Anna Paquin Talks X-Men: First Class

Anna Paquin will be up for replaying Rogue in X-Men:First Class, which will include Iceman, Rogue, Angel, Colossus, Jubilee and Shadowcat.

Worst Previews quotes Paquin:

“Absolutely. Yeah,” she revealed. “I would hope I could do a little bit more action next time, though. I kind of find it ironic that I did three big action films and did, actually, no action whatsoever. I mean I got some really amazing emotional story moments, but I didn’t really get to do the physical stuff.”

Considering there was a comic book by the same subtitle which was a prequel book, it was widely speculated that First Class would revolve around the first recruits to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Tie that in with the Xavier cameo in Origins Wolverine, you see him collecting the captured mutants which we speculate found new homes at the school, and some speculation wondered if that was our first look at the roster of the “First Class”

But now that we have confirmation that Rogue will be a part of First Class and the roster suggests this will be X-Men 4, continuing on the timeline after the events of X3 with the younger tag alongs coming into their own with their teacher Peter Rasputin – Colossus. Basically its a New Mutants story without any of the New Mutants in it.

I kind of like the progression, but surprised they didnt throw in some new names. I guess that is where the antagonists will come in.

Who could face off against the First Class? Junior Brotherhood?

Will they play off the Kitty and Collossus romance?

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50 thoughts on “Anna Paquin Talks X-Men: First Class

  1. I don’t know what the story is about but eather way Iceman should be in it!
    He was an original X-Man so if they’re doing a prequel he could be in it. (Since it never tells his back story in the movies, and he was already there when Rogue and Wolverine got there)
    And if there doing an X-Men 4 type movie he will be in it anyway.

  2. I’m sorry folks but you all will believe anything you read lol. X-MEN First Class is not X-MEN 4 nor does it take place after X3. X-MEN First class is already been confirmed as a prequel to the X-MEN tril.
    The main players in the movies have also been confirmed by Lauren Shuler Donner herself as a young Cyclops, Jean, Storm, & Beast.
    Also many suspect others like Emma Frost will be apart of the First Class as well.
    You will not be seeing the young class of X-MEN 3 in this movie. They might do cameo’s some how but it won’t be major.
    We’re just going to have to wait for X-MEN 4.

    1. They havent cast this nor has a script been written. Its recently been said that the studio wants to focus on the younger cast that are special graduates from Xavier’s school who become XMen, NOT a prequel. Doner did NOT confirm that, she said that the comic book focused on those characters.

      Nothing is finalized about it yet, but many news sources are saying it will not be a prequel. It only shares the name of the prequel comic.

  3. Been awhile since lve read Xmen, but l recall Rogue being a tad older…hotter, and a thing for Gambit…not Wolverine, not Iceman Jnr.
    I didnt like her character at all in the movies, it seemed they used her as a replaced for Jubilee?
    And l thought the orginal Xmen were Cyclops, JeanGrey,Iceman,Angel and Beast?

    I could be wrong..its been awhile…hell they totally wiped Spidermans last 20 or so years in the comics.

  4. Awesome, I would totally like to see her back as Rogue. True it took a while for her version of Rogue to grow on me, growing up reading X-Men comics and still reading them today and all, but her version fits with what the movie X-Men turned out to be.

    But yes, she should totally get to do some great action scenes for once. I hope they figure out how to work in her getting super strength this time and her flying power.

  5. I want to see another X-Men movie, I’m glad they are continuing. I also think that Rogue getting her powers back would be a convenient way to introduce her ability to fly. Poor Ms. Marvel.

    1. Though I admit I never liked Jubilee, didn’t want to see her in the movies, but maybe I will like her in this. Just hope they ditch the yellow trench coat.

  6. I like this idea better than a prequel but this information conflicts with what I heard on an interview on IFC with someone who worked on the X-franchise (forgot her name) She said First Class would follow young Jean, Scott and Hank.
    And I don’t think the movie will have anything to do with the First Class comic, either they just liked the name and took it or just made it up without realizing it’s also the name of a comic. They just a some kind of “sub-heading” for their new franchise of X-movies.
    And will they recast Kitty if she is in this one? So far at least 2 people have played her.

    1. And will they recast Kitty if she is in this one? So far at least 2 people have played her

      I was wondering the same about Jubilee and if the girl who played her in those delted scenes would have a chance to shine but i doubt it.

  7. I kind of liked the idea about the going back to the original team; however that is sort of like a reboot, so yes, moving forward would be a better idea since we have established characters and a team. Rogue has always been my favorite female X-Man and I like Paquin in the role, so I hope the producers would decide to keep her. I’m even alright with the other actors aside from Halle Barry, she was awful as Storm though to be fair it was only half her fault, the other half was the way the character was written.

