Vader and Yoda Get New Jobs – Video Game Actors

We all know that around here we don’t hold video game based movies in very high regard. Games based on movies however can be a lot of fun, but what about when movie characters make themselves a present feature in a video game that has nothing to do with their movie? has a sneak peak at SoulCalibur IV:

Namco Bandai has finally released new info on the rumored secret characters set to appear in their highly-anticipated fighter, Soul Calibur IV, and 1UP has ’em first. In case you don’t believe your eyes as they scan over these screenshots, you are indeed seeing the legendary purveyor of the Dark Side, Darth Vader, and his Force-wielding nemesis, Yoda.

Yeah, it looks like Yoda and Vader will appear as playable characters in Soul Calibur IV.

Now to keep things interesting Yoda will only be in the XBox 360. Vader is only on the Playstation 3. The logic is that XBox is green and PS3 is Black… makes sense.

But why the HELL are they adding these characters to the Soul Calibur game. I honestly think that Vader and Yoda lose their cool factor when they are out of context. I think a Star Wars style game LIKE Soul Calibur might be cool. But why add them to that world? And how?

For the gamer fans, does it make you want to get either of these games? Does it ruin the games?

If they make a video game movie based on Soul Calibur, do they have to include Vader and Yoda? Will Uwe Boll have to direct?

If you want to see the trailer you can Click Here

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20 thoughts on “Vader and Yoda Get New Jobs – Video Game Actors

  1. I’m not saying they stole the idea from them; crossovers have been going on for a while. However, I think putting (“master chief”/Spartan-458) got a lot of talk so I figured that we would probably see major characters appearing in fighting games more often, but like I said early I didn’t expect Yoda and Vadar. Yoda is a god, and like someone said earlier, Yoda and Vadar have freaking lightsabers. Lightsabers that can cut through anything or they could just stand back in the corner and snap their opponents neck by using the force.

  2. Hey spence. Just wanna help you out with a little mistake you’ve got going there.

    The special characters in SoulCalibur 2 came before the special characters in Dead or Alive 4 by two years.

    See, in 2003, SoulCalibur 2 was released with Heihachi Mishima (from the Tekken game series) in the PlayStation 2 version, Link (from The Legend of Zelda series) in the GameCube version and Spawn (from Todd McFarlane’s comic book series) in the Xbox version.

    I don’t actually play fighting games, but I happen to remember this much about SoulCalibur because I do play Zelda, and I was surprised to see a 3D CG model of Link in Soul Calibur since Link wasn’t even CG in his own GameCube title. Windwaker was cell shaded.

    This is not to say that SoulCalibur invented the concept of including these special characters, but hopefully to point out that SoulCalibur 4 did not borrow the idea from Dead or Alive 4. It borrowed the idea from itself.

  3. yeah my friend just told me about this, earlier this morning. I can and can’t say that i am suprised. I knew more suprise fighters were going to start showing up in fighting games, ever since the Spartan II in DOA. however, didn’t expect Yoda and Vader. Pretty cool idea, but not cool enough to get me to play SC….

  4. There have been 2 Star Wars fighting games that I can remember.

    The Revenge of the Sith PS2 game had a multiplayer mode where you could duel as various light saber wielders (no Yoda or Palpatine). The dueling mode was actually not horrible, and fleshed out more would have made a good stand alone game.

    Masters of Tera Tsai was the PS1 game that was horribly bad Star Wars version of Tekken.

    Adding Yoda and Darth Vader to SC is a pretty cool idea, if just to see them in HD models. HOpefully this will be a precursor to a full Star Wars SC style fighting game…

    As far as the effect it has on Soul Caliber, the game sold out long before this, when it started with guest fighters. I am always happy to see lightsaber fighting in any form…

  5. I don’t think it’s a fair fight. Since when can any sword match up with a lightsaber. The lightsaber should slice right through the sword and keep on going into the opponent’s head. Sparing that, Vader or Yoda could just force push the opponent and their sword anywhere they want, or use the force to convince the opponent that they want to walk away and then stab them in the back when they leave.

