Christina Ricci is Born to be a Star

A new comedy about the Porn Industry called “Born to Be a Star” is coming around and will have Christina Ricci in it. But not in porn.

Film Junk says:

The movie, which was co-written by Adam Sandler, is about a nerd who discovers that his parents used to be adult film stars back in the ’70s, and sets off to Hollywood to “live the dream”, so to speak. Nick Swardson plays the lead, while Ricci will play his innocent and naive girlfriend.

Now the big comfy chair will be sat upon by director Tom Brady, who brought us such massive hits like The Hot Chick and The Comebacks. So I will hold my breath there.

And it does seem to want to play off on made Zach and Miri, so again with the breath. Copycat genre wave riders don’t often strike gold. I expected more from Sandler.

But really.. a movie about porn stars with the adorably sexy Christina Richi in it, and she’s not a porn star?

Cruel cruel world.

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7 thoughts on “Christina Ricci is Born to be a Star

  1. Expected more from Sandler? really?

    Chuck and Larry, as well as Dont Mess With The Zohan, both massive copyright ripoffs.

    I expect nothing less from Sandler, the only thing surprising is that it’s not called “Cristina Ricci and Some Nerd Make a Porno”

    1. Copyright ripoffs? Like Hollywood is suddenly all full of original concepts.

      Sandler has far more hits than misses. Yeah he has had a handful of stinkers, but I am not going to write him off over them.

  2. A cruel twist indeed. After seeing a lot Christina in Black Snake Moan I have a serious crush on her, and the synopsis of this movie had my eyes wide open if only for a moment.

    Well, looks like a home rental for me.

    1. that’s the way Hollywood works… The success of one type of movie leads to other types of the same kind… even if the film is not successful, it still happens because the ideas are floating around while a particular film is being made, and some studio exec probably thinks its a great idea, so they try to repeat success by doing the same thing.

      For example, The mall cop move, and then Observe and Report…. or the success of Transformers helps green light robotech… or something like that, like some other robot movie.

  3. “But really.. a movie about porn stars with the adorably sexy Christina Richi in it, and she’s not a porn star?

    Cruel cruel world.”

    So cruel that I’m sorta expecting that synopsis is only half the story and the rest is “…who ends up getting sucked into Porn herself”.

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