Alan Tudyk still Confident in Firefly: Serenity 2

Alan Tudyk’s “Wash” was likely my favourite character on Firefly/Serenity and a real classy guy. So when MovieHole got Tudyk on the phone to chat, of course the topic of a sequel to Serenity was brought up. Alan is pretty hopeful that there will be a sequel despite the slap on the wrist he got for suggesting it would happen.

Moviehole quotes Mr Tudyk

“My opinion – I have to couch it that way – is yes”, says Tudky, on the line from Los Angeles. “But I can’t give you anything beyond that. I had heard something, that there was going to be one and said so, and got in sooo much trouble. I was in Melbourne when I said it, and I got back to the States and I had a message from Joss Whedon asking how I was planning to finance it. … But in my opinion there will be one.”

The interesting thing of course is that this is one actor who would have little to do with a sequel if it did happen but by some sort of insight he is confident it will eventually happen.

The fanbase is being fed a video game that lets you travel the ‘verse Firefly style, conventions still happen and very strange fanfiction is being written daily about this stuff. Frankly the Browncoats are keeping the dream alive.

All this over a 13 episode season of a show? I thought the show had insane potential and was happy to see the fans were given a Serenity movie to wrap it all up.

With the way TV is headed during this strike and how studios are reconsidering series, you would think they would pony up to the fanbase to get a show on the road. People were not hopeful of Firefly being uncancelled, but they got a movie. Animated series like Family Guy and Futurama were uncancelled due to popular demand. Why not Firefly?

Any series that can include a preacher saying “If you take sexual advantage of her, you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.” has my vote!

I think someday someone will get the idea that the fans are waiting for this and figure they can make some money on it. Alan is probably right.

It will happen, someday. We’re still flying.

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21 thoughts on “Alan Tudyk still Confident in Firefly: Serenity 2

  1. Firefly 2 please. Total draw back to finish the movie, it was such a masterpiece. I had never heard of the movie Serenity when it was out in theatre, but when I picked it up from the blockbuster store, and watched it, I loved it. But as I was watching it, I also discovered that there was a whole series! And then I watched that, and felt sad when it was over. :( I hope there commes a time when firefly 2 commes out, but if another movie is made, I would chip in.

  2. It’s not too late. The actors are not too old. Whedon is still working. The fan base has only grown since 2002 which was a shitty year anyway, another season of “Firefly” would beat out “Battlestar Gallactica” in a heart beat. You’re right, the viewer does need to actually have an imagination and intelligence to fully appreciate “Firefly”…but have faith in the viewer. And, have faith in the Browncoats.

    Anyone else think this series was based off of “The Killer Angels” novel, or the Civil War in general…only 500 years in the future, in space, and without the back drop of slavery.

  3. I think people are forgetting how much the cancellation of the show must have stung Joss. Then he rose triumphantly from the ashes and made Serenity and it did,…… ok. Asking Joss to make a second Firefly movie or Series is a little like asking Kevin Smith to make “Jersey Girl 2” or “Zack and Miri make ANOTHER porno”! When you write produce and direct something like this and it fails to reach the audience you hoped, people aren’t just rejecting the material they are rejecting YOU! At least that’s how it seems.

    In a world full of media created for the lowest common denominator a show like Firefly that requires it’s viewer have some level of intelligence and imagination won’t last no matter how good it is. Unless of course you want to re-boot the franchise by destroying the previous time line thus erasing the investment your loyal fans have made in it. In that case warp speed ahead!

