Audio Edition – Jan 30th 2007

Hey there guys, YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO FOR YOU IPOD VIDEO (see the options below)!!! Here is the Audio Edition that was recorded last night on the 29th. I’m sick as hell (as you’ll see in the video), Doug is still on Crutches, but we march on all out of love for you… our international friends. On today’s show we discuss:

1) Smokin Aces

2) The original “The Wicker Man”

3) Black Sheep trailer

4) New Aqua Teen Hunger Force trailer

5) FIlm Critics

6) Fox delaying releases in Canada

All this and a few things more.


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44 thoughts on “Audio Edition – Jan 30th 2007

  1. Great job despite the aiment obstacles. The policy of keeping these at only 30 min is ludicrous. You’ve spoiled us all this time with the hour format and now you’re creating more demand because you’re taking content away. I suppose “somebody” will have to come up with some supply to satiate our rage-filled hunger.

  2. I know I’m late on this, but PLEASE do not trim down to 30 mins. You already cut us off from three times a week. I look forward to the AE’s that go OVER an hour. I don’t care if you have to get rid of the video to keep editing time down or bandwidth, I couldn’t watch a 30 min video at work. I can listen to hours of audio and I love the long sessions with you guys. Please don’t trim it. Give us MORE.

  3. “John the time limit is that some sort of experiment/rehersal for something else?? Getting into a routine……”

    Haha, I thought about this being the reason, too…

    But I would hope that VH1 would be smart enough to give John and Doug an HOUR-long show, which would be about 45 minutes minus commercials! And Darren and Bruxy better have guest-spots!

    (I realize we’re getting waay ahead of ourselves here…)

  4. Hey Jon,

    On Fox delaying releases in Canada; there’s one thing I’ve haven’t heard you bring up and it’s something that Fox clearly doesn’t understand.

    While there may be a pirating ring in Montreal, that ring could have absolutely nothing to do with pirating in Europe. Everytime a movie is downloaded a copy is made. All it takes is one person with a camera in a theater or one screener copy any where in the world. One illegal copy of a movie can generate millions with out anyone leaving there house, let alone traveling from Montreal to Europe.

    Maybe he’s thinking about versions with French subtitles or something, that’s the only thing that I can think of, and it’s still moronic.

  5. @ Alfie

    I got a funny story about my first viewing of “Don’t Look Now”. It was back in ’89 when I was at Ferris College in Big Rapids, MI. I was invited to sit in the AV class shortly after befriending the instructor. The class screened the Nicolas Roeg film. To be fair, this was before DVDs, so a VHS version was the one shown, so it may have affected the expierience. Anyway, after the film, there was a call for open discussion.

    My comment at the time was something along the lines of ‘What a boring piece of garbage and what a cheat ending”. I also was a bit critical of the screw scene, as I thought it went on a bit long. To make a long story short, I was never invited back.

    True Story :(

  6. I’m really psyched to see Smokin’ Aces though who knows when it’s going to come out here in the Philippines. Which highlights your point about supply and demand. We used to have to wait 4 to 6 months for movies to come out here but now major blockbusters (Matrix 2 was the first) are released pretty much the same time as in North America. Wish it was the same for all films.

    Please don’t feel like you have to limit your time to 30 minutes. I really enjoy the 45 minute shows.

  7. A – Always B – Be C – Closing . . . ALWAYS BE CLOSING

    Anyway a few points.

    – I enjoyed the end of Smokin Aces. I totally agree that it suddenly changed its tone near the end but I liked that they gave it a bit more weight for that character considering what had happened. The twist such as it was however was lame and could be spotted a mile off.

    – The Wicker Man has one of the best endings of any film I’ve seen and the only problem with it is that at this point everyone knows what it is! I’d say a much more dissapointing film, purely for ending was Don’t Look Now that had an amazing atmosphere, is also quite slow in pace but the end is SHIT and discredits the whole movie before it.

    – Please don’t make the AE 30 mins. As everyone else is saying, we love it when you have the freedom for Darren to explain a point more extensively or Doug to just go to that extra level of ranting where he foams at the mouth. I love the hour odd shows but could live with around 45 mins. I think 30 would mean that just as you’re getting into things it would be cut off.


