Vin Diesel says Riddick 3 is on its Way

Vin Diesel was chatting about the relase of the new video game based on Chronicles of Riddick and also mentioned they are working on a Riddick 3.

Coming Soon Says:

“Maybe we’re too tight-lipped about the next ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ film, and I think circa the release of [Dark Athena] that’s probably when you’ll start hearing more about the next ‘Riddick’ film,” Diesel said. “It is underway and I almost think it’s a coincidence that we haven’t heard anything, that there hasn’t been a lot of public stuff on the ‘Riddick’ movie.

I think it is smart for Diesel to return to franchises that he was famous for to begin with. He has had so many flops that he needs some in the win column.

Riddick has always worked out well for Vin, and he suits the role so well. I enjoyed the Riddick films as well as the animated dtv.

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34 thoughts on “Vin Diesel says Riddick 3 is on its Way

  1. Is it me or is this franchise the only successful franchise to make an awesome game and a awesome movie? Can’t wait for the next Riddick game and Movie.

  2. Bring us the Riddick!!!!

    I liked COR DC way better than PB anyday. I also agree the storyline of both games was much more captivating. Both games were awesome so I hope they take what worked from the games into consideration when making the movies. Either way just give us a third movie already!!!

  3. for me both part are cool. i’ve wanted to see more riddick as the story continues, i hope there will be more battles against new race of army more powerful then the necro’s or dark athenas coz i think riddick will command those athenas… i think there’s a deep story for furyans kinda a rival race will face riddick who exterminate his race or something. what the fuck!!! i just wanna say i hope there’s part 3 and see where the story goes… shit!
    hope vin goes more aggressive and dark char than before!!! more killings and tougher speech chillin words!!!

  4. dude i loved pitch black loved cronicles of riddick really hope they make a new one i own both and give thanks to vin for being such a good actor and give him probs he is a tyte strong man props dude .. . really hope they do if u read this vin love to meet u u my hero

  5. Great News! Cant wait to see this one.

    I really like the first two movies. Riddick is an excellent role for VD. I own both of the movies on DVD. “Death by a Tea Cup”, lol :)

  6. The only problem I had was that the villains in the last movie were killed off too quickly. Hopefully they have a real challenge for Riddick this time.

  7. I really like the Riddick movies. The role fits Diesel well and the universe they’ve created is very interesting. Sci-Fi movies are pretty much my favourite kind of movies so I’m truly glad they are going ahead with this movie. Hopefully it does well and they’ll do even more :)

  8. Hehehe. This is good news. I gotta admit that as much as I liked Pitch Black, I really dug Chronicles of Riddick. It’s easily the best, most fitting, character he’s ever played and the end of Riddick just left you kinda hanging. What would that crazy, homicidal mofo do with an entire evil galactic empire at his bidding?

  9. I think the Riddick character is awesome myself. It is true that this type of fantasy genre’ is only going to appeal to a certain type of fan, but thats ok cause I am one of them.

    The Theatrical version of Chronicles was pretty short and the cuts kinda ruined the movie. The DVD release Directors cut is much better.

    These movie studios are killing decent movies with unnecessary editing to appease movie theaters. At least that is what I believe! Can a movie studio really believe cutting another say 15 minutes of footage will determine whether I go see a movie or not!

    Movie Studio heads are frakkin idiots for doing this. Just look what they did to the ending of Babylon A.D. That was just criminal, they should find the editors of that movie and straight kick there ass!

  10. This is awesome news. I love all of the Riddick stuff. I hope this continues where the last movie left off.
    I honestly think Riddick is the best and only good thing Vin Diesel has ever done.

  11. This is terrible and I really liked the first movie. His career is done, clearly he can’t do anything else and he is trying to make an easy buck off of this. I don’t blame him, but he’s done.

    1. So if he realizes that branching out into other things didn’t work out for him and he returns to his forte, you assume he is just doing it for a buck and his career is over?

      I think this has potential to rejuvenate his career as long as he sticks with the stuff we like to see him in.

  12. I loved Pitch Black, it was a solid sci-fi film. I liked Vin as Riddick and Rodney is right about the role fits him well. I didnt care much for Chronicles the story was very detacted with explaing everything from Riddick’s story, to the mythos of that army (I forget what their called). But Im up for another one.

  13. I loved Pitch Black, Riddick was okay. I own the DVD. I just think Vin is not that great of an actor. And I don’t know about the rest of you people who like men, but he isn’t that cute either. I like my male hero’s hot! Sorry. I know it’s shallow, but I’m a guy and aren’t we supposed to be?

  14. I enjoyed Riddick except the ending, ah man that ending…
    Anyway, I am excited for this one, even though Vin Diesel is a so-so actor along with Nicolas Cage.
    I also think it’s smart for him to return, maybe it will be a hit maybe not

    1. i dont think nic cage should be an example for a so so actor, nic cage is good when he is good, like big sampson says, he takes on shitty roles/movie, which i dunno why really lol. i dont hate Vin, and he is an okay actor (but can’t be compared at all with nic cage)

      i do hope to see him in betters roles and that he ups his craft as an actor. and the fact that he is in a sci-fi flick makes it even interesting lol.

      hmm maybe nic cage should try sci-fi too ^^

  15. “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay” was a videogame that acted as a prequel to Pitch Black.

    It’s a fantastic game and easily Vin Diesel’s best performance. I’m more of a gamer than a movie man, so it was the high quality of this game that put me into the Riddick movies. Pitch Black was pretty good, and Chronicles of Riddick was a decently mediocre action flick.

    I hope “Riddick 3” takes an approach to the character more in the way that the videogame did, as it’s truly his best representation yet.

  16. Totally agree. I liked the first film and though ‘Chronicles’ went in a different direction I still enjoyed it. The animated dtv was pretty good and was a great bridge between the two movies. Can’t wait to see what the third movie holds.

    I seem to remember that Pitch Black was not that big a splash at the box office and that Vin’s career really started to take off with his next 2 films, Fast and the Furious and XXX. He is in the upcoming latest Furious movie and is also rumored to be returning to his XXX role as well.

    The guy is his own threequel!

  17. Love Pitch Black and i like parts of Chronicles but too me the expanding of the universe kinda ruined it for me, i liked that it was mysterouis and unknown and up to our imagination in Pitch Black and that Riddick was just a striaght up bad motherfucker, chronicles retconed this so he was the last the of his kind sob story which i didn’t really like. Plus the badguys in Chronicles just seemed to sci fi cheesy for me.

    That said i’m willing to watch a 3rd just to see more Riddick.

  18. I thought ‘Pitch Black’ was great. While the creatures didn’t return for the sequel (minus flashback) I liked ‘Chronicles’ for expanding the main character and the sci-fi universe. I would be interested in seeing where they go from here.

    However, the previous film, love it or hate it, was a monster of a budget, and while it lends itself to more story and adventure, does not warrant a third film, at least on an equal budget as the last.

  19. Even though many hated “The Chronicles of Riddick”, I’m actually one of the ones that enjoyed the film. Hopefully, we’ll start hearing a bit more regarding a 3rd “Riddick” soon.

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