World’s Greatest Dad Red Band Trailer

There was a time when I thought Robin Williams was one of… if not THE best actor in the business today. Think about it. The man could play anything from a hilarious clown, to a scary as hell psychopath and just about everything in between. But the last few years, he hasn’t just been in bad movies, he’s been bad in them. Almost like he hasn’t even been trying.

However, I’ve been DYING to see this new film he’s in written and directed by Bobcat Goldwaith of all people called “World’s Greatest Dad“. There’s a new World’s Greatest Dad trailer online now and I think this trailer looks hilarious. Check it out:

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15 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Dad Red Band Trailer

  1. The trailer was awesome, I almost like anything Robin does. There have been a few recent flops but rarely does any actor escape a bad movie now and then.

    I saw a new movie trailer at theater yesterday, another Robin Williams vehicle titled “Old Dogs” and the theater just erupted with laughter over all the clips. It had a stellar cast and I think this movie will do extremely well.

  2. While I agree that most of his movies in the last few years have been total garbage, I think that his performance in Law and Order SVU last season was brilliant! His character in that episode was so freaking crazy, yet you had a strong sense of empathy for him once it was over. With that said, I am so going to see this movie.

  3. RV was terrible, one of the worst movies I ever saw. I thought he was good in Night at the Museum 1. I can’t wait to see this movie.

    “I don’t think he likes me that much”
    “Oh, he likes you alright”

  4. ya i love williams…from watching old morknmindy reruns to all his old comedy from HOB specials with whoopy and billy C back in the days…he has earned his spot in the comedy hall of fame for sure….cant wait for this flick.

    1. I used to joke that Williams was funnier when he was addicted to coke and lost his edge when he moved onto booze. But I still love the dude and this trailer does look pretty spiffy.

  5. The Red Band warning, the R rating, and the creepy photo made me think Robin was going back to horror. But I’m glad to say this is hilarious.

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