  8. I would just like to say that “Smokin Aces” sucked the sweat off a dead man’s balls. And that’s coming from a guy that has a man crush on Ryan Reynolds, likes violence, likes boobs, and really liked Joe C’s previous film, “Narc.” But then it could have been the Hispanic lady sitting next to me talking on her effing cell phone three times throughout the film. Shit!

  9. Hey there.

    Loved the podcast as usual, but missed Bruxy being on. He wasn’t even mentioned at all, what’s up with that?

    Also, I like the banter, don’t feel you HAVE to limit it to 30 minutes. unless that’s something to do with the video.

    Have fun in LA.

  10. the sad thing is “epic movie” is the type of film that is almost review proof. even if the critics had seen it and slammed it I have no doubt this thing would have made cash.If it had been reviewed beforehand and received raves it may have made more money. for some reason love these films and will go and see them regardless what the local newspaper critic said.

    a lot of films with bad reviews make a ton of money….michael bay has built a career on it…..and that supports the who needs critics argument but then there are the smaller films indie or studio that don’t have the huge marketing dollars behind them which rely on critical acclaim to get the word spreading…thats how i find out about a lot of films I may have missed…reading magazines and seeing some film I haven’t heard of getting a rave so that aspect supports the argument that critics do matter.

    I think it is a case by case thing…Not all big films are critic proof but a lot of them are…..but a lot of these big empty hollywood spectacle brainless films are critic proof.
    the reviews for pirates 2 were pretty brutal – it finished with a rotten rating on RT and look what happened. It was critic proof. Nacho Libre is another example..sure it wasn’t huge and was considered a disappointment BO wise but the reviews were really rough and it still made like 90 million bucks…about the same as school of rock.

    Plus if I was a studio and I thought I had a film that was terrible and the critics were going to lay into it why not hold it from them. why let them review it is you know they are going to tear it to shreads….fair enough I say..they want to make money and if that can help then of course they are going to do it. It definitely sends a red flag up to a lot of people that the film is probably not that great but a lot of folks are going to go and see epic movie review or not. I just can’t believe that it came in at number one with 19 million. I like spoofs. I like pisstakes but these new ones don;t do anything clever or funny with their targets…..the joke seems to be purely dressing up as a character from another film and thats the punchline. just looking like someone satire…no clever mocking some of it is just verbatim ripping off….awful films.

  11. Sealer – didn’t realise that about no pre-screenings. Reinforces what the guys have been saying, I guess. Critics should start pre-emptively panning movies they’re not allowed to see.

  12. WhoopS! False Alarm! hahahahahahaha

    “The industry may listen to critics, but it doesn’t look like the public does, even when we should!” -Bunyip.

    The public didn’t listen to the critics for a reason. Like “Blood & Chocolate”, it wasn’t pre-screened, so there wasn’t that many critics to listen to.

  13. Relax. Deep breaths.

    Note: Joe Carnahan of “Narc” fame helmed Smokin’ Aces. I’m surprised you didn’t give him a namedrop. I normally would say more but the above commenters already pointed out the slight confusion regarding Wolfgang Petersen.

    As for the time limit, keep going. If need be, split up the podcast. One half on monday, other half on Tuesday (or saved for mid week if Jesse’s AWOL)…

    Hope everyone feels better. Was the NYC trip that brutal?

    -Sealer’s Short AE comment/Never thought you’d see it!

  14. Another vote for not restricting the time, unless it’s because of your own commitments. The longer the better for me.

    I note that “Epic Movie” is sitting on 0% at Rotten Tomatoes right now but … it’s No. 1 at the box office this weekend. The industry may listen to critics, but it doesn’t look like the public does, even when we should!

  15. Before I saw Smokin’ Aces I got the impression this movie had a Taratino feel to it. Also the cast made this flick very appealing. The first 10 mins of this movie your introduced to many, many characters with a confusing plot. The main problem I had with Smokin Aces was the cast, what a waste it was. You had stars like Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman who weren’t used to they’re full potential, thanks to the weak script. The characters in this film could have been great if the movie was more over the top like Sin City. Ryan Reynolds character was dull and had no charsima like he normally does. Affeck…well for the people who’ve seen it knows what happens, adding to my point of wasting talent. We spend over an hour with all these characters building up to something big…but no nothing big happens just more confusing plot elements.

    The hilarious karate kid. If the film had more over the top moments and wit like that, then the film would have went into the right direction instead of a downward spiral. Some action scenes were good but not enough to fullfil me.

