Will The Star Wars Animated Series Get A Theatrical Release?

Star-WarsIt appears that the animated Star Wars Series may be getting a kick start in the theaters if the word on the street rings true. We get the skinny today from our friends at movieweb:

The Star Wars fansite TheForce.net contacted Lucasfilm for verification, where they were told:

“I’d like to clarify Hasbro comments this AM about the Clone Wars TV Series. We see it as a breakthrough animated television series and are exploring a number of innovative ways to introduce it to the public. No decisions regarding release strategy have been made yet.”

I followed up with just one question. Is a theatrical release introducing the series in the works and received this response: “It’s one of the many things being discussed but we have no decisions yet. For us it’s all about finding a creative way to launch a creative TV series.”

A jump start to this series could be great in the theatre. I don’t think a film launch would work with many television shows, but Star Wars began on the silver screen, and this seems appropriate. With talk of both animated and live action Star Wars shows coming down the pipe, it looks like sci fi geeks will have a new pair of reasons to avoid earth’s yellow sun.

Star Wars 1, 2 and 3 have all let me down, on a personal and emotional level. These movies are like abusive parents that burned me with cigarettes; I try every day to forget them. It is because of the scarring that I may never be able to really look forward to a Star Wars project the way I should.

I loved Star Wars all my life, and I miss the days where I was looking forward to watching more of the universe unfold. Now every time I hear about an upcoming project, I fear that the new will sully my love of the old, and fill the Star Wars universe with more nonsense like the metachlorians. Part of me struggles against this train of thought however and hopes beyond hope that great stories will take place again within this universe, and that is why I will see this movie when and if it is birthed.

Damn you Lucas and your tractor beam.

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9 thoughts on “Will The Star Wars Animated Series Get A Theatrical Release?

  1. I agree Grave, the thing that bothers me about these people is, if you hate Star Wars so much, why are you wasting your time on message boards whining about it? I hate the whole Star Trek franchise, and you wouldn’t catch me on a message board about it if my life depended on it. I also agree with your point about the money these films made, if they were SO horrible, why did they all break box-office records? It’s a weak argument, watch Return of the Jedi when Luke tells Leia she’s his sister. It’s the same kind of acting there, but nobody noticed it because we were all kids when the originals came out. Long live Star Wars!

  2. You know I really wish i can see the points your trying to make but, I cannot. I guess I have an open mind about things. Like when I saw Spider-man 1 the first time on DVD i thought this movie is not so bad. Then I saw it a second time and I thought the acting was very dull except for J.K. Simmons he was the best in all the films. A funny thing thou that I couldnt really understand is if these ppl didnt like the prequels and complain so much about it why did they go see it 2 or more times. I mean if you really want Lucas to make better stories for Star Wars then dont watch Star Wars and send hate mail to his Ranch instead of coming on a message board and whinning about how you thing the creator destroyed his own work that made his company in the first place.

  3. grave you just argued against your own point?

    as for the acting well if you think spider-man 1 and 3 has worse acting then the prequels then thats is your perception and your opinion. the acting certainly aint great in the spiderman films but compared to acting we are treated to in the prequels spider man is the fucking godfather.

    they are painfully bad films.

    the prequels are the biggest missed opportunity in cinema history.

    lucas all but destroyed his legacy…they made a ton of cash and thats fine but if anyone thinks star wars is as dearly beloved by the mainstream today as it was before phantom menace you are nuts. he turned star wars into star trek. you can only be a diehard to defend.

    yes expectations were gigantic and it was always going to be extremely hard to live up to the hype but all you need to do is go and read the opening scroll to a new hope and then read the opening scroll to phantom menace.

    its right there in front of you.

  4. Ohh yea I forgot in the orginal movies how kids really understand about civil war,,imperialism and what a republic is. How really stupid of me to forget that. The point is that as kids we knew who the bad guys and good guys were and you can still tell that from the prequels. But when those kids get older and they watch movies for the 100th time they can start to understand the story more which makes Star Wars popular for kids and adults. As far as acting goes Spider-man 1&3 had much worse acting. Maybe you Star Wars geeks just have your expectations too high. Its not Shakespere. Then again …niether was Spider-man lol

  5. Hey Doug, I’m also a huge Star Wars fan that was let down by the prequels, but I thought Episode 3 was pretty awesome.

    Why didn’t you at least like episode 3?

    I also think that bringing the animated series to the big screen would be cool, but I am thinking that might mean they are having problems finding a tv network to take the show.

  6. Grave I have heard that defense of the prequels many times over and its horseshit.

    “the originals were for kids too”

    that may be so but they transcended that goal.

    The prequels fail on almost every level.

    the acting is stiff and i know everyone likes to rag on mark hamill as he was obviously not the greatest actor in the world but he is just hammy not stiff and lifeless like…oh i dunno…every single person in the prequels.how he managed to suck all the soul out of every actor involved is beyond me.

    unfortunately lucas is so powerful he just didn’t have anyone around him to say no.that is the only way to explain jar jar.

    please what character in the original trilogy even comes close to being as film ruining as jar jar?

    point out one moment of bad acting that compares or even comes close to how jaw droppingly awful hayden christenson or however the fuck you spell his last is??

    I hate that defense “well the originals were for kids too” its bullshit.

    kids loved the originals sure but so did teens, twenty-somethings adults…people of all ases. they crossed over and were pretty much embraced by people of all ages..

    you would have to be a kid to like the prequels because tonly the easily pleased unquestioning mind of a three old could possibly like them.

    they are fucking awful and did something to the star wars brand that had never happened before.

    it made being a star wars fan an embarrassment.

  7. I don’t know any kids that liked the first 90 minutes of AOTC Grave:)

    The thing that was missing from the prequels for me was the wonderful abstractness of the first trilogy. The original films were populated by so many wonderfully designed characters that you knew nothing about except what you read on their action figure card. By having every single alien character look as though it were from a different race, it makes the SW universe seem huge and interesting. By making the stormtroopers all clones of Boba Fett, you make the SW universe feel smaller.

    I’d carry on but it’s late here:) I’m not interested in any more Star Wars but if this brings back any of the old magic and immerses us in a huge and interesting world again, i’ll watch.

  8. Well at least your not alone Doug. However I feel Star Wars 1, 2 and 3 were good. The problem is that many fans are still stuck in their childhood past remebering how great the orginal 3 films were. You had 20 years of waiting and dreaming about what the next movie would be like then when it was finally time and you seen part 1 only to be totally dissapointed because it wasnt the same story, look, and feel of the orginal films. Less we forget thou we were kids when the orginal films came out and now our kids get to see a diffrent set of Star Wars films that not only remind us of how great we thought the orginals were but builds on a still growing saga that will last a long time.

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