Beetlejuice spotted on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Set

With the Transformers rumour mill running on overtime, people are desperate for glimpses of information that they can share. Most of it is useless, but it seems at least one blurry shot has confirmed that Howard Stern show regular comedian Beetlejuice was seen on set.

Anyway, Transformers Live has nabbed a photo of what appears to be Beetlejuice from The Howard Stern Show hanging in the background on set. No word if the little weird guy actually has a part in the film (or if Bay is keeping him around to torture for his own amusement), though I’m sure your anticipation meter just went up significantly.

So this either goes one of two ways.

Bay remembers that he was supposed to offer up some misinformation so he recruits Stern’s WackPack member Beetlejuice to wander around within pap range hoping someone will notice him.


Bay has decided that a cameo of JarJar proportions is required to offer some comedic relief since he heard some whiners complain about the peeing jokes in the first movie.

Either way, I don’t want this guy near my Tranformers sequel. I have heard enough things that give me concern, but the first movie was awesome so I am holding out on faith. But this guy annoys the hell out of me. I dont think he is funny and he doesn’t need to be in this movie.

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6 thoughts on “Beetlejuice spotted on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Set

  1. “So far its only the people who have been on set. The robots are added in post, so we dont have a lot of news ABOUT the robots yet.”

    Actually, not true. Ravage, or rather what people are assuming is Ravage, was on set, then there’s all the action with the vehicle modes. Trust me, there’s LOTS of news about the robots.

    That’s where I go to get all my TF2 news. It seems to be updated multiple times a day.

  2. Slushie I already made a post about why we are talking more about the people.

    So far its only the people who have been on set. The robots are added in post, so we dont have a lot of news ABOUT the robots yet.

    But when there is news about the robots we have been writing about it. Honest. Its there.

  3. 790, the fuck that is going on at the MB is the same thing I have always said about Transformers news.

    I believe that Bay’s misinformation gag WAS the misinformation. And you have fallen for it because you and others shout that same line EVERY TIME we post Transformers news.

    So far we haven’t found any leaked info that was blatantly a lie. Jonah Hill was considered for a role which they inevitably decided against. Rumours say Hill walked, others say they didn’t think he was a good fit.

    Aside from that everything is treated as a rumour and these rumours are starting from fan speculation and reporters who just don’t know for sure. None of this was specifically planted by Bay.

  4. Rodney I can’t believe you fell for this.
    The picture is soo obviously fake. Beetle is a dwarf, and if you look at the photo Beetle is 5 foot something and Bay is Smiling.

    How many times do I have to bring up the FACT that Bay said he would leak false info, well geesh this couldn’t be more blatant.

    Man wtf. Is going on at MB?

  5. Funny how this site keeps posting the human news about TF2, but rarely posts anything about the actual Transformers themselves, just so they can later bitch about the movie and how character-filled it is, when in reality it’s just that they’re failing to report any of the robot an action stuff.

    Where’s the article about how Ravage was spotted on set? Or Sam’s university being evacuated as a Decepticon attacks it? Or any of the numerous car chases that have been filmed or photographed? Or the pictures of Jetfire?

    No, it seems this site only wants to report the human aspect, so they can then bitch about it, and ignore the robot aspect. I know you guys loved the first movie, but seriously, I’ve not seen another site hate on TF2 as much as this one, and the real thing is, all that hate is unfounded due to shitty reporting.

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