Fallon to replace O’Brien on Late Night

Conan O’Brien quickly stepped up to take over for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, but who will be taking over for O’Brien? Well it looks like it might be Jimmy Fallon.

The TVShow Blog.com says:

Jimmy Fallon may not have had the most stellar Movie career, but he was one of the funnier members on Saturday Night Live to me. Some things just don’t translate well I guess.Now it is looking like Jimmy Fallon may be stepping into the gig Conan O’Brien will be leaving behind on Late Night.

Fallon has always been such a source for entertainment writers to hit on for his failed bigscreen comedies. Now he would be in the position to take shots back at talk show celebs who took shots on him I guess.

Will his SNL experience give him an edge in this format? Talk shows do revolve a lot around wit and improv and Fallon has shown he can do that.

I didn’t like the idea at first, but the more I think about it, the more I think I would start watching Late Night talk shows again. I didn’t care for Leno so Conan taking his spot followed by Fallon? Guess I would have a new bedtime if it works well.

Do you think Fallon is better suited for late night talk show? Is this better for movie goers? (No more Fallon Movies?)

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13 thoughts on “Fallon to replace O’Brien on Late Night

  1. I LOVE Leno.

    I DON’T like Conan at all. I’ve never found him to be particularly funny.

    And Fallon was awesome on SNL. Part of the reason I found him so funny was that, it’s totally true, he could never keep a straight face. It made it a whole lot funnier when he was trying to not crack up but failing.

  2. Yeah unkle Bob, its true. It was reported in Variety back in January that NBC is moving there studios to a new location closer to Parent company Universal.
    So Conan’s getting his own stage/set.

    I for one won’t miss Leno at all.

  3. I can easily see Fallon replacing Conan. Y’know – cheeky, irreverant and all that. Granted, he never could stay in role on SNL, but this is clearly not that kind of gig.

    However, when it was announced a couple of years back (sorry, SEB) that Conan was stepping in to Leno’s shoes, I said “What are they friggin’ thinking?!” Hope you’re on to something, Shadow. The producers really SHOULD build a new studio, ‘cuz it’s going to be more of a shock this time around, than when Leno stepped in for Johnny.

  4. I bet this will fall thru.
    Even though I think Fallon could pull it off.

    Conan is not only replacing Leno, he’s moving into a new house in LA and NBC is building a new studio and set for his new Late Show.

  5. @Scoville

    I don’t know about that better than Carson Daly there Scoville. They both suck pretty hard so neither one is better than the other. I think Carson knows he isn’t funny and acknowledges that while Fallon thinks he is funny and doesn’t realize that he is not.

  6. Wait, Conan O’Brien is going to be replacing Leno?

    Wait, Leno is leaving?

    Damn, i need to get on this Internet people are talking about.

    Wait, then how am I writing this message?

  7. I don’t like his movies and he made SNL worse. Most of the time I watched it, (had to stop because it just wasn’t good anymore) but of the times I did watch, pretty much every scene he was in ended badly because he had terrible timing and he couldn’t keep a straight face. Eugh. At least with Conan moved up to an earlier time slot and nobody worth watching in his old slot, I can get to bed sooner. Thanks Jimmy!

  8. He was terrible on SNL. He could never keep a straight face. I will give him that he does good impressions (on the rarity he actually did them), but over all I do find him funny.

  9. Ugh, Jimmy Fallon whats going on here? I’m sorry I have never been a fan of Fallon of either his films or on SNL. Could never keep a straight face and always giggled like a little girl, it was funny at first but almost every other skit. That got old really quick for me. But hey, who knows maybe if he is to replace O’Brien on Late Night he will do ok. But I am leaning towards no.

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