  4. I am so fucking pissed at fox. WHAT? Fox had a show called Firefly(oops I wrote serenity above). You know something fox messed up something good. I watched fox all the time, and not once did I hear of a show called Firefly. As a matter of fact just like a billion people out there, I never heard of it until like 2 years after the movie came out. If you would have put it on Sci-Fi or something, they would’ve never neglected a masterpiece like this. I didn’t even think that Fox was running this show because they’re not the type of network that takes good things serious. You guys know damn well who their target audience is. I’m not going to get into details but lets just say that they ALL act like little kids from the producers to the actors to the audience. I loved the movie, the characters, the actors, the story/plot, and most of all how you could somehow connect with the characters and understand them. I have to tell you though I’m not that informed with what happened. What did they cancel it in the middle of the season, or was it really supposed to end like that. Its been 7 years since this show came out. Though they revived it with the movie, I am afraid that they might not make a second season. Its been too long and I honestly dont think the series or the movie could be the same without the original cast. Theres only a couple characters that i think can be replaced, but we all know which one just cannot go. IF they do come out with it I will be more than glad to dish out 10 or 11 dollars to see it at the movies, if it means that they will make another one. Then even better. I would bring friends with me and I know they would be glued to their seats. I would cancel an important date to not miss an episode. THATS how much I like it. This cant be the end of it. Just do it already. But please, just please do not change anything to try and please another audience, I guearantee you it will backfire. And we’ll be back to square one. Until then I will miss following this great series. If anybody hears anything or can send me any good news about the status of this issue. Please contact me at [email protected] . Thank you.

  5. i really really hope they make another movie i just found out about recently and was so disapointed when the movie was finished because it was over no more episodes to watch no more movies (i would perfer another couple seasons of firefly than another movie but thats just my opion)

  6. If i ever win the lottery, the first thing i would do is fund the new season of Firefly ans Serenity 2. I would mail Joss a check for 20 million and say ~make it happen!!

  7. Im pleased to see im not the only one who wants to see Firefly back up and running again. YES Arthur i SO agree that FUX is to blame for this outcome. If serenity 2 or firefly season 2 were to be made, i would most def buy DVD collector editions. Firefly is as epic as star wars (the original trilogy, not the childish episode 1 2 and 3 (gawd dont even metnion the animated series =.=”)) was in it’s day.

  8. Honestly Darren? RLY?!?!
    “There STILL isn’t a big enough audience for Firefly- only a small percentage went to see Serenity. Even if a common complaint is that the film was poorly marketed, that’s not an excuse. If the fanbase is that big, they would know when the film is coming out. If they all showed up that’s a small percentage. If they didn’t show, thinking ‘wait for DVD”…?”

    I don’t know why i’m replying to this but what you said was too off. If you do any research at all you will find that most fans had no idea firefly even existed before serenity. Fox did about the worst job possible with this show.
    1. Aired the Episodes out of order ( seriously I LOL at this every time…how stupid can you be)
    2. Very little advertising was done as nobody ( including myself ) even had heard of Firefly until Serenity.
    3. &^%&^%$^$ FOX or rather FUX as I say now…
    4. Canceled it after i believe 8 episodes ( no faith)

    Even after Serenity a good majority of the peeps I have chatted with online who love this show had never heard of Firefly, so why would you go see a movie about a tv show you have never heard of. Plus the film was poorly marketed. I do not view that as a poor excuse when most people had no clue of what Firefly was when it came out. I would bet a lot of money that if a second Firefly was put out its ratings ould be huge. There isn’t a browncoat I know who would miss it…and I know a lot of Browncoats.

    I saw the movie when it came out on dvd as I was one of the above people…and then I rented the show. The show was when I fell in love with it. There is a huuuge amount of hustle and bustle online still about a show that is 8 years old. Its pretty amazing and gives me hope.

    There are many more points I could make about websites that do ratings and Firefly being at the top…however I’d rather agree with you about Twin Peaks… that show was ammmmaaazing.

    Keep it choice, keep it flying,

  9. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) In response to ‘Mozzerino’, I don’t know if you were just trying to be clever, or if you don’t know how to spell, but to mispell Alan Tudyk’s name (‘tudick’), and then say that his opinion doesn’t matter at all b/c he’s ‘just an actor’ would be grounds for a beat-down nearly anywhere in the ‘verse. He is just one of the principal actors in both ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’, and might have a more intimate view of the possibilities of a sequel than mozzerino does. See, I spelled your name correctly, because I’m gonna respect you even if I don’t agree with you.

