Spiderman 3 Takes Boxoffice Record = 3 more Films!

Spider-Man 3 has been giving the summer blockbuster run a big go for its cash races. Still early on in the Summer run we now have some incredible numbers thrown out for a movie getting TONS of mixed reviews.

Yahoo News quotes:

The superhero’s latest adventure, “Spider-Man 3,” smashed box-office records with $148 million in its first three days, according to studio estimates Sunday.

That put it ahead of the previous record debut of $135.6 million set last summer by “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”

With $59.3 million on opening day Friday, Sony’s “Spider-Man 3” broke the single-day box-office record, also held by “Dead Man’s Chest” with $55.8 million in its first day.

Since it began rolling out overseas on Tuesday, “Spider-Man 3” has taken in $227 million in foreign markets, bringing the film’s worldwide total to $375 million. In just days, the movie has grossed $117 million more than its whopping $258 million production budget.

We all know what this means for a franchise. SEQUELS. But Spidey already had 2 sequels, and with rumours and news of those involved not wanting to return, are we really going to see more? And if so, with who?

So IMDB reports:

Webbed superhero Spider-Man will appear in at least three more movies, Sony Pictures has confirmed. The studio’s chief executive Michael Lynton said after the box office success of the latest release Spider-Man 3, there is a huge audience waiting to see the story continue.

There it is folks. The webslinger’s net seems to only catch money. So there will be more. As many more as you are willing to pay them for!

I just wonder if these records will be recovered by the Pirates franchise Spidey robbed it from when Pirates of the caribbean: At World’s End comes out this summer.

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21 thoughts on “Spiderman 3 Takes Boxoffice Record = 3 more Films!

  1. if blackcat comes ’round it’s gotta be ashley scott, she’s got everything from the appearance to the attitude, if you agree please spreade the word.

  2. What I meant was that if people like a movie, they will gladly go see a sequel, therefore the sequel will make $$$$. People liked Spidey 2, so they went to see Spidey 3, regardless of reviews warning them to do otherwise.

    And if you liked X3, this is RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY:(

  3. Exactly Kristina. I totally agree with you

    I am pointing it out because you used the example that because Spider man 2 was so good the third one made a boat load. I think it’s something bigger than that. This new generation just want a spectacle with manageable dialogue. Basically they want to be entertained not lectured to.

    I thought the second one sucked balls personally. I haven’t seen this new one but I have a funny feeling that I would like it over the other two. Considering the fact that I like X-men Last Stand I think I would be right.

  4. Well its just as well theyre not quitting now, especially if the thing was as shit as I’ve been told. Wouldn’t want to leave what was a brilliant franchise like that. So the question now is, who should direct the next one?

    I say: Guillermo Del Toro. Or maybe Spielberg, not that he would. But it would be interesting.

  5. @Chisox

    In response to your #1, Spidey 3 is being called the WORST of the three, and yet it’s making insane money. Big box office does NOT equal a quality movie. If it did, Hot Fuzz would have made 500 million opening weekend.

  6. Kristina and Marina I hope you two are gonna (woman-up LOL) in two months when you look at the box-office numbers.

    I personally can’t wait to see the outcome of what this film will do. I checked rotten tomatoes and POTC2 is holding at 42%. What POTC3 does will put the nail in the coffin for critics.

    Why more publications aren’t hiring younger critics is perplexing to me. It’s obvious there’s a paradigm shift going on here.

  7. People on the board don’t know what the heck they are talking about.

    1. If Spiderman 2 was universally hailed as the best of the three, then why did make the least money?

    2. If POTC 2 was so bad why did it make so much money? Why is it the 3rd all time box office grosser? If it was so bad why didn’t word of mouth kill it?

    3. If POTC3 opens in 4,500 theater it could come close to beating Spiderman 3 new record. With new record in gross also come new records in theater openings.

    4. POTC3 probably will not take it back because of Shrek 3 opening the week before. It will make like 115 million and go on to become even more successful than Spiderman 3.

    To be clear I don’t adore any of these franchise, but i do recognize the popularity of them, and POTC fanbase is more passionate.

  8. I have a feeling that PotC isn’t going to beat Spider-Man’s box office record. The second PotC was pretty much a huge disappointment for everyone who saw it and I don’t think folks will be tripping all over themselves in the same numbers for a 3rd disappointment. I know I won’t.

  9. After watching Spidey 3, I have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth for sequels in general. Being a movie fan, I’m sure I’ll still see all the summer franchise films, but I have to admit I’m looking forward to seeing some of the original movies. I can walk into those without any expectations for a filmmaker to fall short of.

  10. “The Vulture eventually would be dropped in favor of Venom (Topher Grace) for plot reasons, but not before artists began to create sketches of the character.”

    That’s the word going around folks. I’m sure those early drafts and art made Vulture look great, but sure is something…one day facing the ten minute Venom, he next, some old bald crazy bastard in a dark green bird suit.

    Moving up in the world!

  11. I just got back from watching Spidey 3.

    What a piece of sniveling- oh why do I even bother. More than half the theater LEFT before it finished.

  12. As surprised as I am I really don’t want another Spiderman after 3. It sucked – it showed the franchaise had run out of creativity and I don’t savour the idea of more of the same.

  13. As long as they get rid of Mary Jane, I’m all for more Spidey movies. She didn’t bother me in the first two films but she drug down the entire third one. [spoiler deleted]

  14. I don’t think Pirates 3 will break the opening record for one reason: Spidey 3 followed a sequel that was pretty much unanimously hailed as better than the first, while Pirates 3 follows a sequel that got a decidedly mixed reaction from viewers. Now, Pirates does have the HOTTIE factor, but can that really boost it to a 150 million opening weekend? Methinks not.

  15. …what Tayster said….plus

    The film will run (with trailers) at around 3 hrs, maybe 3 hrs & 10 mins for theatres that show 20 minutes of previews and corporates.

    It won’t break the opening records, but it will win in the long run. Hell, I even think Shrek3 will beat Spidey3’s final gross as well.

  16. I think a lot of people were disappointed in Pirates 2, and although the trailers for number 3 seem to redeem the franchise, I don’t know if the same amount of people will pack theaters to see number 3 opening weekend. It may, in the long run, be the number movie of the summer, but I just don’t see it breaking any opening day records.

  17. If the next one is as bad as the 3rd one, PUKE I say! puke puke puke!
    It’s pretty obvious (SPOILER) that MJ will be in 4, which is enough to make me not want to see it!
    They made record weekend BO…but the problem is the numbers in the long term as well I would think. POTC2 made a crap load of money in the long term…will Spidey3 do the same? I’m hard pressed to think that they will…and that should hit a bit of a reality with them in how awful this movie truly was!
    If it doesn’t, than I only hope they’ll be smart enough to make Spidey4 at least good! It merrited a big FLUSH on the toiloviemeter!

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