Spider-Man 3 Midnight Shows Sold Out Everywhere!

Good freaking grief. According to the website “Fandango” claims that as of 10am yesterday (Thursday) morning, over 100 midnight screenings of Spider-Man 3 were already sold out. Other sources and now saying that over 75% of the midnight screenings were fully sold out by show time. THAT’S HUGE!!!

I originally guessed that Spider-Man 3 would take in about $105 million on its opening weekend. I think I was wrong. Now it’s looking like it’ll probably get closer to the $130 million mark… not quite beating Pirates 2 from last year… but still more money than a thousand Las Vegas hookers could make at a weekend Star Wars fan convention. That’s crazy money.

But here’s the thing… no matter how much Spider-Man makes this weekend… I still say Pirates 3 will beat it. So holy crap… if Spider-Man 3 makes around $130 million… what on earth will Pirates 3 end up making? We could be looking at a $150 million opening weekend for that flick. These are some staggering numbers!

I still think Spider-Man 3 is in a bit of trouble. If that movie is only “ok” (like many early reviews are saying) then it’s going to really hurt its number of repeat viewers. Conservative numbers are saying that Spider-Man 3 needs to make around the $550 million mark just to break even for the studio (when you consider over $300 million in production costs, add marketing, add the movie theaters take… ect.).

But either way… there is no denying that Spider-Man 3 is off to an amazing start. Watch for our review later this evening.

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40 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3 Midnight Shows Sold Out Everywhere!

  1. Hey Michael,

    You said, “But today your to busy hating it.. To bad for you then. My 3 Cents.”

    I went into this movie wanting to LOVE it. It wasnt just “small gripes”
    that ruined it for me, and it wasnt that I was comparing it to Spidey 2.
    It was the paper thin script, how every villain was handled poorly, with no character development at all. In other words, you didnt care about any of them…you didnt care if Sandman got his money for his sick daughter, you didnt care when Eddie Brock was humiliated and his complete lust for revenge…you didnt FEEL for the characters. Yes, even Spidey. There wasnt any “soul” in the film of which the previous two had. Thats what it was missing. Dont get me wrong, I was entertained. The special effects were great, the look for each of the
    villains was handled good, but I wasnt at the edge of my seat, as I was with the first and second. Hopefully this isnt the end of Spiderman, the fourth needs to focus on character, as did Batman Begins. Perhaps they need a better screenwriter??? Best scene: Spiderman and Harry Osborn going head to head 5 minutes into the movie.

  2. I was also wondering about the part where he looked like he was trying to get a lightsaber (the pole) when he was in the web. It was pretty gay he didn’t immediately use his web.

    Also, the fact that someone else mentioned, the spider-sense being gone…I didn’t notice it when I was watching it, but you’re totally right. And the fact that they didn’t discuss the symbiote. Or question it. It’s just “it’s here, don’t let people see it!”

  3. Hi. I’m new here!

    Soider-man 3 is one of the crappiest movies I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stand it. the only time i laughed was whenever i saw tobey with the emo look. i hate that movie. I love spider-man. i love the first 2 movies. this one was utter SHIT. soooooooo much pointless crap, unesesary scenes, horrible acting, shitty ending, crappy venom, crappy sandman, crappy goblin.

    wonder why tobey’s emo in the movie? cause he was depressed at how much it sucked that he turned emo. know what? it’d cause anyone to go emo.

    fuck this movie.

  4. I will put it simply .. I think all of you Comic Junkie’s out there have forgotten how to enjoy a Movie. Did the Movie bore anyone.. NO .. Did the movie have SHITY action NO.. did the Film have some small things to Grip about YES. but nothing that warrant’s these Adolescent Rants. You people always want some form of perfection that suits YOU..S2 .. was great to be sure. Almost impossible to DUPLICATE. and thats what they tried not to do, Not make the same movie. I for one Enjoyed and Loved every frame of S3. The things you all find so wrong in couple years you will realize you were to harsh about. It’s much better then you all give it credit for, and in the years to come you will see and understand it. But today your to busy hating it.. To bad for you then. My 3 Cents.

  5. I just came back from seeing Spidey 3. Overall, there was WAY too much going on in the movie. Too much. Too much. Definitely the weakest of the three. I really wanted to love this movie, but at the end, I left frustrated about all it got wrong. Too many villians, Venom looked like
    a completely rushed “last minute” add in for the fans. BIG MISTAKE. The way they had Spidey act with his “dark side” left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The best thing I can say about this is James Franco.
    Stole the movie. I even felt as if the sandman was rushed, giving little screen time, with almost no character study. The way the villians were presented to us, how they acted with their bland motives was insulting. It reminded me of Batman and Robin. The special effects were great (Sandman looked great) but Venom was a trainwreck. It also didn’t help having Toper Grace’s voice-it just didnt work. Also, the huge amount of characters introduced was tiring. It even tried throwing in three different endings into it— Pirates of the Caribbean May 25th!!!!