    Over all Smokin’ Aces was a huge dissapointment for me.

  16. I agree, if you need to trim it down due to the video, get rid of the video. As much as I can’t stand how you are wrong on such a consistent basis Campea ; ) , I just need as much roundtable as I can get.

  17. why are you limiting the time of the audio edition? I understand if it is because it is taking too much of your time .. thats fair enough but I don’t think too many of us listeners mind how long they are. so don’t do it for us….

    and glengarry glen ross is amazing. that made up for the wicker man abuse……

  18. Jarred – I think I’ve been very patient with Canadians butchering vowels. But now they’re starting in on German so I had to say something.

    Yes it was a great podcast as usual. The German rant was shit though. I attribute it to some kind of hallucinatory feverishness.

  19. I totally agree with what Don said. The passion and chemistry that you guys have should not be hindered by a set running time; that’s why i tune in. You know that there will be too many juicy topics to talk about in the future and lets be honest – you never could shorten those Q&A ones you used to do.

    But thanks a lot for doing the show this week John; always appreciated.

  20. 45 minutes of great movie related talk, and all a couple of you can come in here and comment on is the pronunciation of “Das Boot”??? Please.

    Screw fox. Hey, if more Canadians start using Bittorrent, then that’ll make it easier for me to get stuff. More seeds! Yay! Go Fox Go!

  21. re: Wicker Man.

    Yes it sucks incredible ass. But meh – horror is really perishable. Same with Comedy – they both depend on shock and surprise to work. Personally I file it with Rosemary’s Baby – a movie I never want to be subjected to again, but which I’m sure was innovative and maybe even a little shocking at the time.

    Besides I don’t think Wicker was ever accused of being a “great” movie. More like a “notable” movie which it probably was 30 years ago.

    Re: the German

    1. It wasn’t the director of Das Boot complaining about critics – it was the producer.

    2. Das Boot is pronounced like a “boat” not like a…boot.

    3. He’s complaining about German critics. Not all critics. He’s saying they’re out of touch with the average film-goer. I have no idea if that’s true, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    And anyway since none of you knew how to pronounce Boot, I KNOW you guys haven’t been reading the German press.

  22. About waiting for movies, i ahve to say waiting a month for Btamna Begins was not fun, and when i found out we had to wait a month for Superman Returns i went on the net and found a very good screener-rip. But in Europe they have started releasing movies the same day as US, sometimes even before. X2 and X3 was released two days before.

  23. I agree with the previous post. Please don’t limit the Audio Edition to just 30 minutes. 45-60 minutes is ideal especially when you guys get going on an interesting subject.

    A couple of things:

    1)Where was Bruxy?
    2)What happened at the Films for Food Fest? How much money did you raise? How many people showed up? Will you post the questions from the audience in a separate audio edition? Do you want to do another F4FF next year?

  24. Great show, guys.

    I am concerned about the Audio Editions of the future supposedly being only half an hour. So much of the charm of the Audio Edition lies in the banter you guys have, and I can’t imagine all of that being contained within 30 minutes, especially not when there are four of you doing it. I agree that maybe topics could proceed in a ‘tighter’ manner–but I like so many other people look forward to this show so much every week (only ONCE a week lately), and I would feel a bit “gipped” if it were only a half-hour. 45-minutes, I feel, is perfect.

  25. Very cool, the video being for iPod and all. You should consider uploading the video ones to itunes too. So they video can be with all my other movie blog audio editions. Just a suggestion ;). Very good movie blog though. And watching it is even better.

  26. Ahhh yes the pic.

    I’ve been REALLY sick and I wore that getup for the show because my eyes look like I’m 5x hungover and I couldn’t stand the lights in my eyes for that long… so I look like a fool… but i WOULD have looked worse. :P

  27. So happy to hear you guys liked Glengarry Glenn Ross. One of my favorite movies. Proves that a movie, first and foremost, has to have a good story. Sprinkle all the special effects on it you want (Lucas). If the script and story are not there, then everything else fails.

    Favorite quote: “You ever take a dump made you feel like you’d just slept for twelve hours?”

    ABC baby…man don’t walk on the lot lest he wants to buy…

  28. Fan-Fucking-Tastic show gents! I disagree about Wicker Man. Yes, it is over rated as a whole, but I still enjoyed it. Glad to hear you guys liked Smokin Aces, I’m going to go check it out tonight.

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