Jim Sturgess chats about Spiderman the Musical and Spiderman 4

Jim Sturgess, star of the upcoming card counting pseudo hiest flick 21 was recently interviewed over on Cinematical and in part of the chat they tangented into a bit about Spiderman the Musical and Spiderman 4.

Cinematical quotes Sturgess

We just did two weeks, and we kind of hung out with Bono and the Edge and sung songs about Spider-Man. As a young actor and musician, it was an incredible experience to be involved in that.”

He continued, “We then sort of did a rough performance of the play — like a read through where we sang through the songs and stuff. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s going to be an incredible piece of work.” Cinematical asked Sturgess whether that meant he would be starring in the musical, to which he replied: “Um, I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to Julie since, and I don’t know when she plans to do it. It’s a timing thing, I guess. I don’t know how long it’s going to be before it comes to the surface.”

Relative silverscreen newcomer yet TV vet, Jim looks to have been punching his card and working his way up the hard way. Clearly he has enough biz cred to have been brought in to even rough draft the role of Spidey for the stage musical, and sit in with Bono and the Edge. I still think it is silly to have Spiderman made into a musical, but stranger conversions have happened so I reserve judgement.

Though he denied seeing himself in the tights to replace Tobey in Spiderman 4, he does have that edgy geeky charm that might make a slightly more matured Peter Parker work well. I always held true that putting a big star in Spidey’s pj’s would make the movie weird, but now that I picture it, Sturgess could fit the bill perfectly.

Would you hate the idea of Sturgess as your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman? On stage or the big screen?

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18 thoughts on “Jim Sturgess chats about Spiderman the Musical and Spiderman 4

  1. Wow, that is not a pic of Jim Sturgess…Anyway, a spider man musical sounds terrible. Just weird. And even though I really like Sturgess as an actor (amazingly good in the 3 movies I saw him in, Across the Universe, the other Boleyn girl and 21) but somehow I dont htink he would be right for Peter Parker (in a movie) .Maybe im wrong. And I also I heard him mention somewhere that he WOULD NOT do a spiderman movie.

  2. I think Jim Sturgess would be an amazing Spiderman. He has already proved he can sing in Across the Universe and he has the perfect pop rock voice their looking for. He used to be in a band, so it makes him even more perfect for the role. Sturgess has also already worked with Bono and Taymore in Across the Universe. I would love Spiderman the Musical to be on stage or film.

  3. Jim Sturgess is perfect for the part…however looking at superman, spiderman and these characters I think it would be a wise for him just to do the musical (he has such a great voice, and beautiful presence) he is so creative…but only the musical….i think a straight movie of spiderman would be way beneath his talent…very boring for him…lovely for us women but for him boring and unexciting as an actor…working w/ julie is a whole other ballgame…

  4. @Daryl, the conversions from film to musical that I found odd were things like Evil Dead:The Musical. Its a big hit despite just how silly it sounds to even have tried.

    So why not Spiderman?

  5. I’ll say this the trailer for 21 looks awfull.
    This guy needs 300.000 K for colledge? Wtf colledge is that? And this all came as a surprise. Now he has to use his math skillz to count cards for Lex Luthur?

    (Major bombmidge)
    I say keep Tobey and make a kickass Spider-man 4 and to hell with this stage play!!!

    Bono and Edge should be working on the next U2 album. What’s wrong with them?

  6. i’m not an expert on gyllenhaal, but that isn’t a pic of gyllenhall.

    i don’t recall ever seeing a movie with sturgess, but from what i’ve googled, he could definitely pass for a peter parker. spiderman musical, hunh????

  7. Tobey Maguire is much too dour and downbeat to be Spidey. Even when he’s supposed to be happy, his voice just puts me to sleep. It’s no coincidence that you don’t see him in many movies these days. He’s not exactly beloved, and has a wide reputation for being a tool.

  8. The fact remains that Spiderman is cool as well as a huge box office draw. I don’t see how they could not make another one. I just hope that they wait a few years and start over with new actors. I’d like to see someone who can better represent the Peter Parker we know and love from the comics. A super smart, wise cracking Parker that is not oblivious the things that are going on around him.

    One thing they could do is bring Tobey back as a more mature and grown up Parker. They should ditch the whole nerdy persona altogether and have Spidey face an actual menacing and believable villain instead of a pouty and depressed Sandman and a too-skinny and pussified Venom.

    Oh and by the way, anyone who gives Topher Grace a job in Hollywood should be shot.

  9. While he might make a good Peter Parker, why in God’s name has no one made mention of the fact that Edge and Bono were sitting around singing songs about Spider-Man?

    “but stranger conversions have happened so I reserve judgement,” not that I am passing judgement, but what are those conversions? I am curious what example you were thinking of.

  10. I think Sturgess has the right look for Parker and he seems to be a fairly decent actor.

    I’ve had enough of Tobey as Parker. He’s too much of a wuss. Someone else needs to be given a chance and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be Sturgess.

  11. I’ve never seen this dude act before, but he does a the look for Parker. I never really dug Tobey as Parker, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because Tobey had to place a Peter that cried more than crack wised with the villains.

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