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Tv-Show-BlogHey there guys, just a quick announcement. As some of you may know if you read my personal blog, we’ve been getting ready to launch a new site dedicated to some TV shows that we watch… and what better name for such a site than “The TV Show Blog”.

Well, after some work and a little planing, I’m happy to announce that The TV Show Blog is now online!

I need to point out here that we’re going to start the site slowly… not 12 posts a day or anything like that… to start, and we’ll build from there. For now, we’re primarily going to talk about Smallville, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes and Supernatural… but soon will be adding more shows to the mix. As a matter of fact, we’ll be looking to add authors who want to cover other shows too.

So the site is up… even if it is just in a “Beta” sort of mode right now. As always, your input and suggestions are highly valued. Let us know what you think… and if you have a show you’d like to take charge of over on The TV Show Blog. Go on over and take a peek.

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36 thoughts on “The TV Show Blog Is Up

  1. I commented on this on the beta site, but this was an afterthought, so I’ll repeat it here.

    A category for TV films & Miniseries/limited series that air on varied cable networks such as SciFi (examples: “Taken”…”The Triangle” from a few years back) and AMC (“Broken Trail”) , with varied genres. This could be VERY simular to the Movie Blog style, as instead of theatrical or direct to DVD films, it is simply a “TV movie/miniseries” discussion.

  2. Looks great you guys. Congrats on getting up another cool site. :)

    Other then the show that have been said above, I think you should add stuff on:

    The Black Donnellys – Amazing new show on NBC, addicted to this as much as I am Heroes

    Thw Winner
    Family Guy
    And almost anything on Adult Swim

  3. @spence,

    Why would you get any shit for liking the Shield?

    That’s one of the most intense shows ever!

    Even 5 seasons in, it hasn’t lost its edge. I can’t wait for the new season.

  4. Okay can someone please start talking about the greatest television show ever created in the history of the universe “The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll” over on the The TV Blog?

  5. Hey, I just read your post about and I think it’s awesome. I’m interested in writing posts about Veronica Mars and was wondering how I can be involved in that. I took a look at the new blog, also, and I think that it looks pretty cool!

  6. I would not mind being involved either.

    I’m a regular watcher of “Shark” (the show with James Woods and Jeri Ryan) which got off to a good start this season. I’m also a viewer of “Law & Order” and its spinoff shows. I also watch “Doctor Who”, but even if there was a third season, the UK viewership sees it before the Sci-Fi channel gets it.

    But the way it appears how you have it set up deals with shows that have huge or noticable fanbases. The problem with some of the above suggestions, notably ‘Lost’, is that the show is supposedly winding down.

    I know there’s a lot of “Housewives” fans (not me) and a lot of drama for “Grey’s Antatomy” (mostly offscreen), and then there are…the reality and game shows. I will watch “Apprentice”, but I think this current incarnation may be the last, and the only reality game show worth talking about is “American Idol”. I cannot stand most reality shows, with the exception of “Dog The Bounty Hunter”.

    I could see on the “list”

    *The Dresden Files
    *Stargate/Stargate Atlantis
    *American Idol
    *Law & Order (all shows/spinoffs)
    *CSI (all shows/spinoffs)

  7. Hey John!
    Would love to be involved. I love Galactica, 24, all things Joss, and lots of BBC shows but specifically Doctor Who and Life On Mars (which if you haven’t seen I totally recommend) not to mention catching all those classic 80s shows on DVD!
    And what with some writing background, a love of tv, and some radio work! I could totally be your guy!

  8. i am a tv junkie so this new site sounds awesome. except that i don’t watch any of the shows mentioned

    hopefully some of these shows make it on there eventually
    Veronica Mars
    The Office
    How I Met Your Mother
    30 Rock
    The Class
    House M.D.
    The Simpsons

  9. This is great, good luck with this, i’m really looking foward to your first podcast for this… There is not many good general tv podcasts out there. Only stuff for just one show.

  10. a link on the left toolbar would be good.

    or a featured link somewhere else.

    make sure people can get to it easily.

    maybe on that red bar just under the header.

  11. So, I know this will probably get laughed at, but what about the misc. shows that you guys don’t watch. I guess the word would be “chick shows.” I would include Desperate Housewives, I guess. Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls… And, I agree with the animation addition, even hitting up Adult Swim for the stoner crowd. Just thoughts…

  12. Ahhh… I see what you’re saying.

    Well… for now I can only cover shows I actually watch. I don’t watch any shows other than the ones I’ve listed. So until we pick up a few more authors who are willing to write about those shows… (hint)

  13. Forgive me John, I meant main-network as in availability on basic-cable in Canada.

    On basic-cable in Windsor, Ontario, we get NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, Space, CBC, CTV, Global, and some others.

    HBO, SHOWTIME (the US version, not the Canadian one), FX, BBC and others don’t exist up here, at least not in Windsor, unless you pay for digital cable service, in which case I think we at least get BBC-Canada.

    I hope that clears it up.

  14. John, you’ve picked some great shows to cover, but I notice you’ve only picked main-network shows?

    I know you’ve just started it, but may I suggest in the future, mention other shows on other networks such as HBO and SHOWTIME and FX.

    Believe me when I tell you that shows like Dexter, The Shield, The Wire, and others will blow your mind. I guarantee it.

  15. I Think more comedies should have a spot on thetvblog too, even animated ones like south park the simpsons, and family guy if you will. Although family guy really has slipped latley in its quality (it took near 15 minutes before the actual plot began) the others are still gold and i know people love to read and write about them. (hint hint)

  16. I like the idea, although the only show on there right now that I watch is Heroes. Others to give serious consideration to (and some of these are on the bubble):

    30 Rock
    The Office
    Veronica Mars
    Friday Night Lights
    How I Met Your Mother

    Plus, if NBC keeps its Thursday night comedy lineup intact, you could do a comparison of the entire two hours. Looking forward to seeing it grow.

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