  6. I saw it – what was that supposed to be? Tobey Maguire cannot pull off dark and tortured – especially not with those emo bangs and the Saturday Night Fever moves he shows off. The lines were over-the-top to the point of being comical. I literally hyperventilated with laughter, was gasping for breath when Franco and Maguire have their little sit-down at the cafe! And the wink at the end was too much. I know it’s a comic book adaptation, but they did NOT need to go that far. After seeing Tobey thrusting his pelvis, I couldn’t take ANYTHING seriously.

  7. People who complain about POTC 3’s length make no sense to me.

    POTC 2 was 150 minutes. If POTC 3 is 170 min what is the big deal. Jerry Bruckheimer basically said in his latest interview that they really wanted to tie-up all the loose ends.

    The film will be the most lucrative film of the year no doubt.

    It’s no shock to me that Spiderman’s not good because the other two weren’t either


  8. @kristina
    yeah i know about venom but when he is just plain ole peter he doesnt know harry comes behind him, doesnt even realize that the symbiote hits the ground about 10 feet away from where him and MJ is standing

  9. I thought it was OK..but the one thing I noticed was that it didnt have the sense of wonder the other two films had. I was disappointed in the score. The script was sloppy.

  10. I’ve been lucky this year, as I’ve been able to get to many advance screenings.

    Not so with [b]Spider-Man 3[/b] which, ironically, has been apparently seen by the rest of the world for the past two weeks before the stateside opening today. Sony has to fight them pirates, before the [i]other[/i] [b]Pirates[/b] sail into the summer blockbuster waters.

    I caught an early, early morning showing and, if the fairly packed (especially for school still being session) theater I was in is any indication, Raimi and company may clean house the first weekend alone.

    As for the film itself…

    Stop me if you have heard this refrain before: [i]Too many characters and plotlines, too little time.”[/i]

    I’ll say this in defense of the film though. The first half is great! The pacing is perfect and there are many, many great scenarios. All the great character interactions and set-ups for the second half of the film were really well-done. The theater was loving it!

    [spoiler]Then, the butler showed up. Literally. When you see the scene you will know what I mean. I can’t recall a more awkward piece of exposition ever.[/spoiler] Horrible “screenwriting”. You could almost feel the air taken out of the audience. From that point on, the film just keeps losing its way. Badly.

    I never felt a film as feeling as fleeting as this one, especially at two and a half hours. The third act just felt like I was being grabbed by the hand and being rushed through bullet points of the storyline, to make sure what conflicts we needed to resolve [i]are[/i] resolved and quickly, cause we have to keep this film under three hours. It’s hard to care about characters’ changes/actions when we’re not given enough time to digest and reflect upon them before the [i]next[/i] plotline is put before us.

    I can’t fault the cast, as I really enjoyed what each one brought to the table. Even the best acting in the world can’t overcome a poor script.

    I’m still taking this film in of course, but the main problem that makes this the weakest installment of the series is a poor script, jammed with too many characters and too many convenient (read: lazy) ways to wrap up storylines that deserve so much more than any one film can contain.

  11. @Joe

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I know that Spidey’s sense doesn’t work with Venom. Don’t know why, it just doesn’t. That being said, I don’t understand why his sense doesn’t work with Harry’s sneak attack shown in the trailer. He should have known Harry was flying behind him while he was on that lame-ass bike.

    And the user reviews on Yahoo for this flick are pretty brutal. Anybody want to bet on how much bad word of mouth will harm this flick, especially next weekend’s dropoff?

  12. Are we allowed to advertise our own reviews and movie related websites on here? Sweet! I’ll have my review done soon and post a link for everyone.

  13. @ miles

    great comment ;)

    i’m glad i finally found someone that shares my opinion about Spiderman 3 and don’t get me wrong Spiderman is my second favorite heroe so you all must know how fuckin bad is watching the series going to the toilet :(

  14. Hey did anybody say to themselves while the movie was playng “What happened to speidermans spidey senses” Do you guys remember when towards the end he breaks out of one of venoms webbing and he is trying to reach for the pole instead of using his web. i was getting ready for spiderman to all of sudden use the force

  15. @Blarneyman

    How many knocks did you hear against ROTK, hmm? It’s not trendy to knock, but people get lazy around #3 ALL THE TIME! They figure that their audience will take ANYTHING by this point, and they get lazy as hell. The trend is with filmmakers fucking up their franchises. 3 is the cursed number, apparently.

  16. Although I agree with you John, that Pirates will make more money than Spidey, I don’t think Pirates will beat Spidey’s opening weekend.

    If Pirates is 3 hrs long (170 minutes of the film and let’s be generous and say only 10 minutes of trailers/corporates), I don’t see how it can make $130 million in 3 days.

    I definately think though, that Pirates will make more money in the long run.

  17. ‘I know you’re all mentioned the My Chemical Romance Peter Parker which everyone in our theater said too…but wait…what about the JAZZ DANCE NUMBER. The only thing that saved this movie was Bruce Campbell and a few of the fight scenes.’

    I was intentionally blacking out this one. How awful was THAT.

  18. Quick question: I didn’t stick around, but was there a scene after the credits that made the movie more kick ass (a la X-MEN 3?)

    Just about anything they did couldn’t make it worse.

