Mission Impossible 3 news

TomCruise.jpgAccording to Variety, Mission Impossible 3 has set its release date for June 29th, 2005. I don’t think there was really any question about weather there would be another M.I. movie, they just make too much money not to. HOWEVER, I haven’t really been impressed with the franchise so far. The first one was ok, but the second one was just terrible.

Most of the main cast seem to be returning with the impressive addition of Kenneth Branagh (one of the best pure actors alive today). This is all good news except.

According to Counting Down, Thandie Newton is also returning. WHY? WHY?
WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? This woman (while stunningly beautiful) CAN NOT ACT! She’s terrible. She was easily the worst element of Mission Impossible 2. She was easily the worst element of The Chronicles of Riddick and I can not for the life of me imagine why any self respecting director would put her in a film. I don’t care if the script calls for the character to return GET ANOTHER ACTRESS!

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6 thoughts on “Mission Impossible 3 news

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  2. Branagh-lovers and Branagh-bashers seem to be completely on different pages. I never got why people think he’s “overacting” – especially when this is leveled at Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (I mean, it’s a HORROR MOVIE! It’s over-everything). I’ve always been blown away by how he can find all necessary emotions for weighty dramatic roles and still make it look natural. He acts without looking like he’s acting, and pulls me in right next to the character.
    My usual two KB cents.

  3. I think Newton has to start playing some down-to-earth characters. Her “unattainable beauty” roles don’t play to her strengths.
    I bet theres a chatty, sassy girl in her…

  4. Man, The Truth About Charlie managed the difficult feat of making Tim Robbins look bad. And I, for one, have never been a fan of Kenneth Branagh as an actor. As a director yes, but as an actor I never get the feeling that he becomes any of his characters, it always feels more like “Hello, I’m Kenneth Branagh, and I’m ACTING!” Remember that thespian sketch John Lithgow did on Saturday Night Live? Yeah, that’s pretty much Branagh to me …

  5. Ok, to be fair I should mention that I’ve only seen Newton in 3 films. MI 2, Riddick, and The Truth about Charlie with Mark Wahlberg. But she was just brutal in all of them.

    And I’m sorry, but when you get totaly out acted by Vin Disel, it’s time to reconsider your career. Having said all that, I’d date her in a second.

  6. well, this might make you happy I guess.

    For all intents and purposes, I can’t find a single source that says Thandie Newton will be in it.

    I have found sources however, posted as recently as 2 weeks ago that say she turned DOWN the chance to be in MI:3 — like UGO’s movie portal..

    And as a side note, only to come in defense of working actors everywhere, it’s a really tall order to say that someone is incapable of acting because you saw MI:2 and Chronicles. Both of which weren’t good in the first place. Apparently, casting directors for 18 different films have liked her above everyone else who auditioned, so she must be doing something right, SoMeWhErE. Getting on camera and not looking like you’re reading a prompter is really stinkin hard, you’re not gonna get a new Brando every time the camera turns on, but I wouldn’t discredit her entire being.

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