Ben Cross To Play Sarek In Star Trek

Ben-CrossAs wary as I am about the upcoming Star Trek film, I must admit that the amount of quality Vulcan castings has left me clapping bravo. Fresh news today is that Ben Cross has been cast as Sarek! We get the scoop from Petey at /film:

59 year old British actor Ben Cross has been cast as Spock’s Vulcan father Sarek in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. Mark Lenard played the role in the original series and feature films (Jonathan Simpson played a younger Sarek in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). Cross, best known for his starring role in Chariots of Fire, will play the husband of Amanda Grayson (played by Winona Ryder), the human mother of Spock (played by both Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy).

Cross totally can pull of the Vulcan look and that is important to me, very important. You throw on some slightly bushier eyebrows and some pointed ears; and he is a Vulcan elder if I have ever saw one. Sarek is one of the greatest characters in the Star Trek universe and I am glad they did not get a douche-bag to play him.

I am still expecting the next Star Trek to suck. From what I have heard thus far, the story sounds about as appealing as a bucket of piss for a wash basin. My love of Trek compels me to hope my reservations prove to be wrong. I am just very skeptical about Star Trek: The Frat Years.

Let us hope that will so many Vulcans in the cast; logic will rule.

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9 thoughts on “Ben Cross To Play Sarek In Star Trek

  1. Lost is pretty bad? Oh-kay if that’s where your sensibilities are headed towards. You’ve shot down everything JJ has done. Save yourself a needless year of anguish and skip STXI cause it ain’t gonna contain anything new to change the course you’ve sailed on.

  2. JJ has not directed Cloverfield. I have not seen MI:3, but Lost is pretty bad. Definitely not Star Trek material, but I will admit it’s a step up from the John Logan/Stuart Baird combo they had fucking it up the last time around.

  3. Subjective of course Henrik. I’m not a fan of either of the examples you list but they were also involved with Lost and MI:3.

    I’m glad JJ has MI:3 and Cloverfield under his belt as far as directing goes, should stand him well when it comes to directing Trek.

  4. The story sounds fine, the only issue is the team behind this new venture.

    The guys who wrote Transformers and the guy who thought ‘Alias’ was a good idea? How pathetic can you get…

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