Michael C. Hall is as Humble as They Come

There are certain actors out there that we all hope and pray are as great in person as the characters they play on television or on film. For me, Michael C. Hall is one of those actors. His portrayal as the likable serial killer in the hit show ‘Dexter’ is the reason why I anxiously waited every week to see the next episode. Being a fan of the books, I found it truly amazing that the series was able to cast an actor who portrays the character EXACTLY how he was written in the books. (Very rare to see these days!) Since watching the show, I always hoped this actor was as humble as he appeared onscreen. 

Since I started writing for media outlets, I found out how disappointing it is going on a set visit and finding out a famous celebrity is really a first class d*ck. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how some celebrities really are due to the fact that we live in a society which judges a star’s level character or humility by getting photographed in a tabloid magazine doing some mundane human task. (They Walk! They eat! They can take out their garbage!)

However, I can honestly say Michael C. Hall is truly probably one of the most humble celebrities out there, because the man personally called me a few days ago to thank me for being a fan and just to say hi! (He did this from a unblocked number nonetheless!)

He was given my number by directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. (who are directing Michael in next year’s upcoming thriller ‘Game.‘)  Obviously, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how the directors got my number in the first place. (Thanks John! :P) 

Let me tell you, I have interviewed celebrities, (even been hit on by a few) and it has never phased me.  However,when I got that call from Michael, I was caught completely off guard and transformed into an embarassing starstruck fan who spouted out the obligatory fan responses and ultimately ended up rushing the man off the phone. (D’oh!)

Right now it may seem like I’m writing this story to brag about this experience, but that’s not the case at all. I’m writing this for the fans of Michael C. Hall to let them know that the man is truly as great as he is onscreen. (Honestly, it’s always nice to know how humble a celebrity really is in real-life.)

So thanks to John, Mark, and Brian for being apart of the master plan of turning me into blubbering idiot, and thanks to Michael for taking the time out of his busy schedule to call a starstruck fan. (Btw, if you’re reading this Michael, my email address is [email protected]. I didn’t give it to you the other day, because I was too busy rushing you off the phone. :P)

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18 thoughts on “Michael C. Hall is as Humble as They Come

  1. Thanks Gleep, good to know. I think the show would have lost a lot of it’s appeal if it had to be toned downed for a network. Still curious to see how the edit it, though.

  2. Dexter is amazing!
    And MCH is a big part of why it is amazing!
    good for you serena its not everday you get a chance to talk with someone you admire,and best of all,the person turns to be exactly what you thought it would be!!

    Now if only pee wee herman would give me a call..*sigh*

  3. Great story. Glad to hear he’s a decent guy because the show is amazing.

    Does anyone know if Dexter is moving to CBS for re-runs or is this the show’s permanent home from now on? Can’t wait to hear what words they’ll use to edit in for Deb’s potty mouth.

  4. If you watched the tranformation of Micheal C Hall from Six Feet Under to Dexter, you’ll appreciate his acting abilities so much more. Not many actors can spend 6 years playing one type of character, and then play another part for a few years (Dexter). Im so glad the show Dexter is moving to CBS (One good thing that came from the strike), it will show the rest of the world what a few of us already knows…MCH is one hell of an actor.

  5. I’ve had a crush on Michael C. Hall ever since my friend introduced me to Six Feet Under. I’m just getting into Dexter now. God that guy is talented! Your story was awesome… I wish it happened to me!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. That’s awesome to hear! It’s so refreshing to hear about big stars who will still act like a normal human being, and give someone a call just to thank them for being a fan.

    I’ve never seen Dexter yet, but now I’m a Hall fan just because he seems so cool.

  7. Great story Serena! The timing of your post is very serendipitious. I just started watching Season 1 of Dexter on DVD and the show rocks in every aspect, not the least of which is Michael Hall’s performance.

  8. @ Kristina, Phil Gee, and Gleep,

    If I ever get to interview those ppl….I will definitely pay it forward and let them know…. :)


    What you don’t realize is that the man didn’t have to call me…He didn’t promote himself at all…don’t be so bitter :P

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