Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Trailer

There is a new Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans trailer out on the web and man I don’t know what to think about it. I’ve sat here and watched it about 4 times now… and each time I either love it or hate it… only to watch it again and feel the opposite.

The movie reunites Ghost Rider duo Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes (saying the words “reuniting the Ghost Rider team” is not a good thing) and also adds Val Kilmer to the mix. The film is directed by legendary German director Werner Herzog. Check it out:

So now that you’ve seen it… what do you think of it? Will it be any good? Are you going to check it out?

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18 thoughts on “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Trailer

  1. i think it looks good. A mainstream bad lieutenant. I just wish it was it’s own stand alone film rather than referring to “Bad Lieutenant”. The “…:Port of Call blah blah” makes it sound like a low budget sequel.

    ps. I’m surprised John hasn’t gotten on his soap box yet and started ranting about rapers stealing actors’ jobs!!

  2. Why does the title need a subtitle? It should just be called “Bad Lieutnant”. “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” sounds like a porno title. Also, ahy the hell is X-Zibit in this? Why can’t we see good actors instead of rappers and musicians who cannot act? X-zibit, 50 Cent, Common, Will-Iam, etc. Can Hollywood stop giving these hacks a chance. They just make the movies worse. They can rap and sing – and that’s about it. They can’t act, so stop casting them. Jesus Christ!

    1. Nick might pull this off…

      As for the rappers I think you really need to base it on the individual perfromance. I enjoyed Common in Terminator. The fact is this has been going on for years (I say New Jack City was the basic start of it) and it ain’t gonna stop soon.

  3. I think it looks WAY better than anything any of those actors have been doing lately, on that note, I thought it doesn’t look great, to me either. Harvey Keitel, was Cage’s character in the original and I think Keitel is one of the best actors of the ’70s that (sadly) doesn’t work much anymore. Cage can be great, but hasn’t reminded us of that anytime lately, so who knows. Herzog is cool, didn’t like Rescue Dawn though.

    1. Really? How come you didn’t like Rescue Dawn? The first 15 minutes or so were definitely weak. Once he lands though, it’s great, or at least I thought so. Steve Zahn was also a great and huge surprise.

  4. I’m all in! Cage’s good films are absolutely fantastic. Leaving Las Vegas, Lord of War, Adaptation, Bringing Out The Dead, are some of my favorite movies.

  5. WTF?! This looks like pure garbage and crazy fun at the same time. You forgot to mention Xzibit being in this which definitely means it will suck. I was never a fan of Herzog but I didn’t think he was this bad. Is this straight to DVD?

  6. Wow. I agree with what you said about not knowing whether I love it or hate it. I’ll see it because it’s Herzog, but I do not feel good about Cage getting all “Wicker Man” at the pharmacy…

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