Jason Bateman And George Clooney Star In Up In The Air

It’s being reported that George Clooney and Jason Bateman are going to star in the new Jason Reitman (Thank You For Smoking, Juno) movie, “Up In The Air”. I actually think the concept for this sounds pretty good. The folks over at Coming Soon give us the following:

Jason Bateman has signed on for Up in the Air, the adaptation of the Walter Kirn novel that director Jason Reitman is filming for DreamWorks and the Montecito Picture Co. George Clooney stars as a corporate downsizer who is obsessed with collecting frequent flyer miles at the expense of having a life. Bateman will play his boss.

Ok, it’s not exactly an international espionage thriller… but I think the idea sounds funny. Bateman and Reitman have worked together before (Juno) with pretty solid results, and most people know that I think Clooney is simply the very best “movie star” (not best actor) working in the business today. Chalk me up to being very interested in this one.

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9 thoughts on “Jason Bateman And George Clooney Star In Up In The Air

    1. They’re filming this movie right across the street from my office as I speak. It’s a big deal here in St. Louis but to be honest the premise sounds dumb. I am hopeful with the announcement of Bateman’s involvment in the picture.

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