    I like Star Wars, and I like Soul Calibur, but they are clearly handicapping Yoda and Vader just to make this work, and I don’t care for that. It didn’t make sense in SCII when they had Heihachi in the PS2 version. Heihachi doesn’t use a weapon, so they gave him gauntlets, nevermind the fact that he never worn anything glove-like either.

    What is planned for the next Soul Calibur game? Batman and Superman? Jesus and Satan? How about for the next Soul Calibur, we have Goku on the PS3, Ichigo on Xbox360, and what the hell, make a version for the Wii with Naruto. One big deal signed with Shonen Jump. Nevermind that they’re all ridiculously overpowered and two of them don’t even use swords. The point isn’t to do the characters any justice, just to cash in on their popularity.

    What would make more sense to me is to see them use He-Man and Lion-O. Anyone else wanna see He-Man and Lion-O in Soul Calibur?


  6. I think I would have liked a “Star Wars Soul Caliber” where instead of Caliber characters, you have a game where Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Vader/Anikin Skywalker, Count Dooku, Yoda, Kit Fisto and the Emperor throw down. Only in the Caliber plane, the playing field is equal. One can only use lightsabers.

    I mention a character like Kit specifically because in this Soul Caliber IV game, that would be more of a draw. Or maybe one of the Emperor’s Royal BodyGuards. Nobody “major” because that does cheapen the game. Now, if it was a special game that specificaly says “Star Wars vs. Soul Calibur” I might see it. There were times when Marvel lent lisence to Street Fighter and the like.

  7. I was a heavy Soul Calibur II player. Weekly tournaments, went to state finals, and played against some of the best in the world (and lost!). I still pop into arcades and deal heavy damage to anyone unsuspecting of my skills.

    I say this because I want you to know I take this game very seriously.

    Guest Characters have a history in fighters, and in SC, and I have no problem dropping more unique and dynamic characters into my favorite fighting game ever. However, I hope common sense prevailed and they keep these characters out of story mode and only for exhibition and VS play. Soul Calibur has a goofy story that I kind of enjoy keeping track of and while Link and Spawn both were from outside Soul Calibur, they had background that could fit in easily.

    Soul Calibur has no history of planet hopping, and this breaks some of the world of the game and the narrative. They’ll throw in some bullshit about Nightmare being strong with the Dark Side of the force and Vader wanting Soul Edge… its dumb.

  8. I understand your concern Rodney,Im a big SC fan,butI hate the idea of seeing my favorite Star Wars characters taken out of context.On the other hand I think that this new twist will have its exact desired effect,cause everyone’ll be talkin’ about it.If SC ever wanted to get into the spot light this is the time.Smooth move by SC.

  9. This news blew my mind cause I would have never thought to put Star Wars characters in a game that takes place on Earth few hundred years ago. After SC3 Im not all that intrested but, this could lead to a new Star Wars fighting game. When Spawn was on X-box and Necro was a character made by Mcfarlane a year later A new Spawn game was made by Namco called Spawn Arreggedion. Not a great game as far as games goes. Now if the SC4 teams does a Star Wars fighting game Ill but it.

  10. there was a fighter game based on star wars back on the ps1…i can’t remember its name but it was a mortal combat style fight game…you could be luke, leia, han etc etc

    it was fucking terrible but funny at the time

  11. SC has declined in my interest with each new edition. Seems like they are trying to throw in something to spark interest again…some sort of gimmick or something. Too bad I don’t care for Star Wars. Having Link was a lot kewler. As someone else said on another site, being able to play as Kratos would of been a lot kewler and made more sense.

  12. Pretty cool news to be honest. I love the SC games (I own the original on the Dreamcast and I had originally planned to get SCIV anyways for the Xbox, but now with the inclusion of Yoda, I am definately going to get it.

    I just hope Yoda and Darth are not locked characters, that would just suck.

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