McDonald’s Has Their Blubber in a Twist: An Anti-Supersize Me Campaign

Well, it was only a matter of time I guess. McDonald’s Australia has taken it upon themselves to respond to the documentary ‘Super Size Me” by creating ads that will run on the tele and in the theatres.

Here’s the nice lovely article

Here’s what I find interesting about this plan. In the ads, McDonald’s admits that eating their food all the time is irresponsible and unhealthy. Although they insist it can still be part of a healthy diet. Boy, that thin “grey area” of “define healthy” sure is getting REALLY REALLY WIDE, isn’t it? I will admit, I can’t remember the last time, actually forget “the last time”, I can’t remember EVER one of the largest corporations in the world publically admitting that one shouldn’t buy their product too much. At least it’s a start. As of late, I simply think McDonald’s should switch their advertising methods. Alcohol and the Lottery do it: just slap a “Eat/Drink/Play Responsibly” to the end of the ads. — No seriously, why not? McDonald’s has spent too many decades accepting the fact that everyone knows it’s garbage food, why try and spend millions of dollars trying to convince everyone that they’re “sudden healthy”… OoooOOooOohhhh… Gimme a break.

Here’s the actual beef (Groan): Like Bowling for Columbine, this movie isn’t necessarily “Anti-McDonald’s” and Bowling for Columbine wasn’t “Anti-Gun”. No really, it wasn’t. Both movies simply have issues that both of these trends (gun-loving/garbage eating) are welcomed into society with such unconditional acceptance, that when they actually become a problem, the situation is practically too large to cure. Mr. Spurlock says right off the top, he could have gone anywhere to any restaurant, but since his FOCUS was the HORRIBLE EATING TRENDS OF NORTH AMERICANS, he decided to focus on the single largest food distributor — which makes perfect sense if you ask me.

Agree or disagree, you can guarantee that if these ads make their way to the States, Supersize Me’s ticket sales are going to go WAY up.

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