Dunst Speaks out About Spiderman 3

Kirsten Dunst is speaking out about her experience with the character of Mary Jane in this summer’s Spiderman 3, and it looks like she had a good time with it. says:

Picking up the story from the second Spider-Man movie, Mary Jane and Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) are together. But trouble soon intervenes. “It was a great journey for me, this one,” Dunst said about the evolving nature of her character. “I definitely got to do … the most work in this that satisfied me. … I had a lot to sink my teeth into on this one.”

Now as I prepare to see my email box filled with comments from the anti-Dunst crowd, let me first say that I really like Dunst. Do I like her as Mary Jane? Not fully. I don’t mind her as MJ, but I am sure there are dozens that can do a better job.

Ok, now that is out of the way, I only have to wonder if she is turning face on the rumours that she is out of the franchise. Presuming MJ is even slated to be in the next Spiderman movie, Dunst has already said she wasn’t interested in doing it.

Now we hear news that Tobey Maguire hasn’t ruled out Spiderman 4 despite previous rumours saying he was done with the franchise. Now Dunst is sharing similar satisfaction with the role. But she didn’t suggest that she looked forward to more of it, just in this time around she really enjoyed her character. It seems the character is deeper in this episode, and maybe Dunst will pull something off that makes everyone actually LIKE her character instead.

So does this mean that all that flip flopping might lead to a Spiderman 4 with the same cast anyways??

What do you think?

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17 thoughts on “Dunst Speaks out About Spiderman 3

  1. “My favorite scene of her was the wet dress with erect nipples in SM2. That was great acting.”

    “Yeah, but you better be focused on those titties because that face is begging for a brown paper bag.”


  2. It seems kinda odd that she would say this after having no interest before. I want to believe the Toby comments about being interested ina fourth movie, but with Kirsten’s added in, I don’t know. It sounds like they could just be talking up the possibility just to keep Spider-man 3 on everyone’s mind. It’s out in less than a month and the PR has to start pushing it harder. You can see they are with the events and merch all over. Plus, in Toby’s comment, he was saying he would be interested if the script was good enough. That’s such a cop out because he can just not be in the fourth and say it was because he didn’t think it was good enough. Maybe I am jaded, but I don’t trust either of these two and I am treating this right now for what it might be, marketing. I am still going to the midnight opening of Spider-man 3, but I’m not actually going to believe they have interest in doing a fourth until I hear them say so a few weeks AFTER the third is out.


  3. I think its pretty clear while they’re working on the movie they’re all “Shit, i don’t want to do this again!” because its such hard work. But when its done and they start to see the finished product its back to “sure, I’ll be here for the sequel” because they see how the extreme hard work paid off.

  4. I don’t know about the rumor saying she wont do part 4, but I do know I’m sick of all these false rumors around the team for part 4.

    I like Dunst and yes, I think she’s hot. ;P I don’t think she’s as hot as I use to, but still. I like her as MJ, but they do make her seem weaker then the comic version. I’m ok though if she doesn’t come back. I feel somone else could play MJ better, but I also thought her and Toby had some good chemistry together. The scene at the end of part 1 between them made me cry the first time I saw it.

    But actualy I’m hopping though that the drama in part 3 is so intense that she can’t come back, if you know what I mean. ;) I’m just hopping for the most intense, emotional, and coolest Spider-Man movie yet. Exspeshaly if this is the last one with this cast and director.

  5. lol….va va voom….i know exactly what u mean….mary jane was a pretty foxxy lady in the comics….WAY outta peter’s league…but like jay said….she did a pretty good job, glad she had fun….and yea she isnt attractive at all

  6. I know I’m in the minority here, but I like Kirsten Dunst.
    What can I say… I like her.

    Could another actress have done as good a job as MJ?
    Yeah… probably even better, but she doesnt bother me the way she bothers a lot of fanboys. I think she did a fine job. That being said, as a young lad I did always imagine MJ as a little more Va-Va-Voom than Dunst, but I still liked her take on the character.

    If she doesnt come back…
    It really won’t bother me that much because I’ve gone on record saying that I wouldnt mind a complete overhaul of the series. New blood both in front of and behind the camera. It’s time…

  7. “Dunst has already said she wasn’t interested in doing it”
    Well, she has done an about face, Rod. Sort of. In last week’s interview with Reuters regarding a possible Blondie movie (not the comic strip/Dagwood, but the Debbie Harry band from the 80’s) her comment on her being in Spidey 4 was if “Sam Raimi” returns, she returns. If she and Sam is back, Tobey’s back, for they are a ‘team’.

    Likewise, I think she’s a really good actress, and I actually like her as Mary Jane. Could there be other actresses that can fill the role? Maybe. But would they (others) go for the more flirty side of MJ? They would not play her like Dunst, I’m sure of that.

    As for who might be who in 4 (and regardless of what actor may or may or may not return, or if Sam is back or not, a 4 is inevitable) I think they questions of where Peter is att that stage would be addressed. With —- gone, (one actor won’t be coming back, for story reasons, and even if folks already know by peeking at the paperback novel, I won’t spoil it)
    the void has to be filled. Now, since the actor who played Flash Thompson shows up briefly in 3 (he’s still listed on the final credits), I’m then thinking, comics wise, that’s wise because Parker and Thompson called a truce and became friends (sort of).

    Then There’s that trailer for 3. I don’t know if Lizard is the main villian in 4 -I don’t think he will be if there is a 4, but he could work as a supporting character- but the character has been built up, and the “3” trailer practically spells out Connors future film fate. The reason I think 4 is being tossed about now is that there could be something storywise that can be done with Lizard. If Parker/Spidey is unable to help , and cannot save Dr. Octavius, here’s a shot at not only stopping a possible new threat, but stopping the threat by “curing” the mentor within.

    So there vey well could be a story to tell. Some think, well “after Venom” how can they make a tougher villian? The answer is simple. Make a good movie.

  8. I mean personally I think Dunst is one of the least important actors from the series, so if she decided to leave and the MJ character got replaced I dont think i would affect to much. Plus there’s always the possibility that she dies in Spidey 3, hell who am I kidding they don’t have enough balls to do that.

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