George Lucas Returns Star Wars to the Big Screen with Legacy Trilogy

George Lucas couldn’t stay out of the Star Wars sandbox for long and despite claiming he would never make another Star Wars film, he has announced he will be returning to the big screen with a new trilogy. says:

Announced today, George Lucas will return to Star Wars films announcing a different tack. This time Lucas will adapt a Star Wars story he did not write in a trilogy of films he says will excite and reinvigorate the fans.

The story in question is the Dark Horse Comic book series Star Wars Legacy, and the adaptation will be named The Legacy Trilogy.

Star Wars: Legacy is set 125 years after the film Return of the Jedi. The comics feature Cade Skywalker, a descendant of Luke Skywalker, who was trained as a Jedi but has abandoned the order. He apprenticed himself to the pirate Rav and lives among bounty hunters, smugglers and pirates. Cade has also dropped his last name. The series begins with an attack on the Jedi Temple and the overthrow of the Galactic Empire by a newly created Sith order.

Lucas hopes to give a new chapter and a new franchise that is distant enough from the existing timeframe. The tone will be darker and promises to be void of Lucas’ token kid friendly comic relief.

Some friendly reminders will be the very outdated but faithful R2-D2, and Mark Hammill who is in negotiations to appear as the sage Force Ghost that offers guidance to Cade Skywalker.

As a huge Star Wars fan I feel that tickle in my tummy that will soon burst into new movie madness and the fans that have struggled with Star Wars’ shortcomings may have little to bark about.

Lucas wants to admit that he has heard the fans, and he wants to give us another movie that we will love. Lucas will be consulting on this himself getting final say on everything, but he will not be writing or directing. He still feels this is his baby, but is willing to loosen his grip to bring it to the big screen.

There is so much potential for doing a serious dark world of Star Wars with no Jar Jar’s and no whiny kids. This concept of a far flung future not only canonizes the myriad of novels (previously in a gray area of canon), but also sounds like Lucas is taking a page out of the hotly anticipated Star Trek franchise, often seen as the other side of the coin to Star Wars.

Star Trek is receiving a wave of anticipation and renewed popularity with its own reboot/sequel and perhaps Lucas wants to step away from the restraints of his current trilogy limbo to give us a new story without retelling the old.

So get out your sleeping bag and lawn chairs and get in line. Star Wars is back on the big screen and eventually on DirecTV things are about to get crazy!!

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120 thoughts on “George Lucas Returns Star Wars to the Big Screen with Legacy Trilogy

  1. And i believe that Lucas should get off the Skywalker films.
    And maybe go in the direction of making films of the greatest character…Yoda!
    As a young apprentice 800years before the first film..
    Thats my 2cents ..

  2. Star wars can make quite a few movies!, though only if there like the new star wars cartoon series and movie.
    If they made them and directed them like that and had an over PG!! rating they would be amazing.

  3. Their is a whole movie existing between the end of Episode 3 and (First Star Wars). Storylines of where and how the other Jedi’s lived. The beginings of Luke and Leahs childhood. How Darth Vader and Darth Sidious get along in the early years. How Darth Vader creates his Ship. The Death Star. How obi wan kenobi grows up and uses his force. I can go on and on, But ONLY George Lucas can make it happen with the next Star Wars Movie.
    LETS HOPE SO!!!!!!!

    1. There is 18 years between the movies.

      The Death Star was already hinted at in Episode 2 (we see the plans) Obiwan doesn’t have to grow up to use the force, he is already a master at the end of part3.

      Lucas is obviously in control of the Star Wars fate, but he is unlikely to direct.

  4. Honestly, I’m not sure what to think. George Lucas really messed up with Episode 3 because the cast was ridiculously terrible and he completely abused CG to the point where I wanted to leave the theater halfway through the movie. So I’m hoping this is a Star Wars redemption where he’s getting someone else to finish it off on a GOOD note.

    1. Andy,

      Episode 3 was a fine movie, and just that…no more. He did go OVERBOARD on Vader’s being fried to a crisp and his agony and the CGI. For heaven’s sake there are kids in the movie theater!!

      After the movie was finished, my spouse and I could not leave as hastily as we wanted to. The whole audience was dumbfounded in utter shock and disbelief; we included.

      What a fond thought; EWOKS…..

      1. There are hands and other limbs chopped off in every film but you were setting a hasty retreat over some burn marks?

        The whole audience was not dumbfounded over that imagery, nor were they shocked in disbelief.

        You were.

