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terminator.jpgWell, it actually looks like the next Terminator movie (*cough ATROCITY cough*) is somewhat underway. IGN got to talk to James Middleton (consulting producer of the FOX TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) about the details and questions fans wanted to know about the new Terminator sequel that’s bound to suck….I mean, thrill. In the interview he mentioned how the same writing team from Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines are onboard and they have yet to find a director, but will very shortly. (Hmm….sounds promising already!) They also are planning and hoping to go into pre-production by October of THIS year.

IGN gives us this quote from James Middleton:

It will follow the events of T3 and be post-apocalyptic. It’s not known whether Nick Stahl and Claire Danes will return, but John Connor and Kate Brewster are in the script. Middleton said the participation of Stahl and Danes would depend on many factors, including the thoughts of the eventual director and others involved. Also, while John and Kate are part of the story, the movie will feature a new hero as the main character. Middleton likened it to how “Ben-Hur was influenced by Jesus Christ, but it was his story. Much in that way, this character will be influenced by John Connor.”

Okay….does anyone else feel like they’re going to explode or is it just me? Are they serious to think that anyone wants to see another Terminator film without the actual TERMINATOR in it?! Honestly, the only reason why I watched the last film was because of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even he couldn’t make me forget the absence of Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and of course, JAMES CAMERON. The last film was a slap in the face for true Terminator fans, and now they want to punch us in the gut as well?
This movie has no director. No one from the last film confirmed to return, and they’re planning on going into pre-production in OCTOBER?!

I feel like starting a “Boycott Terminator 4!” group on Facebook. Who’s with me? :P

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21 thoughts on “Terminator 4 News

  1. I think that the terminator 4 movie should still have Arnold in it throught the second half of the movie, Another terminator should take in john conor and try to kill him until arnold is able to survive the lava, find john, and try to save his life and fight off three of the terminators like the liquid guy, the girl, and a new arnold look a like and have him try to kill all of the old terminators by going back in time so that arnold could still be a live to try to change the future by setting back the new apocalyps so that man kind could go and prepair themselves.

  2. What i want is to have sarah connor in terminator 4, the director of t3 dissapoint me for that stupid thing of sarah dead its because he had no money for pay linda hamilton. I want john and sarah in t4 and the director mario kassar of course in the war against the machines with the skeleton machines

  3. I think Arnold is the MOST expendable part of the terminator franchise.

    While T3 might not have been as good as the first two movies, the Sarah Connor Chronicles is definitely looking promising. While I certainly don’t think we NEED another terminator movie, I think it has a lot MORE of a chance without Arnold.

  4. T3 was a decent action movie but compared to T2 it doesn’t compare at all. Which is bad because it was basically T2 over again but with a female baddy, a worse cast (John Connor, the girl, and killing off Sarah Connor). Shoulda went straight to the war. We knew how it would end up, no need to spell it out for us even more. I’d more-so like to see the war after John Connor sends back the guy in the first film and what happens after that (I think Connor dies doesn’t he?). At that point, you don’t know yet what happens I believe.

  5. As to the charge of this blog, and whether it is John, Serena, or whomever ” Writing negatively about a movie that one has never seen…” Well, I think THIS is an exception, given the subject matter.

    THE problem with T4 is that it is set in the start of Future War. While I’m not put out by the lack of/no show of Da Governator, I would expect a ‘Terminator’ of some kind, since it might make some twisted sense (Exos sent back in time to beginning of Future War to help round up and/or kill humans…even those with ‘rubber skin’ as described by Reese in T1) but what would be the point, really? We know that ‘taking out Connor’ “then” would not make a difference, so why send an assassin back in time?

    Someone finds a baby / young child with the name Kyle Reese?
    How does nuclear fallout effect things?

    Indeed, Future War is passe. We seen bits and pieces of it in the films, and in movie theory, it is already done and won. T3 didn’t please everyone. It did contradict things established in the previous two films (and I HATE it when people say “That’s so cool!”, hey, folks, it’s not. A genre pic that establishes a rulebook must stick to that rulebook as closely as possible. Otherwise, it is anarchy and the film suffers as a result) as well as making plot holes (example: why would Connor be killed when it would make no difference? Why is the T-850 and T-1000 outdated, when, in the future, three 800 models,a prototype 1000 and a TX were sent back in time within minutes of each other? Why not just send the TX instead of a 800 to begin with?) and it may have been enjoyable in some areas but it was an overproduced glob of glut. The ending, however, took balls, and is one of the best things about the film, because, even though Terminators came back through an alternate timeline** , that timeline has to take place in order for a truth to happen. So the bombs fly. Sort of.