  8. I love Paquin, and to me, she was always the hottest X- chick out of all the others in the trilogy.

    I’m also glad to hear just like everyone else, that the series is moving foward. I agree with Paquin in that she didn’t really do anything in the trilogy, which is true to an extent.

  9. I would have suspected that Storm would be the teacher, but it would make sense that someone would have to be “promoted”.
    I would have thought maybe the new “leader” would be White Queen, though….or Beast being a “sub teacher/guest instructor”? (See below)

    I actually like the idea of First Class actually moving ahead after the events of X3. Maybe the First Class are helping with repairs to the Golden Gate, or being a “Gold” strike team or something along those lines. Having this setup could easily explain additional absences, such as Storm or, most notably, Wolverine.

    We still get a little bit of “First Class” comics wise since Angel is in the mix. Hopefully Beast will alsoo show up (again, a “guest” teacher)…and we find out that Cyclops is still alive or could be.

    let the bad guy be Mr. Sinister!!!

  10. Nowhere in that IGN article does it say Paquin is confirmed.

    Anyhow, Lauren Shuler Donner has said a NUMBER of times that it will involve a young Beast, Jean, Cyclops and Storm. No this is all bull.

    1. Yes, agree with Rodney especially since I think Hally Berry as Storm was the worst casting choice ever made. She was so freaking horrible, totally ruined the character. If she is in this film also I will just have to mentally block her scenes out.

      To see the younger X-Men will be refreshing for me. Especially since I am a fan of Iceman and Colossus.

  11. Why oh why are they bringing her back? She was a horrible choice as Rogue and way too young, especially in X1. She’s one character they fucked up on when making these movies.

    Colossus on the other hand..Awesome! I’ve been dying to see more Colossus since we fist saw him transform into his metal skin in X2.

    1. Hes right in she was the right age but she did a horrible job playing Rogue from the comics. But the way they are screwing up and changing most of the comic book characters in movies lately I guess we’re stuck with what we have. But maybe she will surprise and become the Rogue of old if she gets the opportunity.

  12. Seems a bit silly to call it first class when the schools been established for a while, other than that i look forward to seeing the X movies move forward.

    The only other thing is, no Gambit? Whose going to be the loner outcast if Wolvies not about ;P

    1. The X-Men were recruited to be a team and helped form the school. Now that the school is established, this will be the first team of students to graduate into their own team. The First Class.

    2. If Rogue is part of the ‘first class’, then ‘The Cure’ only worked for a short period of time (either that, or Leech stayed around her, as seen on the DVD extras of Last Stand), so perhaps SHE is the loner/rebel, but with other reasons.

      I suspect Gambit will appear in X:Men Wolverine II or the Deadpool spinoff.

    3. magneto started to get his powers back at the end of the third movie so i am assuming everyone would get there powers back. maybe rouge will hold on to miss marvel too long not realizing her powers have returned, or something like that.

    4. Cloud is right, when you think about it X3 never really happened. At the end Magneto started to get his powers back, so that reverses everything “the cure” did. You also see Prof X at the end of the movie which means Phoenix didn’t actually kill anybody. So it’s as if X3 never really took place

    5. It took place. No doubt about that.

      You might be in denial or not want it to, but it still happened.

      I broke my finger one summer and couldnt play baseball, its better now and just like it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it never happened and that I don’t have memories of that summer unable to play ball.

    6. @Rodney
      I just find it hard to believe that between the events of wolverine with the Xavier cameo and X1 not one student has graduated not even Cyclops, Storm or Beast (as we know the real First Class of the movies) there’s like 10-20 year gap between Origins and X1. When Wolverines running around in X1 all confused and lost it looks like the schools been up and running long enough for some students to have graduated.

      Thats the reasoning behind my original comment, i see this film more in the mould of Generation X than First Class.

      I also realise this incredibly nit picky of me talking about a films title lol

      I could see Rogue as the outcast with the other mutants resenting her choice to be human but still i wants me some Gambit on a X team in a X movie and with Wolvie outta the picture i was hopeing that the “too many loner outcast characters” excuse would be gone.

    7. Graduating a school and getting a JOB are two different things.

      Many of the students at Xaviers are likely just learning to cope with their abilities. Only a select few would graduate to become XMen (or Jr Xmen as First Class suggests)

    8. Graduating a school and getting a JOB are two different things.

      Hmmm very true, just because a student may have graduated from the school does not nessercerily mean they are ready to be an X-man i suppose, still the name first class doesn’t sit well with me with this particular line up because of my understanding of the comic mythology i’d really prefer New Mutants or Gen X or something but thats down to me to seperate comic continuity from movie continuity.

    9. So you don’t like how it offends your comic lore sensibilities because its not the “first class” but you would prefer that it was New Mutants or Gen X without adhering to any of those titles’ roster?

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