  5. Honestly, i think that if they made a movie of KOTOR 1, it would top the whole set of 6 starwars movies. The story for kotor 1 (assuming the good ending) is friggin amazing. A movie, would be even better. its a fresh new idea, that would rid us of the skywalkers(no offence skywalker fans) and bring an era of mandalorian warriors, a bunch of jedi, and a bunch of sith. Id piss my star wars undies.

  6. Over the years, I come to realize the George Lucas MIGHT be senile, saying one thing and doing something else…unless it’s been all fabricated by the media that Lucas says this and Lucas say that. I have seen a quote from Lucas saying he will NOT make another film, but I remember him saying (supposedly) that he had no plans to bring the STAR WARS films to DVD back in ’97.

    We can see how true THAT was.

    Just like rumors of a live-action T.V. series, I’ll believe it when I SEE it in the form of trailers then actual film and T.V. show.

  7. It says on the STUB Forum that it was posted Day before April fools therefore if it was he made a Big mistake.

    George Lucas Returns Star Wars to the Big Screen with Legacy Trilogy
    Posted by Rodney Brazeau On March – 31 – 2009

    I wanted them to Remake Star Wars 4-6 todays technology is so Great I just Love to see them do it. But I wasn’t born when they Made those and i was born 1993 so therefore My Perception on the Fact that people think it would ruin them is totally Different. But I am far not a Star Wars geek but I do love the Movie. I just got through watching Revenge of the Sith, ahh I want to Rewrite that part about Anakin getting Destroyed by Kenobi, it made me sad because they were such brothers and he has Good in him and seeing the Last one when he dies makes it worse realizing that he is no matter what like Destined to die as a Sith

  8. Everything Lucas touches turns to garbage now. I don’t know how he can go from the first 3 AND Indiana Jones, to the latest trilogy mess, then to the doldrums of the clone wars. (yes some people liked them, but obviously not enough) George Lucas may as well be dead. Quit hanging onto the past.

  9. Well, April fools joke or not, if there were more Star Wars movies on the way and if they were based on the real Legacy book series, and not this knock up Rodney came up with, it would totally kick ass.

    The Legacy series is awesome. The new Sith Lords in it totally kick ass. Han and Leia’s daughter and son joins the dark side and so much more. I hope some day they really do turn it into a movie series. And it’s one of the darkest Star Wars stories ever.

    The Darth Bane books would make good movies also.

    1. Hey man, I didn’t make any of that stuff up about the real Legacy comic series. I cut and pasted the synopsis right from the wiki page for it, and the details I talk about are right from the book.

      In the Novels, one of the Solo kids goes to the dark side, Jaina never does.

  10. if this story came out on any other day would you think it was a joke

    i always wanted to see the orginal characters from the original films to come back after jedi wrap up now after so much time has past since jedi ended

    it would great if lucas would do a star wars film or films that would allow mark hamill,carrie fisher and harrison ford to reprise their roles

    yes i know there much older know but it would be interesting to see were the characters they played are now in there lives

    did luke with help from his sister bring back the jedi council, did leia and han lived happpy ever after, did luke find some one of his own to love

    i also know that alot of these questions have been answered in the pages of comics and novels through the years but it would be real nice to see it on the big screen

    and lucas shouldn’t wait to long if he ever decides to do another triliogy mark,carrie, and ford are not getting and younger as well as other main supporting actors of the star wars films.

  11. Almost had me there, but even if Lucas were to continue with SW, he wouldn’t do it so soon after the last film in 2005. That being said, I hope he does allow the franchise to continue in the theaters under another director, there is no reason he cannot let someone else take over making movies, hell he can supervise, have final say on stuff, make sure everything fits into the SW universe, but PLEASE let’s make more movies, I personally can never get enough SW…well can never get enough good SW that is.

  12. Man, I gotta stop visiting movie sites on April 1st. You just can’t trust anythithing you read that day. It’s just as asinine as rick rolling, only it’s condoned by adults with fully functional brains.

  13. the first aside, would this even work? I don’t think so, even though it would be like one-hundred years plus after jedi, i don’t think so, but just having star wars in the title will make people line up, just look at the clone wars theatrical release…wait a minute.

  14. haha! I got the tweet message last night and like, huh, I’ll have to check that out in the morning. THEN while driving the kid to school I remembered it was April 1st, but I still came here to read the article you devised.
    -sigh- How dare you play with the hearts of the Star Wars devoted! Even if only for a moment.

    It’s going to be hard to believe a lot of anything in the movie news today.

  15. I eill simply leave my mark and repeat about 850 people above. April Fools Gag.

    I wasnt even KINDA taken in bythis one. Your previous gags have been much more… “seductive”…

  16. Great April Fool’s joke. Much better than the Batman 3 one, this actually sounded legitimate.

    April Fool’s or not, I’d be in full support of this idea, without Lucas directing of course.