  19. “but still more money than a thousand Las Vegas hookers could make at a weekend Star Wars fan convention. That’s crazy money”

    I was in utter shock after reading that and then reading Doug didn’t write this article.

    I haven’t heard much hype for Pirates 3 compared to Spidey 3. Maybe we will here more when it gets closer to release but I’m willing to bet it doesn’t be Spidey 3 in box office success.

  20. I know you’re all mentioned the My Chemical Romance Peter Parker which everyone in our theater said too…but wait…what about the JAZZ DANCE NUMBER. The only thing that saved this movie was Bruce Campbell and a few of the fight scenes.

    I hope John has a bunch of bad shit to say about it during the show tonight.

  21. I’m 25 and I agree with most of what Miles had to say. It was easily the worst and in places was just car crash editing.

    The symbiote appearing is fucking LAME. At no point do they refer or ask questions about where it came from. Sandman’s whole story is paper thin and while I didn’t mind the Venom suit, they needed to distort Tophers voice and not have his head pop out all the time.

    Gwent Stacey is WASTED in this film. Seriously.

    I gave it 6/10

    Oh and you’re right – I turned to my friend and said ‘so Emo’

  22. If you consider the dogshit that was Dead Man’s Chest did huge repeat business, I don’t think Spider-Man 3 will be any different.

  23. Until you reach a certain age you don’t really delve deeper into what you’re watching on the big screen. People 16 – 25 will see the SFX and say it was a great flick overlooking all the flaws the older crowd notices.

    S3 will get some repeat visits from the teens, but not enough to win the summer. They crammed too much into this one.

  24. I realize this film is getting panned in the reviews. However, as one of the commenters already said, the kids who go to this don’t care what Joel Siegel says. I agree. Two of my kids (ages 23, 18) went to the midnight show last night. They said it was the best Spiderman ever. Who knew?

  25. Hey Jonathan,

    It may be review proof… but that’s only for 1st viewings. For this movie to make the money it needs to break even it needs to have multiple REPEAT viewers. And if the movie is as lukewarm as many are saying… it won’t get that.

  26. I was at the midnight show, here was I thought, I posted this on another board (beware of typos):


    Easily the worst of the trilogy.

    Absolutely fucking terrible.

    They fucked the dog sooooo bad on this one, there are so many things I disliked about it. I’ll try not to spoil anything.

    1. Once again Toby Mcquire and Dunst have absolutely no on screen chemistry. So bland.

    2. New Goblin….James Franco was sooooooooooo fucking bad. At first I thought it was just his lines in the script, but it was him. Absolutely terrible. His performance was the quivalent of a bag full of burning dog shit.

    3. Sandman….this guy’s story line was so over the top and strung together I couldn’t take him seriously. He also looked fake as fuck. I HATED how they strung him into the plot, and his last conversation with spiderman was paatthetticccc.

    4. Venom: Venom is my favourite character from the spiderman universe. He just looks so cool. But holy shit, did they ever do this character a disservice. Absolutely fuckign rotten. TOPHER GRACE IS THE WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE THEY COULD OF MADE TO PLAY VENOM.

    Seriously….it was fucking ridiculous. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The character of Eddie Brock was so one dimensional and Topher delivered the lines like an episode of that 70s show.

    The he actually transforms and Venom starts making this fuckign retarded ‘alien on crack’ schreeching noises. when he is not making the retarded schreeching noises, his costume is half pulled back so we can see topher face talking a bunch of stupid shit, still delivering his lines like he is on that 70s show but ina fuckign venom costume.

    Horrible. I don’t think that I can begin to express how badly I think venom was handeled.

    5. Gwen Stacey: Completely unnescessary. Added nothing. Bryce played the part well, but I think anyone could of. It didn’t call for much.

    6. Aunt May: Every single line this old bitch had was so fucking stupid, Renee and I were laughing out loud.

    7. ‘Emo Spidey’: If you see it you’ll know what I am talking about. So fucking stupid.

    8. The climax: Broken up by not one, but two stupid pointless scenes that completely ruined the action.

    SO….basically Renee and I sat there and made fun of the movie for two hours. I really liked the first two, but this one was absolutely terrible.

    There were so man ‘WTF?’ moments that it seemed like 3/4s of the movie I was throwing my arms up and laughing.

    It was mildly enjoyable, a couple scenes were super cool and a couple moments were hilarious, like Bruce Campbell’s cameo, Stan Lee’s suprise appearance and emo spidey’s strut.

    Alot of people are saying it tried to do too much, I think it just plain sucked. I think none of the story lines would of worked with the given cast no matter how much extra time they had to develop the characters.

    Anyways. Save your money, go on a matinee or rent it. it just isn’t worth ten bucks.

  27. I saw it last night and imust say i was very disappointed. There is one block of the movie that was a complete waste of time and some incredibly stupid moments. I actually don’t think people will see this more than once in theatres which will hurt it’s boxoffice in the long run. But i still think it will do well over the weekend.

    But it was still better than Superman Returns

  28. Yeah all my friend were going to go see the midnight showing, i wouldv’e went, but i had to be at work at 6 in the morning…..so i wouldve only got like 2 or 3 hour a sleep……fuck that, i will see it today or tomorrow…….

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