That’s the funniest line I’ve heard all day. It’s funny because it’s gonna be true. Elfman hasn’t made a great, memorable score since 1989’s Batman.

      John should have made this post a video one and said, “It’s no secret I don’t like Tim “LOOK AT ME! I’M WEIRD!” Burton.”

    2. i thought his score in nightmare before christmas was utterly fantastic…everything musically in that movie was amazing to me.

  10. I’ll have to admit, despite a few misses, Tim Burton has been nothing but hits for me. I was thinking at first he was kinda hit or miss with me, but after looking over the list of movies he has directed and produced, there are so many hits that I’d have to just say I am a fan. Look forward to seeing his take on Alice In Wonderland, though I can’t imagine it being as creepy as American McGee’s take.

  11. I’m not gonna knock Tim; the guy’s got talent and vision, even if a lot of people don’t get his schtick. Besides that, he’s spanking HBC left-and-right, and that woman’s all sorts of nasty-hotness. Much respect, Tim.

    1. Tim Burton has a talent for making bad movies and vision that doesn’t extend beyond his goofy glasses. His schtick is glamorising the dark and dreary and making caracatures of anything remotely positive or cheery, and he does this with the subtlety of a blunt club to the head. What the world does not need is a story we’ve all heard before told through the eyes of Tim “same predictable old garbage” Burton.

  12. The trailer makes me wanna see the film even less than i did already.
    I wish Tim Burton would either stop making movies all together, or stop making movies targeted for the young hot topic audience.
    He could be such a good director if he didnt think like a 15 year old goth girl.

    1. First off, all his movies rule, 2nd, Hot Topic owns, 3rd Edward Siscor hands, Sweeny Todd and Sleepy Hollow where hardly for 16 year olds

      Tim Burton is a genius. This, of course, is subjective, but i strongly believe hes nearly a freaking god

    2. Yeah, i was worried about this film before… Now i’m definately NOT interested. Looks very bad.

      I liked the old days of Burton films. Beeteljuice. Batman. Edward Scissorhands. Ed Wood. Nightmare before christmas. Sure the production designs were pretty nutty in those as well, but they always had wonderful stories and there was a point to them. His newest batch are all production-design, and no substance.

      And the design in this is pretty tame, considering there’ve been LOTS of ‘twisted’ versions/adaptations of Alice in Wonderland in the last fifteen years.

    1. I have a theory. (IDK if he wrote it?) but if he did, he probably gets high while writing it, and this came from his mind when he was in his own “Wonderland” full of magical creatures, and crack

  13. Burton is weird, but he’s got an imagination I’ll give him that. Looks and and ok. Lol “march 5th” that would have been even weirder if it was “March 6th” cause of Watchmen

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