Eddie Murphy To Do Fantasy Island Remake – We are Officially A Hopeless Society

Murphy-NorbitOh good god. Please someone tell me this is some kind of joke. Will someone please tell Eddie Murphy that this kind of crap is beneath him now and that it’s time for him to move on to better movies? Not only is the man going to be making the horrendous mistake of doing Beverly Hills Cop 4, but now the word is he’s actually going to be doing a movie version of the old TV show “Fantasy Island.

The guys over at Moviehole put it perfectly when they say:

Here’s the worst fuckin’ part, the script is being re-written by “Norbit” writers (there were writers on it?) Jay Scherick and David Ron (makes you wonder who ‘wrote’ the script). Oh, and Murphy will again be playing multiple parts in the movie. Anyone else over multiple Murphy?

Hells Bells. What is Murphy doing? There’s a reason – well, there’s a couple – why the 80s legend didn’t win the statue for “Dreamgirls” and its named “Norbit”. The man is beyond that rubbish.. and yet insists on pumping them out. Tell me the fact that a big billboard of ‘Norbit’ hanging over the top of the Kodak theatre in the lead-up to the Oscars didn’t hurt the man’s chances of winning? Of course it did. It was a lasting reminder of what Murphy had been doing for the umpteen years before he was approached for “Dreamgirls”. The dude was friggin’ fantastic in the latter.. and he should be releasing that.. or at least, his manager should be realizing that and try to milk it for all its worth. The dude could be snagging some meaty meaningful roles if he plays his cards right.

WHAT THE F*CK?!?! Again with the bloody multiple roles and most likely fat suites? Listen people… LISTEN TO ME… Stop going to see this kind of shit in the theaters. JUST STOP!!! As long as you go see Norbit and making the studios money for those piles of crap movies, then they have no choice but to keep making them… while passing on better projects. THIS IS YOUR FAULT (mine too). LET the fricking madness end.

I’m totally beside myself in disbelief. We are a culture of fucking morons and idiots. If 6 months ago someone said “Hey Gio… would you believe me if I told you yet another Eddie Murphy in a fat costume movie was going to be a hit and that they’d then do a Fantasy Island remake with him doing the same thing?” I would say to that person “No, our society is screwed up… but not THAT screwed up”. Looks like I would have been wrong. We’re more screwed up than I could possibly dream.

We’re watching reality shows and Norbit and remaking Fantasy fucking Island… while in China their 14 year olds are more educated that most of our University grads. Who’s going to be laughing in 10 years?

Sorry for the rant.. I’m just dumbfounded.

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27 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy To Do Fantasy Island Remake – We are Officially A Hopeless Society


  2. I dont understand how something like this can get someone so riled up.
    If you dont like this kind of flick, then just dont go see it. It’s not hard. And like Alfie said, it’s not like this movie is going to prevent good filmmakers from making their films. It’s just a stupid, fluff, silly, pointless movie that a lot of people seem to like. If you’re not one of those people then dont give them your $8.00.
    Why would the fact that they’re making a Fantasy Island movie make you lose all faith in humanity? Why would you get this angry over it?
    My reaction to this news… “Nope. Not for me.” and I went about my business. I certainly didnt let it affect my opinion on the state of our society as a whole. They’ve been making ridiculous movies since the dawn of cinema. What about Fantasy Island being turned into a feature film starring the man who also made Pluto Nash, The Holy Man and The Haunted Mansion means we are a hopeless society? This man has been making crap movies since 1992.

    Fantasy Island would probably be a step up compared to some of the s**t this guy has made. Why is this such a shock?

  3. First of all, I could not give a rat’s ass if Murphy was in this or not. They could get Verne Troyer to be Tattoo and it woould not make a damn bit of difference.

    With the possible exception of the Mr. Rouke vs. “Damien” episode, I’m hard pressed to recall any stand alone episodes involving Rourke and Tattoo. The majority of the series- was ANTHOLOGY. Handful of guest stars would come to the mysterious “Fantasy Island” – The guests would then enter a supernatural (or pre-virtual reality?) ‘fantasy’ where anything goes…mostly romance and intrigue. Cliches include other guests from the charter the day before hooking up with the guests on the next day (“we share the the same fantasy…”) and Rourke popping in and out like a ghost.

    Unless your name is Sin City, anthology movies don’t work at the box office.