  10. I don’t watch bsg…i think it’s boring. As for Wash’s comments, his talk doesn’t buy filmstock or anything else for that matter. I’m a huge fan of the movie and the series but it got one more chance than most shows and it chunked twice. From a business sense, its a easy NO. Furthermore, I’m a retro-fan. I watched movie on DVD and thought it was really good. I saw a vague preview for theaters once. It had nice, flashy visuals but no mention of story or plot I can remember. I, a sci-fi movie-going consumer, did not even consider seeing this movie. I remember this because I immediately began kicking myself for not seeing this wonderful sci-fi movie on the big screen, anything less is a crime against movie viewing. It was like Serenity was thrown out there, promotionally, and expected to turn profit off the Firefly fanbase alone. What little promotion I did see for Serenity, did little to draw new audience. Actually, its pretty arrogant in a way. Still, reasons or not, moving forward is not a good business case. That has to make funding very difficult to come across.

  11. bsg is the best sci fi since firefly… I didn’t watch the show until after I saw the movie. I thought the name of the show was lame, so why would I bother? Amazing show… still hate the name though… too touchy feely.

  12. i’v been planning on watching the entire series, but so far I have only gone about four episodes far, I’m just not getting hooked in like I was with the BSG miniseries, it just doesn’t do it for me!! so either way, no loss for me!!

  13. I’ll be honest here, I’m very skeptical about this. Not that I’m not a fan, I loved Firefly and Serenity, but I’m not getting onboard with this. I really don’t want to get any hopes up, just because Alan said… What did he say? That in his opinion it’s a yes? Sorry, I just don’t buy that after Joss said there would be no sequel.

    I’d need some more serious news before I hop on board the excitement train to dissapointmentville.

  14. Rodney-

    While I-and others- would welcome a DTV sequel to Serenity, I’m not following your question you ask. I’m still scratching my head.

    “With the way TV is headed during this strike and how studios are reconsidering series, you would think they would pony up to the fanbase to get a show on the road.”

    While the strike’s days (hopefully) are numbered, with a strike still in force, any new show or resurrected show or film would still not be made. Correct? Correct. The fans of Lost want a full season of Lost, but due to the strike they won’t get it. 24 is MIA this season (primarily) due to the strike. There’s nothing the fans of 24 can do about it. Bringing a show like Firefly back is an uphill battle enough.

    Animated series like Family Guy and Futurama were uncancelled due to popular demand. Why not Firefly?

    Take your pick:

    1) Futurama had high ratings when it started.

    2) There was a bigger audience/letter campaign for Family Guy/Futurama

    3) There wasn’t a big enough audience for Firefly at the time

    4) There STILL isn’t a big enough audience for Firefly- only a small percentage went to see Serenity. Even if a common complaint is that the film was poorly marketed, that’s not an excuse. If the fanbase is that big, they would know when the film is coming out. If they all showed up that’s a small percentage. If they didn’t show, thinking ‘wait for DVD”…?

    5) It was a good show. A lot of good shows get canned. A lot of fans of such shows write in. Many shows do not get saved. While a fair arguement could be made that FOX bumped the show around, treating it like dirt (and they did, with a good reason, that being the friction between them and Joss Whedon) – the ratings were low.

    6) For every Star Trek or Police Squad (Naked Gun) there is a Twin Peaks or a Serenity at the box office. Yes, I love Twin Peaks. I loved Fire Walk With Me. It still shit bricks at the box office. Same thing with Serenity. Hate it or love it, it still shit the bed at the box office.


    And as for my own view, Joss Whedon is a bit overrated at times.

  15. Firefly (and Serenity) was some of the best sci-fi entertainment I’ve ever seen–and I’m a sci-fi nut. This series’ short lifespan is one of the most frustrating situations in television in my opinion, and truly shows how little people pay attention to their audience(s).

    At least there’s an unbelievable level of originality waiting within said media outlet’s wings–oh wait, there isn’t. Remakes/Sequels ahoy!

  16. Yeah well, it’s nice to know what Alan Tudick has to say, but it’s not like his opinion matters. At all.
    He’s just an actor and as along as Whedon himself doesn’t get behind it full steam himself, nothing will happen.

    It’s a shame of course, but more than enough has been said about the waste of the insane potential this franchise has to offer. No need for repeats here.

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