    As for starting a Facebook club saying ‘Boycott Teminator 4″, I’m sure there will be one, regardless if Serena starts it or not. It’ll be right next to ‘Boycott JLA’ and ‘Boycott the people being turned into M&Ms”.

    ** A film could be made, where Skynet decides to NOT send any Terminators back in time and/or build a time machine. If they choose this course of action, they would win the war against humanity. Sad thought, but…think about it.

    Okay. Don’t.
    Seeler out.

  6. Arnold is a big part of it…but not the only part. T4 being during the war can work perfectly because you don’t need Arnold at all but you can still have the character he played (the robot skeleton guys).

    He wasn’t the best part of T2 IMO. The liquidy guy was the best thing ever. Luv how the movie still holds up perfectly by today’s standards.

  7. i don’t really care if arnold is in it or not.

    i like the universe and i will watch anything that takes place in a post-apocalyptic war zone.

  8. I agree with Serena on this one. The only good thing in T3 was Arnold; everything else was a big load of crap. I’m already trying to forget it was ever made. I couldn’t care less for a T4 unless they bring back Cameron.

  9. Arnold has made some really good action movies and some of them are really good. Conan The Barbarian is really good and Terminator is considered to be a great sci-fi film and so is T2. Predator, Total Recall and True Lies are very well recieved by fans and a lot of critics did give praise to Total Recall.

    Not to mention the fact that Arnold has worked with some really good directors. Paul Verhoven, John Mcternan, James Cameron are just a few and his movies usually tend to have great music. Alan Silvestri, Jerry Goldsmith and Basil Polderous have done some great scores for the films the Arnold has come out in.

    To be honest though I am not to excited about a T4 unless Arnold and James Cameron come back.

  10. Writing negatively about a movie that one has never seen… and even trying to mount a campaign to boycott it… is truly unbecoming of a blog that claims it is the “Official Home of CORRECT Movie Opinions”.

    If you guys aren’t going to live up to it, that’s perfectly allright, but I think it might be better to just scratch that off the top of the page.

  11. HOTMALE-
    Are you trying to defend Arnold box office cred or his movie quality cred?

    Box Office-wise, Arnold had his biggest hits with Cameron. If it’s without Cameron, they didn’t do as well. Arnold’s movies were bigger hits overseas than domestic, so even if they did average in America they can make up in the foreign market. His greatest era is probably the 80s when he was most productive but his movies weren’t gigantic blockbusters. After Eraser, it was all downhill and all his movies were bombs. He became irrelevant for much of the 90s. Such a steep fall.

    Go check his record at:

  12. Jack-O

    Wut about Predator, The Running Man, Total Recall, Commando. And dare I bring up his best work? Kindergarten Cop!? Arnold has his fair share of crap movies, mainly at the end of his movie career. But still 3 of my all time favorite action movies are Predator, The Running Man, and Total Recall.

  13. agree with HOTMALE. They should’ve had just an all out future war between John Connor and those skeleton robots. With T3, they remade Terminator 2 but subtracted a lot of the boring chit-chat.

  14. I also heard Furlong was gonna reprise his role as John Connor so there would be some connection to the other movies seeing how Arnold wouldn’t be in it. This is what Terminator 3 should of been…THE WAR. Not a rehash of Terminator 2. I’m happy they are taking a different direction with this one instead of Arnold vs some random machine sent back to kill a Connor.

  15. He also can’t seem to make a hit movie that doesn’t have James Cameron directing. Remember Jingle all the way, end of days, 6th day, Collateral Damage, Last Action Hero, Junior, Batman and Robin, egh.

    I’m glad they are going on without Arnold that budget sucking hog. Spend all the budget on the action sequences with robots shooting and blowing things up.

  16. Are you kidding me? T3 was awesome! It was a wonderful example of a franchise growing beyond an elegant, but overly-simplistic and myopic, foundation. The directors brought in talented new blood that helped make the transition seamless. I applaud them! I for one welcome a fourth installment and am not about to prejudge the movie before a script is even penned.

  17. I’m with Serena on this one… really just a massive shot to our gut if no one is coming back… of all things though I heard that Furlong was in possible talks? Is that total bull or old news now?

  18. what is so amazing about Arnold?
    He’s just a big dude that mutters dialog with an accent. He can’t fight, he relies almost all of his fighting abilites on CGI and special fx. The most stupifying thing is him earning 30 million for T3.

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