  4. you know why Eddie Murphy is doing this work? BECAUSE THIS IS ALL THE SHIT HE CAN GET! All the good Writers, Directors, and Producers probably think he sucks and is a loser, so they dont want to work with him. Eddie Murphy is not saying “Oh, Fantasy Island remake, Beverly Hills Cop 4, wow, let me do those.” HELL NO! THE REASON IS BECAUSE HE CANT GET ANY OTHER MOVIES! HE ONLY RELIES ON REMAKES AND SEQUALS NOW! EDDIE MURPHY SHOULD DO A BACK IN TIME KIND OF MOVIE SO HE CAN PRETEND HE DIDNT MAKE NORBIT! I GOT STUCK SEEING THAT PILE OF CRAP AND NOT ONLY DO I WISH I COULD HAVE MY MONEY BACK, BUT MY DIGNITY BACK!

  5. Anyone else thinking that maybe Eddie Murphy has become such an asshole that no one else will work with him?

    I’m guessing no one in DreamGirls had worked with him before (and maybe never will again). So the only way for Eddie Murphy to be in a movie these days is if his costars are himself. Everyone else sees Eddie attached and runs away screaming.

  6. Obvioulsy the industry is losing its respect to movie making and that it is an art, a craft and making movies for money purposes only is the wrong way to make a movie. I really dont think that there is a huge need for work in hollywood…it used to be hard to find work in hollywood cuz they were looking for talent, now anybody can find work (umm paris hilton anybody???)when you are living in a multi million dollar mansion and driving a ferrari and have your face across the tabloids, i’d say you are well off as far as only making movies for money. I mean its just greedy and selfish. And its insulting to us as viewers who give them money to present us with good entertainment and when they just decide to blow that money that we’ve given them on fantasy island remake. Yes we as an audience can choose not to see the crappy movies but why should it be such a joke on those who do make good movies?

  7. What are better odds: the black midget from Bad Santa or a CGI created Murphy will play tattoo?

    I could film myself taking a dump and find my humor in it than Eddie Murphy movies.


  8. we may not like these films but a lot of people do unfortunately. The fact that this is getrting made has no effect on any of us. Just don’t go and see it….It isn’t like because this film is getting made that martin scorsese or speilberg are not going to be allowed to make a new film…..nooneis cancelling the next batman because fantasy island is taking its place…

    just go and see the good stuff and leave these unfortunate films to the people who do want them…..there is and always has been a market for rubbish like this…..this type of thing is the studios bread and butter..without this type of garbage they wouldn’t have the money to make the others films we deem as more worthy

  9. yea…sequels and dumb movies make millions for production companies….people are goin to see these pieces of crap anyway and just let it go and make sure they dont get my 9 bucks….actors need work, directors need work, and priducers WANT money and crap like this are goin keeping getting made….


  10. i totally agree with you JOHN, its a little hard to believe when you have a website such as the movie blog with tons of readers who are think the same way about sequels and dumb movies but yet these movies still get made… like… John i really think that you should start an online petition against paramount and send it in to them… this has to stop

    I put up a sign at my video store that reads:

    SAVE MONEY$$$$ Dont rent Little Man… Rent The Departed!!!

  11. nautica i agree…the guy is working and getting paid…dont like the film dont go see it…if this is the only way the guy can get a steady pay check i’m all for it…..yea making a remake of an old show thats gonna make a TON of money makes us a hopeless society…i understand hyperbole, but really get off eddie’s back….


  12. i have to admit, if i were a movie star, these crap movies look like fun to make. and getting paid millions on top of that, who wouldn’t do it?

  13. There’s just nothing funny or interesting about Eddie Murphy’s “comedy” output, anymore. I think Disney has destroyed him. He’s gotta deliver vanilla family entertainment for them, but he’s made really unfunny, crappy movies for a decade now. He did two Nutty Professor movies. The Haunted Mansion. Two Dr. Doolittle movies. Daddy Day Care. Norbit. And now this…stick a fork in him. He’s done.

  14. John…err..I mean “Gio”, I know it was mentioned before on the blog, but I will mention it again. Mike Judge’s latest movie, “Idiocracy” seems to be holding some truth, as far people don’t know what’s good for them, we are a culture of morons and idiots. As far as Mr. Murphy, I am done with him. Sure Nutty Professor was cute, but good God, the whole multiple role thing he does was done to death. Hell, even Martin Lawrence tried the bit, and failed.

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