The Audio Edition’s Own Darren Conley in Nikita

Remember that show Nikita based losley on the movie La Feme Nikita?¬† Well our own Darren Conley used to do a bunch of extra work for film and TV.¬† Here he is in Nikita. When the 5 bad asses come walking down the stairs, he’s the only one with the facial hair.¬†

Now he does The Audio Edition on Mondays.  Life can be cruel.

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12 thoughts on “The Audio Edition’s Own Darren Conley in Nikita

  1. That is some enviable facial hair, Mr Conley. All that and the hammer? You’re almost as manly as Kurt Russell! Congratulations.

  2. Whadya guys sucking up for? You going to ask Darren for a few bucks?
    I’d say less bad ass, and more goonish. But hey, the world needs goons so the geeks know their places!

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