  17. Even though it’s fake, I still thought it was pretty funny! I wish it was real, and AARON, just in case you didn’t know it is an April Fool’s prank.

  18. Awesome! I heard he wrote three more scripts for it awhile back, don’t get me wrong I love Star Wars, probably in my top 5 of all time, I’m not tired of it, but what more could he have in store?

  19. Why do people insist on ruining the joke? Congrats, you figured out it was an April Fool’s joke, do you realy need to ruin it? A joke is only funny if people beleive it, he had a few peple buying in, and then you internet kings had to show your intelligence and ruin the joke. nice work

  20. god damnit, nicely done.
    I admit I got thrown off by the messed up time stamp, but damn, did you have me going.
    now im just kinda bummed out for one; I was so easily fooled (not too hard to do though) and two; that thee will be no Legacy movies *insert sad-face emoticon here*

  21. He cites, but if you go tp the link, the quote themovieblog. You have to get up pretty early in the morning if you want to April fool me

  22. I am in two minds about this. I wonder if he should just leave them be…. but if they have a nice dark storyline and a good director then it could be more than a little arousing lol.

    1. Irvin Kershner directed Empire Strikes Back, Richard Marquand directed Return of the Jedi.

      Lucas directed the prequels and A New Hope. Clearly he will let others direct his movies.

  23. I take it back, this is obviously an april fool’s joke, as I searched the internet, and found nothing about it, also I went to the The Stub, and it said, The Movie Blog Says: (and then has the thing about Lucas making the new movies).

    1. It was April 1st in my timezone when I posted it.

      The site is set to LA time, but I am in Ontario Canada, so the stamp was off.

      Its corrected so future readers will see the proper timestamp.

  24. Dammit, i fell for this for about 5 seconds. Awesome overrode logic.

    Couldn’t we at least try and spread this around as a ‘rumor’ and see if Lucas notices that people LOVE the idea? Then he can pretend he thought of it, and everybody wins.

  25. Ignore Jazz Monkey fellas. I know him personally, and he’s the biggest Superman geek I know. He’s even got the shambolic Lois & Clark series on DVD, and a Superman bedding set.

  26. If this is an April Fools joke (Which it is no doubt) then Rodney you suck….
    one because well, you got my hopes up..
    two because you can’t do an april first joke on March the 31 at 9 o clock…botard

  27. george lucas there is not without the wars of the clones.

    fools day of april i think.

    i read that one on the web about batman 3 with depp as the riddler and james cameron using his new 3d tech to recreate heath ledger and like an idiot i totally bought it.

    1. Just noticed, Rodney wrote both posts on the Stub AND the Movie Blog, and they only referenced each other. Rodney, you summonagun, couldn’t resist, could you?

    1. I agree, sounds like Aprils fools; however, unlike Matt K, I hope it isn’t. The Star Wars universe is big enough to go on forever with new stories and new characters, but with that said, I highly doubt this is true.

    2. I think it’s an April Fool’s gag myself.

      The only new thing on the Star Wars front, is more reports on that upcoming LA TV series or another game.

      As far as films go, I’d rather have Lucas get into other films not related to The Force. It could be another fantasy/sci-fi film. It could be an adaptation of Shadow Moon, (that follow up Willow) get it up and running. (Or, seeing how the first film was, what, 1988, a more plausible Fools Joke would that Willow was getting a remake.
      Or at least, it would be a joke for another month, seeing how everything under the stars is under a re-something banner….

  28. i like the fact that he isnt directing, but i would have much prefered that there wasnt anymore films, but as long as it has good story and a good director them im in.

    1. dude i made that comment last night when i didnt realize it was a april fools joke and its kinda impossible for me to delete my comment or take it back

    2. I myself would like to see the STAR WARS storyline continue, even under another director and/or writer (a LOT of great writers out there). I also look at the idea that the STAR WARS universe exists beyond the characters (comics, novels and video games…not independent fan films), spanning 50,000 years (50,000 seasons and/or movies to be made).

      It would be nice.
      Do I BELIEVE this rumor?
      I’ll believe it when I see and hear it from Lucas’ mouth.

    3. Let Mister Lucas rest on his laurels! He sure deserves it, HOWEVER he should BE directing. Let there be a good plot and script.

      Mister Lucas ALWAYS had his finger on the pulse of his fans….Good man!

      1. You do realize that this was last year’s April Fools Joke.

        This isn’t happening.

        And Lucas should NEVER direct anything again. A great visionary, but someone else needs to helm his projects to make them work right.

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