Toby Maguire is Spiderman No More?

Right on the heels of a story about actors staying on as their characters for the full run of a franchise, I put up a post about an actor NOT planning to stick around.

Cinematical Says:

Tobey Maguire has opened up about the future of the Spiderman series, and seems to be confirming the buzz that althrough Sony will clearly insist on a never-ending run for the franchise, it’s not likely to be with him playing the Peter Parker character. The Sunday Mail reports that the actor feels he has ‘reached the end of the road’ with the character, and quotes him directly on the subject: “To me it seems like this is a natural point for the team to break up,” Maguire says. “We have a lot of story conclusions that were going along for the main characters for the first two movies and we kind of tie almost everything up for the third movie.” Maguire also adds the following assertion: “It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end.”

Unlike the Harry Potter series, Spiderman is a franchise that doesn’t have a foreseeable end. The comics are still being published, and there is still tons of history that they can pick from to make a movie (Please no Spider Clone Saga!… ever!)

Don’t get me wrong, I am still an advocate for keeping the roles the same. With the exception of James Bond, I have yet to see a movie change its primary actor and remain successful. I still said Michael Keaton is the only Batman until Christian Bale came along, but I keep those franchises separate on my shelf.

If done right, it can be done. I will be VERY excited to see a new Spiderman Movie with a whole new cast and a new director just to see what a new gang can do with it. I would still prefer the consistency, but I am conflicted about the excitement to see something totally new and fresh.

Can that backfire? Of course it can. Joel Schumacher gave us a new take on Batman and single handedly robbed us of superhero movies for half a decade.

Seems the rest of the Spider-Team are also expressing thoughts of moving on, and rumours fly as to who might take over Toby’s tights. Who knows.

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14 thoughts on “Toby Maguire is Spiderman No More?

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  2. Unlike many who have previously posted messages, I saw nothing wrong with Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. In fact, I thought he had captured the Peter Parker character perfectly.
    As for this demand that another actor should be found to portray a “brooding” Spider-Man, well Maguire has already proven that he can portray a brooding character in movies like “SPIDER-MAN 2” and “SEABISCUIT”.

    But I do believe that he is right to want to quit after three movies. Three is a good number for portraying one character. And he is too good an actor to be endlessly playing one character through most of his career.

  3. i didn’t think maguire was a very good spiderman, he never made me believe that he could ever be a bad ass.

    choice of actor wise, i agree with alex, ie – Jake Gyllenhaal. now that the thought of jake playing spiderman has come to me i cant think of anyone else playing the part. i don’t know how realistic it is that Jake Gyllenhaal would play spiderman though.

  4. I like the idea of Jake Gyllenhaal as Spidey too. When Tobey had back problems and wasn’t going to do Spidey 2 I was hoping Jake would take over. I’m kinda glad they’re leaving. They act like this machine that has made them a lot of money is a burden. Plus, while I love the movies, they are all starting to look alike. A different take or look might be good. Don’t get me wrong. I’m looking forward to Spidey 3, but after that they need to freshen it up.

  5. No problem as far as I’m concerned.

    I love the Spiderman movies but Tobey was always the first thing I would have changed. I always thought Jake Gyllenhaal would have made a better Peter Parker/Spiderman anyway. I hope he gets the call.

  6. Well, time for the May Parker story-line.


    What would be really cool, is if they went back before Peter was born and do a spin-off/prequel about Richard and Mary Parker! Yeah, it would come off as a spy film, but a kick-ass superhero spy film! Beats the hell outta the stupid clone saga. The CIA and S.H.I.E.L.D, the film would just be fucking action packed.

    But continuing with the May Parker, we can start all over a feel for a new character. Maybe Peter Parker has died, May uses her powers for crime at the time, finds out Dr. Connors, Electro, Doc Ock(prove to me he died) or any villain could have killed him and she then uses her powers for vengenance and the greater good.

  7. I totally agree with Tobey, that he should leave when he sees fit, and he sees fit. For a forth installment of this film to be effective, they can’t keep a baby-faced actor playing Parker. They need someone that fits their 20’s as Toby fit the 17/18 yr old Parker of these flicks. I’m not a fan of Jake Gyllenhals to be be the next Peter Parker. Not seeing he’s not a good actor, but he doesn’t feel right for a role as Peter. He comes off WAY too laid back.

    As for recasting the other repeat roles, I think Kirsten will leave too, but everyone else will stay. They can easily introduce other love interests for PP, without having to stick with MJ.

  8. When Toby McGuire was injured before number two, Jake Gyllenhaal (sp?) was going to replace him. I hope they go back to using this as a plan, it would change the character of Peter Parker from the current wimpy one to a more brooding one. Would be a change for the more mature movie.

  9. While the possibility of Spidey 4 is a no-brainer (Kraven or Lizard…place your bets…)and it’s pretty much said to this point that Tobey and Kirsten are pretty much done with Peter and Mary, should there be speculation about recasting *everyone*, like JK Simmons, Bill Nunn,Dylan Baker etc.?

    And is Sam Raimi actually going to walk after 3?

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